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A Set of Web Tools for Visualization Geo-Location System Performance
Hodoval, Pavel ; Pavelková, Alena (referee) ; Brejcha, Jan (advisor)
Aim of this thesis is to create a set of web tools and web user interface to present the results of geo-location system. Thesis contains introduction to theory of data visualization in cartography and basic image processing algorithms. Also there is a research of existingsolutions and tools as well as available web technologies. As a result, a library for geographic data processing and visualization was implemented and its results are shown as web map presenting geographical and statistical data. Quality of the implementation was verified and tested by user test and automated machine test with mostly positive results.
Mobile Application for Management and Reservation of Products
Joukal, Marek ; Pavelková, Alena (referee) ; Špaňhel, Jakub (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design and subsequent development of the mobile application for the Android operating system as a supporting application of the simultaneously developed web service of the reservation system. The goal of the thesis is to create a visually minimalistic yet intuitive and, above all, simple application, by which the user can efficiently manage his / her devices or objects, whether in home or at work.
Postprocessing of GPS Logs
Jaška, Roman ; Pavelková, Alena (referee) ; Polok, Lukáš (advisor)
This thesis aims to analyse common errors in recorded GPS activities, identify algorithms suitable for correction of these problems and design and subsequently implement an Android application. The first chapter contains an introduction to the problem, demonstration of a few affected examples and explains the motivation behind the choice of this subject for my thesis. Second chapter decomposes the established problem. I specifically elaborate on the source of the errors, the format of input data, existing solutions, mathematical methods suitable for this problem, available APIs and reasons behind the selection of the final platform. Chapter number three describes the actual solution of the problem employed in the final application. The requirements for the final application are laid out as well as the specific details of the functionality, such as the usage of Kalman filter, individual APIs, libraries as well as the design of the user interface. The penultimate chapter reveals selected parts of the implementation, such as the Kalman filtering itself or the problem of manual track correction. This chapter also contains description of design changes executed during the implementation. The final chapter reviews the achieved results of Kalman filtering and snapping of points to roads using Google Maps Roads API. Ultimately, I elaborate on possibilities of continued development of the application.
Augmented Reality for Keyboard Playing Assistance
Suchánek, Jan ; Pavelková, Alena (referee) ; Šolony, Marek (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused topic of augumented reality and it's practical usage for keyboard playing assistance. In this document is described design and implementation of application prototype. This prototype uses projector and camera to highlight specific keys of instrument and allow player to play without musical knowledges.
Touch Friendly User Interface for Source Code Editor
Honzátková, Tereza ; Pavelková, Alena (referee) ; Najman, Pavel (advisor)
This paper describes a draft, an implementation and a testing mechanism of an alternative user interface of a C language's source code editor for touch devices. The aim of this interface is to facilitate users' work with the source code for touch devices. The resulting interface application is divided into blocks, which can be operated by the end user through drag&drop principle. The interface replaces uncomfortable software keyboard.
3D Chess with Leap Motion
Smejkal, Václav ; Najman, Pavel (referee) ; Pavelková, Alena (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis deals with Leap Motion controller. The goal of this project is 3D chess game which can be controlled by Leap Motion device. Theoretical part of this thesis describes history of similar input devices, Leap Motion and OpenSceneGraph graphics toolkit which is used to create 3D scene. Then, practical part describes design and implementation of application and evaluation of usability of application control based on testing.
Photography Geotagging Application
Pavelková, Alena ; Přibyl, Bronislav (referee) ; Kubíček, Radek (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis describes photography geotagging -- finding and storing their position. There are mentioned several differed ways to geotag photos and explained related terms and needed technologies. Furthermore, there are introduced some existing applications for photography geotagging and described design and selected implementation problems of application created as part of this thesis. This application enables to geotag photos as a result of synchronization with route in GPX format or using map. There is described GUI, its parts and connections between them, used tools, and solutions to some problems.
Eye Tracking During Interaction with a Screen
Pavelková, Alena ; Kajan, Rudolf (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
Tato práce popisuje systém pro sledování obrazovky počítače v reálném čase a určení pozice uživatelova pohledu na tuto obrazovku s využitím dat z eye-trackovacích brýlí a Uniform Marker Fields. Vytvořený systém lokalizuje obrazovku počítače ve snímcích z kamery umístěné na eye-trackeru snímající scénu před uživatelem. V této scéně je detekován marker zobrazený na monitoru počítače. Po jeho úspěšné detekci je marker skryt a ke sledování pozice obrazovky jsou dále využívány významné body detekované ve snímku z kamery ležící na obrazovce, případně z celého snímku. Pokud sledování významných bodů selže, marker je znovu zobrazen a systém je znovu inicializován pomocí detekovaného markeru. Aby byl marker pro uživatele co nejméně nápadný a obtěžující, jsou využity data z eye-trackeru k tomu, aby byl marker zobrazen co nejdále od oblasti uživatelova zájmu. Pro vyhodnocení výkonu a přesnosti vytvořeného systému a rušivosti markeru pro uživatele bylo provedeno několik experimentů a testování s uživateli.
Cards Recognition Using Android
Klusoň, Martin ; Polok, Lukáš (referee) ; Pavelková, Alena (advisor)
This work deals with design of an application for the mobile operating system Android. Application recognize playing cards and their values from image from camera device. Application helps to count points in game Rummy. Recognition is solved by a combination of three cascaded classifiers. Solutions based on keypoint detection and OCR proved useless. The application detects values of cards (excluding jokers), not their colors.
Birds Eye Panorama
Sobotka, Lukáš ; Pavelková, Alena (referee) ; Kolář, Martin (advisor)
The goal of this paper is to create panorama from the collection of photographies, which are taken from randomly moving device with OS Android. The device is placed on flying vehicle (a kite, a helium balloon, a drone etc.). The photographies are taken from birds eye view. The Android application was created and tested. This application creates a collection of photographies and then runs an algorithm to create panorama. This algorithm specifies descriptors using SURF, which are filtered by RANSAC algorithm for finding the optimal homography.This algorithm is perfomed iteratively over the collection. The image data is processed using the OpenCV library.

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