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To contemporary police slang
Přikrylová, Jana ; Vaňková, Irena (advisor) ; Šebesta, Karel (referee)
The "On Contemporary Police Slang" thesis describes the language expressions of contemporary municipal and state police officers while using the language material excerpted from the active users of police slang. Nevertheless, the thesis also tries to put the slang terms of police officers into a wider context of police communication including its both official and semi-official level, psycholinguistic and legislative setting and relation to other linguistic structures and semi-structures not only from the contemporary phraseology point of view but also from the perspective of semantic course of used expressions. There is also the word-forming process depiction put into a wider context of general trends that can be observed in the field of slangs.
Application of insights in commercial communication targeted at women
Dúbravská, Pavla ; Klosová, Anna (advisor) ; Zadražilová, Dana (referee) ; Přikrylová, Jana (referee)
Commercial communications is often accused of stereotyping when picturing women in commercials. To certain extent women expect and ask for "better and easier world" when it comes to advertising. In many cases however women tend to feel simplified. Both from advertising theory and practice insight is crucial for advertising to resonate with its target audience. If the communication is built on well-chosen insight the consumer gets a feeling that the brand understands him better. The main task of this work is thus to give insight into the mind of women as consumers and to find out how women perceive themselves in commercial communication. Two levels, theoretical and practical, are distinguished within this task that were later transformed into specific goals. Foreign literature gives evidence that insight is actually important part of both advertising theory and practice. No literature maps the attitude of practitioners in advertising in the Czech republic. Therefore the first goal is to map the role and understanding of insight in the Czech republic. To research this topic 12 in-depth interviews with advertisers and practitioners from communication and research agencies were executed. The in-depth interviews confirm the importance of insight also in the Czech republic. Second specific goal of the thesis is to map what kind of advertising Czech women consider as insightful. For the research purposes the insightfulness of communication is transformed into self-identification with media and commercial content. In the first part of this research respondents were asked to come up with content that evokes a feeling of understanding and self-identification. The research also verifies two hypotheses. H1: Stereotypes in advertising bother women. H2: Insights created in foreign countries can be applied in the Czech market. 200 women were interviewed through online questionnaire. As a stimuli television commercials with chosen parameters were used. It was found out that the self-identification with media content came through the identification with the main heroine, identification with realistic situations and through humour. The first hypothesis is not confirmed by the research. Women were not really bothered by stereotypes in advertising according to the research. The second hypothesis is not confirmed either. Foreign insights cannot be automatically used in the Czech market. There are national and cultural differences that need to be taken into account. The thesis is divided into 7 chapters including the introduction and the summary. The benefit of this work on the theoretical level is seen in mapping the topic in its complexity. The practical contribution is seen in how the work assesses insights, its creation but also expectations of the subjects in the market.
Construction Business Opportunities in Selected Central and Eastern European Countries
Vacek, Jiří ; Černohlávková, Eva (advisor) ; Přikrylová, Jana (referee) ; Horňák, Pavol (referee)
The Ph.D. thesis deals with the construction research methodology and performed research, and the analysis of business opportunities in the construction industry of the selected Central and Eastern European countries. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on the description and specification of the main categories -- general market research methodology, the description and statistical methodology used by the Czech Statistical Office, and their comparison with our research methods (advantages, disadvantages, and benefits). This part also mentions specific features of construction industry which need to be taken into account when performing the research and evaluating the results for the purposes of the development of business opportunities in the construction industry. The second part of the thesis analyses the particular results of the construction industry research carried out in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary in 2006--2012 (with more than 2,500 research interviews). It brings a comparison of the Eurostat/statistical offices published data vs. the analysed developments in particular years predicted by the construction company top management (both the biggest and middle/small construction companies) throughout the analysed regions, and the impact of their predictions on the company behaviour in the selected spheres of the entrepreneur environment. The analyses bring the comparison of the methods by means of which the companies acquire new business orders, the extent of transparency and/or corruption in particular countries, changes during the economic crisis, the extent of company risk and key priorities on particular markets, as well as the comparison of the key limitations that have the main impact on the economic results of the construction company. Using the originally developed methodology and the model of research implementation, the thesis provides the analyses of considerably reliable information about the operation and behaviour of the construction companies on the market in the neighbouring countries, as well as the necessary insight which can facilitate the expansion of the Czech companies into the selected countries. At the same time, the construction research model has been verified in practice by regular construction research studies which assist construction companies in their decision making and orientation on the changeable construction markets both in the Czech Republic and in other selected countries. The outcomes and results of particular research studies have been presented and discussed during the regular 'Encounters of Czech, Slovak, and Polish Construction Leaders' by the construction company top management as well as by the representatives of the government of particular countries. The thesis outcomes prove that the originally developed methodology applied in the follow-up research can facilitate and provide relevant and high-quality predictions about the developments in construction industry, which can be successfully used by the top management in their decisions on the future prospects of their company business opportunities in Central and Eastern European countries. Currently, more than 4,700 users in the Czech Republic make use of the particular research studies on the developments in construction in the Czech Republic and in other selected countries. As results from the carried out research, it is possible for the Czech construction companies to make use of business opportunities and to expand to neighbouring countries, especially to Slovakia and Poland, and, with regard to geographical closeness of the researched markets and considerable similarity of construction works/applied technologies, thus compensate for a plunge in domestic orders by the export of construction works. Specialized construction companies with higher business value-added will have the biggest potential.
Technologie zpracování a likvidace neutralizačních kalů z povrchových úprav kovů
ČSUP, o.z. Uranové doly Dolní Rožínka ; Bořecký, Dalibor ; Pall, Milan ; Přikrylová, Jana ; Šťastná, Miroslava ; Špaček, Václav ; Macura, Jan ; Vejnar, Pavel ; Tomášek, Josef ; Neterda, Vladimír
Zpráva obsahuje výsledky laboratorního a poloprovozního ověření technologie zpracování neutralizačních kalů. Je diskutována otázka vzniku neutralizačních kalů, surovin používaných při jejich likvidaci, složení kalů a jejich nebezpečnost. Dále je popsán laboratorní výzkum technologie zpracování bohatých kalů.
Marketing of Luxury Products
Shamina, Yana ; Machková, Hana (advisor) ; Klosová, Anna (referee) ; Přikrylová, Jana (referee)
The world of luxury products for many years was reserved only for the selective and exclusive audience. It looked like it was impossible to experience it or to get in for someone from outside. Marketers of luxury brands have created such an environment where clients could feel exclusivity and enjoy timeless quality, values, history and heritage of the brand. It is very important to maintain the traditional values for luxury brands but in order to stay in touch with the target audience, luxury producers have to face and adapt to rapidly changing environment. There are a lot of debates about comparability of the Internet and luxury, as digital world is too impersonal comparing with core competence of luxury: exclusivity, outstanding experience and human touch in everything including craftsmanship, personal selling and customer relations. In current environment luxury companies cannot ignore the importance of the Internet as a communication and transaction tool and have to stay in touch with its target audience. The main contribution of this dissertation thesis is an analytical framework "features of importance for online luxury consumer satisfaction" that will help luxury marketers to understand online luxury consumers, their motivations, behavior and preferences. Additionally, framework presents the up-to-date data that can be executed while creating digital marketing communications strategy. The influence of content, social, process and technology gratifications on the online luxury consumer satisfaction was investigated. By incorporating the quantitative approach it was possible to make a deep analysis of the research problem. To obtain the necessary data the group structured questionnaire was used to analyze the proposed research model. A total of 133 respondents were accepted for the investigation. Analysis of correlation proved the positive relation between gratifications and luxury consumer satisfaction, even thought, proposed gratifications had different influence on the satisfaction. Content and technology gratifications had the most strong and positive influence on the satisfaction. However, from the obtained results it is visible that social gratification had the least important but still positive effect on the luxury consumer satisfaction. The obtained results are a valuable asset for the luxury companies as research revealed the main directions and themes on which luxury marketers should stress while creating online communication strategies.
Marketing Innovation
Petrová, Eva ; Klosová, Anna (advisor) ; Sato, Alexej (referee) ; Kislingerová, Eva (referee) ; Přikrylová, Jana (referee)
The gross domestic product (GDP), as a basic measure of a country's domestic economic output is a product of the size of the labour force and its efficiency. Its result is a combination of two immediate factors: utilization of labour and productivity of labour. Productivity is the most relevant in the long run and the key to sustainable economic growth, while innovation is the central factor of productivity growth. Assessing the innovative performance of a country, as well as explaining it, goes a long way in understanding the dynamics of its productivity, hence its prospects for long term economic growth. The aim of this dissertation thesis is to confirm the importance of innovations' influence on the GDP growth in the chosen developed countries. Another aim of this thesis is to point at innovation as a source of competitive advantages for companies that allows further market share gains and thus revenue and margin increase as well as other strategic advantages. The main aim of this thesis is to provide a complete picture of a successful innovation launch in the market and its management during its life cycle, while considering various influences impacting the success of innovation strategies. The focus will be mainly on high-tech product innovations.
Marketing strategies of international companies
Čapková, Halka ; Přikrylová, Jana (advisor) ; Zamykalová, Miroslava (referee) ; Lošťáková, Hana (referee) ; Svobodová, Šárka (referee)
I focused my dissertation on the marketing strategies used by Czech subsidiaries of international pharmaceutical firms. There were two main aims of my dissertation. Firstly, to characterize the nature of the pharmaceutical industry, differentiate it clearly from consumer goods industries and identify how these differences influence the marketing strategy used. To reach this goal I used desk research. Secondly, I carried out primary research among 46 large international pharmaceutical firms that run subsidiaries in the Czech Republic. The main aims were to find out what marketing strategy they use (global, modified global, regional, local, or a combination of these), how and where it is created, how it is financed, whether they prefer the promotion of the company name or of individual brands and what communication channels they use.

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