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Introduction of a new energy drink to the Czech market
Svěchota, Daniel ; Vávra, Oldřich (advisor) ; Písař, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis, is devoted to the subject of introducing a new energy drink to the market that is currently being distributed in over 12 countries worldwide. It starts with the idea of introducing the new energy drink to the Czech Republic and focusing it on the current situation and the market place. The next part describes the marketing plan outlining the possibilities of brand communication. The end part contains the findings that could be used to introduce this product onto the Czech market.
Trade marketing of AXE brand in the Czech Republic
Moravec, Miloš ; Halík, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Písař, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this graduation thesis is to provide detailed description of actual state of Czech male deodorant and antiperspirant market with putting emphasis on Axe brand, which makes efforts to become the leading brand of this dynamic market. The thesis is structured into three chapters. First chapter is mapping Czech male deodorant market and Czech retail market as well. Axe brand and its local and global activities are introduced in the second chapter. Last chapter of graduation thesis extensively describes evolution of single indicators in Czech male deodorant market which are decisive for practical area of trade marketing.
Subsidies for farmers: Are they necessary and useful?
Černá, Pavla ; Písař, Pavel (advisor) ; Petrášek, František (referee)
The entrance to the European Union caused that the Czech Republic had to accept the Common European Policy of the European Union. The objective of this work is to sum up the effectiveness of the subsidies and their utility for the farmers as well. The first part of my work focuses on the Common European Policy and its functions for the farmers, whether it is needed for functioning of the agriculture or the subsidies are more harmful for it. The second part of my work deals with one concrete farmer and his utilisation of the subsidies, especially, whether they are needful for him or he is able to manage the farm without the subsidies. Henceforth, I was engaged in his economical decisions concerned selling his products and then how the subsidies affect price of the complements, products and furthermore how the quota of the production influences him with growing products.
Economic analysis of costs and revenues of smoking from the state's perspective
Petráček, Tomáš ; Písař, Pavel (advisor) ; Koblovský, Petr (referee)
The bachelor work deals with the regulation of tobacco products primarily with help of the most used, and probably the most effective price tool of this regulation - excise duty on tobacco. Following the outlined theoretical knowledge related to the issue and particular types of regulation, the work seeks to quantify the social costs of smoking on one hand and income resulting from the excise duty on tobacco and other revenue incoming to the state treasury due to the tobacco consumption in the Czech Republic on the other one. After that a comparison of the data with similar characteristics of the selected countries (Germany and the USA) follows - not only in reference to their absolute level but also due to differences of incomes and different costs of health care in particular countries. The aim of the project is to create a background which enables everyone to assess a justification of submitted foundations for the increase in excise duty on tobacco in the Czech Republic
Toll in Prague. Analysis of its planned introduction
Černý, Lukáš ; Písař, Pavel (advisor) ; Řežábek, Pavel (referee)
Prague as well as most of the large cities in the world has problems with congestion. The toll has being discussed as a possible solution to these problems for several years. In this bachelor thesis I will deal with the issue of an introduction of the toll in Prague. I will draw your attention to the inappropriate location of the traffic in very busy north-south highway, which goes through the city center. I'll research the possible solutions to the traffic problems by the application of a Prague toll in the city center. I will describe the objectives and the reasons why Prague wants to introduce the toll together with its possible variants of the toll system, its pros and cons. I will outline possible impacts on businesses and citizens and also the financial aspect of the project. I will achieve the entrances to my analysis, inter alia, on my own survey, conducted in various parts of Prague using a questionnaire. I will use the questionnaire to a sample of a full - aged inhabitants of the Czech Republic. In the thesis. I will also explain how the toll works in London, where it was already introduced in 2003. The aim will be to clarify this problem of the toll in Prague and to try to answer the question why the toll should be introduced and whether it has chance to success in Prague.
Advantages and disadvantages of scrapping premium
Halíková, Petra ; Písař, Pavel (advisor) ; Řežábek, Pavel (referee)
Abstract This bachelor thesis is going to be devoted to the establishment of scrapping in Germany which began in 2009 as a result of the global financial crisis. An introduction of the scrapping in Germany highly interferes to functioning of the market because of its strong car industry. The thesis is going to focus on an impact of scrapping in several areas such as an effect on the Gross domestic product, the car industry, the employment in the car industry and the financial development of the car factories Volkswagen and BMW. The crucial part of the thesis is the practical part which is going to work with an available data about the economics in the Federal Republic of Germany in years 2008 and 2009 (partially 2010) from the research of German Statistical office, appropriate ministry and further professional studies. The theoretical part of the thesis is going to be based on effectiveness of the state policy and the influence of long-term and short-term Economic Policy on economical situation. The thesis is going to marginally include an effect of lobbyism in politics which leads to an establishment of supportive moves in specific branches of industry at the expense of other branches. The purpose of my thesis is to try to determine if the introduction of scrapping is as a whole positive or negative event for society.
Centralization, road leading to increasing efficiency of health service in the transformed hospitals in Ústí region
Řehák, Martin ; Písař, Pavel (advisor) ; Durdisová, Jaroslava (referee)
In my thesis deals with the transformation of hospitals in the Usti region of the allowance organizations to branch plants, related to KZ a.s.. This transformation and centralization is related to the five regional hospitals, namely Hospital Decin, Hospital Chomutov, Hospital Most, Hospital Teplice and finally, the largest hospital in the Usti region Masaryk Hospital Ústí nad Labem. In the theoretical section identifies and analyzes possible ways to transform hospitals. The practical part describes changes in the legal and organizational structure of the five regional hospitals from their earliest beginnings to the present day. Based on the SWOT analysis and financial analysis of annual reports from the period before and after transformation and centralization analyze the use of synergy effects, which were created in the process of transformation and the rise and who are/should be a guarantee of efficient use of scarce resources. The main output of my work is to evaluate the transformation in terms of growth potential for increasing efficiency and design of certain roads leading to even greater use of synergies.
Theory of bureaucracy - the comparison of providing security public and private sector
Koudelková, Olga ; Písař, Pavel (advisor) ; Chalupníček, Pavel (referee)
The goal of this study is to show the difference between state police and private security agencies, which are hired by individuals or smaller organizations to protect their property and safety. In the theoretical part, I will present basic knowledge of economists focusing on the topic of bureaucracy (Mises, Niskanen, Parkinson, Weber). In addition along with bureaucracy's expansion in various sectors of government services, such as public safety. In the analytical part, I will compare the activities of police, as a national provider of public good of safety, with the possible actions of others groups, such as the private security agencies. These agencies presenting the private sector acting based on supply and demand. I will try to answer the question on whether the public police is efficient compared to security agencies based on reports about behavior police, the incentives to improve their activities with strategic plans for the future and gains and expenditures data of the state budget. Or are the police overwhelmed with unnecessary paperwork? This paperwork might make it difficult for public police to observance its fundamental duties. The goal of this study is to find out at what level provides police service to the public, and then compare it with private security forces, emerging as the business sector in the Czech Republic since 1990.
Drug decriminalization against crime
Smil, Martin ; Písař, Pavel (advisor) ; Loužek, Marek (referee)
Purpose of this paper is to determine, if decriminalization of soft drugs, such as marijuana, could decrease the rate of crime. In the first part i will describe the basic relations of drug prohibition, primarily with quality of drugs, offered quantity, price and crimes connected with drug prohibition and drug market (for drug users and drug suppliers separately) in mind. I will also describe reactions of black market on state drug enforcement, mainly in relation with crime. These effects of prohibition I will illustrate on both american alcohol and drug prohibition. I intend to descrime Iron law of prohibition on both these prohibitions. In the analytic part of this paper I will focus on case of decriminilization of marijuana in Netherlands after year 1976, when possession and use of marijuana was allowed. I want to describe, which thoughts led to this change. It will be also interesting to find out with which other steps was the decriminalization accompanied (decentralization of solving drug problem, treatment and prevention). Above all, I want to find out which impact had decriminalization on the crime level, if it raised or decreased.
The sustainability of current health care system in the Czech Republic
Jůza, Jaromír ; Písař, Pavel (advisor) ; Durdisová, Jaroslava (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to determine whether the current system of financing health care in the Czech Republic is sustainable without the aggresive reform steps and by analyzing the current situation to ponose specific measures in the form of continous regular savings to pay for health care in the future. The first part focuses on the factors influencing the shape of the health system. The second part is devoted to the future development of the health care system by 2050, according to analysis of data with the predictions of demographic trends by comparing the costs of insured by the age group of statistics. This section includes calculations of costs of health care for a patient in 2050 and overall financial balance of health system and then set out to answer the question, ie whether the current system of financing health care is sustainable. The third part is analyzed by the introduction of medical saving accounts, with the possibility for the CR. The last part focuses on the design according to the author's opinion, the best solution for the future lack of funding in the health system. I present a program that would address some variant of patients participation and which would have enabled the citizens to keep throughout life saving funds for these payments. This model is applied to life insurance products. The actual modeling is done with the outputs of the five products of financial institutions, namely Allianz Insurance Company, Amcico insurance company, Czech insurance company, Generali insurance company and Kooperativa insurance company.

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