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Implementation of new findings to biology classes - the example of stem cells
Petrová, Ivana ; Švecová, Milada (advisor) ; Drda Morávková, Alena (referee)
The aim of this study is to collect the recent data about the establishing the lines of pluripotent stem cell and the usage of these cells for biomedical purposes. On this example, we integrated the education in life science and social science. Pluripotent stem cells were used as a key topic. During our project, we completed the PowerPoint presentation which provides the elementary knowledge on the method for establishing of pluripotent cell lines and the usage of these cells for biomedicine. We created the Czech version of didactic game PlayDecide based on the European Union project. Based on the experiences from this didactic game, the students will learn basic information on pluripotent stem cells and their usage in biomedicine. Students will establish their own opinion on ethical aspects of this topic. Students could be able to defend their opinion and to acknowledge all problems which stem from the suggested solutions. We tested this didactic game in schools.
New topics in biology and their transfer to biological education
Petrová, Ivana ; Dvořáková, Zuzana (referee) ; Švecová, Milada (advisor)
New topics in biology and their transfer to biological education. We used pluripotent stem cells as a model because this topic of divelopmental biology is very propular today. Topic was chosen based on current general education program and school educational program. In general society, we can ancounter very diffrentiated opinions on this very promising branch of biomedical research. Individula opinions depend on personal experience, cultural background, faith a many other factors. This work is planed as starting point for diploma work. In this diploma work, the education program will be created. In this program, the basic knowledge on creation and usage of pluripotent stem cells will be provided to the students. Based on this knowledge, students will form their own opinion on pluripotent stem cell. Modified materials from European program Decide will be used.
Educational Project of Entrepreneurial Intention for Secondary Schools
Bachelor´s work "Teaching Project of Entreprneutrial Intention for Secondary Schools" presents definitions specifying brief abstract of history and meaning of projects and project teaching. Teaching project for secondary schools is distinguished as comprehensive teaching method, which significantly takes part in development of key competences, in active and sensual teaching of students. Project teaching is one of the possibilities how to at least paatially substitute the traditional teaching with active forms, leading students to find out their knowledge, results of problems and other information with their our activities and with cooperation. Methodical manual is designated not only for students, but also for their educatinalists, as a "helper" during special subjects teaching, as for example accounting, economics and management. In this methodical manual there are contained whole information about entrepreneutical activities, advices and processes necessary for treatments of entrepreneutrial intention.
The aim of this diploma work is to assess how important role play ethic, motivation and stimulation in the selected company, find their mutual relations and assess their quality. To establish whether ethic, motivation and stimulation really create an important part of the business strategy. The survey was carried out in a private enterprise which focuses on projection, engineering and assembly activities. The survey shows that ethic plays an unsubstitutable role and to a certain extent it impacts on the firm's prosperity. Therefore the employer should motivate and stimulate his employees and have a well-developed incentive program which would allow him to affect purposefully the whole team.

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