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Differentiation of supply and methods of work of rehabilitation of persons with mental or multiple disabilities in the practice of providers of social services.
The bachelor thesis deals with the differentiation of the offer and methods of work rehabilitation of people with mental or combined disabilities in the practice of social service providers. The aim of the work was to find out what means and methods of work rehabilitation are used by social service providers in the Strakonice region. The objectives were achieved by studying professional literature, internet resources and qualitative research. The theoretical part focuses on the definition of concepts of disability, mental disability and combined disability. Attention is paid to the definition of adulthood and the importance of work for people with disabilities. A comprehensive rehabilitation system and its individual tools and resources are brought closer together. The practical part provides information on the specific rehabilitation organizations and tools they use to activate and engage their clients. It describes the possibilities of permeability of persons with mental disabilities by individual components of work rehabilitation from outpatient or residential services to a protected or open labor market. It approaches the clients' own insights into the possibilities of activation offered and the idea of their working self-realization. The research was conducted using a qualitative strategy, a semi-structured interview method. The bachelor thesis brings knowledge from the field of employment of people with mental disabilities. The results show that the current system creates and supports the process of motivation and training for these people to enter the labor market. These efforts are also supported by valid legislation that supports employers of disabled people and offers them various benefits. The work can serve as information material for counseling facilities or labor offices. It can also point out to organizations that perform work rehabilitation or provide a service to social therapy workshops for other activities that can be spent in the service.
Chicane as a phenomenon of a school of today
Svobodová, Adéla ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Pekárková, Anna (referee)
This thesis is focused on the chicane as a phenomenon of a school of today. The aim is to explain how chicane is reflected in social relations. The firts section is engaged not only in the definition of the bullying, but also there are introduced its types, forms and stages. It is followed by the personality characteristics of its protagonists and the main causes of this behaviour. Finally, the introductory section handles with the bullying behaviour recognition, treatment and prevention. This thesis addresses the close link between the social interaction and the formation of personality in relation to bullying. The class is described in terms of social groups. The final part deals with the questions ragarding the interrelation of the bullying to the social class climate. Keywords Bullying, aggressor, victim, aggression, social interaction, looking-glass self, social group, psychosocial climate.
Personality-Social Training in The First Two Years of School Education
Jirsáková, Monika ; Valenta, Josef (advisor) ; Pekárková, Anna (referee)
The introduced diploma thesis is of theoretical-practical character and deals with a theme of the personality-social training in the first two years of school education. The first synthetic part deals with general theoretical resources of the PST and also with psychological specificities of the early-middle chidhood in connection with the personality-social skills training. In the second practice-oriented part are executed examples of three specific programmes which present three possible ways of an implementation of the PST themes in school education. The programmes result from principles and pieces of knowledge described in the first part of the thesis.
Chicane Attacks onthe Second Degree of Primary Schools
Landová, Renata ; Vítečková, Michaela (advisor) ; Pekárková, Anna (referee)
This dissertation called "The manifestation of chicane among children of the second grade of an elementary school" concetrates on chicane, its manifestation and an appearance of chicane and also reflects its newest form - a cyberchicane. The aspiration of my dissertation is to look at this pathological phenomenon more from the victim's point of view, I come to think of roots of aggressiveness and chicane as well as I pay attention to aggressors and victims of chicane. The aim of my dissertation is to find out ways the victim faces up to attacks of an aggressor and also to find out the effective ways and possibilities to help handling the chicane aftermath. Using a method of a dialog with specialists - pedagogical consultants working in elementary schools and pedagogical and counseling psychology experts - I seek answer to my empirical question. I use casuistry as a companion method. The final part of my dissertation includes a grand summary of acquired knowledge that could be used practically in a subsequent work with victims of chicane. KEYWORDS chicane, cyberchicane, victim, aggressor, intervention,repression, prevention
Dance and movement education as a new field in the Framework education programme for primary education
Dufková, Elena ; Pekárková, Anna (advisor) ; Valenta, Josef (referee)
The bachelor thesis Dance and Movement Education as a New Field in the Framework Education Programme for Primary Education attends to characterization of dance and movement education as a field. It considers its embodiment in primary education's curriculum, defines its educational goals and field content and adverts to its contribution for education of primary schools' students. In the first part the Framework Education Programme and its development are introduced. The second part considers the dance and movement education outside the context of Framework Education Programme for Primary Education, provides information of basic principles and activities. The third and fundamental part consists of dance and movement education within the purview of Framework Education Programme for Primary Education. The goals and competences developed by dance and movement education are defined in more detail. Mutual goal and content interconnectiveness to other educational fields is emphasized. The thesis comes to a conclusion that dance and movement education as a new field of primary education can provide a suitable room for versatile development of students' personalities and hence help to fulfill the main goals of primary education.
The options for primary and secondary schools as the lifelong education providers
Hrbková, Aneta ; Pekárková, Anna (referee) ; Tvrzová, Ivana (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the concept of lifelong education and its development at international and national level and strategic measures aimed at implementing the principles of lifelong learning, especially in school practice. It focuses on the ways in which schools can participate in this approach, particularly in the area of openness of schools and their change into educational community centres. It describes the concept of community education as a model for the realization of lifelong education in schools.
How to Teach Ethics at the Second Stage of Primary School.
Pekárková, Anna ; Mazáčová, Nataša (referee) ; Vágnerová, Marie (advisor)
This thesis describes the ethical education of pupils 10-15 years old which in our country is taught either separately or within the framework of different subjects. The theoretical part of the thesis consists of the definition of ethical education, the basic characteristics of 10-15 years old children and also defines the fundamental developmental features that are essential for ethical education. It also deals with the theoretical principles for ethical education and explains the concept of reflexion. Information regarding general educational programmes is included, with special emphasis towards the overlaping topics of personal and social development and their close relationship to ethical education. The practical section of the thesis informs about the different methods of teaching ethical education in specified Czech schools and presents the fundamental general findings regarding the teaching. In comparing the four separate curricula this thesis tries to gain better understanding of the problems. The research mainly aimes at the fields of targets and methodology.

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