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Marketing plan of the Pro-6 Squash center
Roubíčková, Anna ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Pavlík, Marek (referee)
Title: Marketing plan of the Pro-6 Squash center Objectives: The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to propose a marketing plan for a squash center in Kyje, Prague, based on a situation analysis. The primary purpose of the plan is to widen the customer base and to secure the center's revenue growth, as the reconstruction of the center is currently being planned. Methods: For the purpose of creating a situation analysis, I have used a set of half- structured interviews with the center's owner. The situation analysis itself consists of setting a growth-share matrix, the market segmentation, competition analysis through a scoring model, and a SWOT analysis. Based on the results of the situation analysis, I have set all the marketing goals and using a marketing mix, finally set the marketing plan for the center. Results: I found out the Pro-6 squash center has a secured spot on the market and it has been running relatively well compared to its competition. However, it is now necessary to increase the revenues. The marketing plan was set to achieve this goal by widening the customer base. Keywords: Sports service marketing, situation analysis, SWOT analysis, scoring model, growth-share matrix, marketing mix
Resonant ultrasound spectroscopy of ternary Cu-Al-Ni shape memory alloy compacts fabricated via SPS technology
Pavlík, Marek ; Spotz, Zdeněk (referee) ; Čížek, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with applicability of powder metalurgy for production of Cu-Al-Ni shape memory alloys. It is part of series of studies, inherently expanding experimental work with samples previously produced through optimized mechanical alloying and compaction via SPS method. In this work, the samples were thermally annealed and characterized by two advanced methods, DTA and RUS. Significant changes occur within the material at temperatures of 240 °C and 300 °C. The measurements indicated a presence of a martensitic transformation that could correspond to the desired SME phenomenon. Apparently, the changes were not triggered throughout the entire sample volume and further experimental progress is therefore expected in the near future.
Design of E-shop
Dekýš, Marek ; Pavlík, Marek (referee) ; Řešetková, Dagmar (advisor)
This thesis focuses on analysis and design of e-commerce business for a company operating in the field of nutrition and on the design of the internet promotion by recent trends.
Design of Automatic Trading System on Currency Markets Using Breakout Strategy
Dekýš, Marek ; Pavlík, Marek (referee) ; Budík, Jan (advisor)
This thesis addresses the analysis and design of automatic trading system on currency markets using breakout strategy for capital appreciation for company ALFA – zdravá výživa. The description of implementation of this strategy on chosen trading platform and its summary will represent an output of this thesis.
Personnel Management in the Public Sector
Fialová, Aneta ; Němec, Otakar (advisor) ; Pavlík, Marek (referee)
Master's Thesis is focused on personnel management in public sector. Human Resources are the basis for quality and efficient managing of public administration. Theoretical aspects of personnel management in the public sector are stated in the first part of the thesis. There are described the roles of personnel management in public administration and subsequently there are described the theoretical differences between personnel management in the public and private spheres. In the second part of the theory there are specified individual personnel activities such as job analysis, recruitment and selection of employees, employee adaptation, employment closing, employee training, employee evaluation and employee wages and benefits. Beside usual literature there are quotes from the Act No. 312/2002 Coll. of local government officials and amending certain laws. The practical part describes and analyzes the personnel activities in two districts of Prague, namely the Municipal Authority of Prague 9 and Prague 13. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate personnel management in selected urban areas, compare them to each other and suggest some improvements and recommendations for the future.
Design of system external communication in district of Prague 14
Novotný, Tomáš ; Pešek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Pavlík, Marek (referee)
The purpose of this work is to analyze the existing forms of external communications of municipal authority in Prague 14 and suggest improvements to modern approaches and appropriate to the needs of local residents. This area is developing dynamically in the Czech Republic. Methods that are common in the private sector are now moving into the public administration, as the new trend is to understand its performance as a service. This is related to the need for better interaction between the municipal authorities and the relevant residents. The theoretical part will summarize current knowledge on the topic. With their help, then the practical part will verify their existing application, reveal shortcomings and suggest corrective solutions. I would like to emphasize that I will not deal with internal communication of municipal authority.
Modern management approaches to Public Sector organizations with a special focus on Public Private Partnership projects
Pavlík, Marek ; Veber, Jaromír (advisor) ; Wokoun, René (referee) ; Dušek, Josef (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to modern management approaches to Public Sector organizations with a special focus on projects of Public Private Partnership. This topic is one of the latest issues not only in the Czech Republic but also in numerous European countries. The public sector and its organizations are going through total modernization in these countries. This results in higher quality and more effective Public Services for citizens. I view this problem from 2 perspectives and ask the following questions which reflect the main hypothesis of this thesis: which modern approaches (tools, methods) are the most often used (intended to be used) including their contributions to higher quality and more effective management of organizations of municipalities in the Czech Republic, how is the principle of Public Private Partnership perceived and used in organizations of municipalities in the Czech Republic (Water sector) including barriers which hinder its use. It has been proven that for achieving higher quality and more effective results in the Public Sector, it is not only suitable but even systematically necessary to use modern tools of organization and management. These tools are nowadays commonly applied in the Public Sector. At the same time it has also been proven that Public Private Partnership can significantly support management in the Public Sector through its own implementation of modern tools. Further widening the use of modern tools of management and cooperation between the Public and the Private Sector is sustained through the spreading of knowledge. This is based on sharing ?good praxis?, transparent legislation and appropriate (procedural) methodology for implementation.
Marketing and PR strategy of company PVK
Fialová, Aneta ; Postler, Milan (advisor) ; Pavlík, Marek (referee)
Goal of this thesis Marketing and PR strategy of company PVK is analysis of marketing strategy and recommendation of possibilities to the future planning. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. In theoretical part there are written basic information about marketing, marketing of services, strategic planning and communication mix - mainly PR. Practical part describes PVK company, its marketing projects and corporate identity. Final recommendations are based on SWOT analysis.
Modern Trends in Public Administration Management
Kozlová, Martina ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Pavlík, Marek (referee)
The Thesis analyses modern trends in the management of Public Administration in Czech Republic. The reforms and changes in Public Administration are supported by the implementation of management tools and tools focused on quality of Administration. These tools, including elements of corporate governance and some principles of private sector market, aims to improve and make the Public Service more effective. New Public Management (NPM) can be considered as a general name for the tools and for the concept of the Management of Public Administration, in particular meaning the principles of Process Management, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Benchmarking, the Common Assessment Framework and other methods and tools based on the models of TQM and EFQM. The practical part of the thesis contains the surveys and evaluation of the efficiency of the above mentioned models by the Regional Authority and selected municipalities, including their strengthts and weaknesses.

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