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Satisfying of children's needs in preschool facilities
Švihálková, Monika ; Havlová, Jana (advisor) ; Opravilová, Eva (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the problem of satisfying needs of preschool age children in preschool facilities. The theoretical part of this work provides an insight into the curricular reform in the Czech Republic and a view of perception of children needs by the society. Furthermore there is has been research into the contemporary trend of coordinating a family life with an employment. This was one of the reasons for founding of business kindergartners. A summarization of current legal conditions of establishing of business kindergartners is included as well. Furthermore, the theoretical part includes a relation of curricula documents and satisfying children needs in the kindergarten. Important sections of this work are summaries of various models of needs and list of means of satisfying the needs in the kindergarten. The aim of the practical part of this thesis is to do a qualitative survey in differences between business and state kindergartens in satisfying needs of children. The result of the survey show that are differences in surroundings created in order to satisfy children needs while approaches for the satisfying of children needs were similar.
Contemporary Non-Traditional Forms of Care for Children of a Pre-School Age
Slavotínková, Jana ; Opravilová, Eva (advisor) ; Koťátková, Soňa (referee)
The thesis deals with the present offer situation of untraditional ways in children's preschool care, its availability and quality, while evaluating the contribution o f stays in such centres for a child. To obtain the needed data I used a questionnaire method that consisted in filling out the form with parents. The results point to an untraditional offer, quality and finances being considered by a family when deciding about the possibility of preschool care for their children. The decision is taken according to an actual situation. Centres for mothercare and babysitting centres, as a part of the offer, do not compete with an institutionalized preschool education in a kindergarten. Powered by TCPDF (
Awareness of pedagogical publitic about alternative family care in the Czech republic
Johnová, Lucie ; Kropáčková, Jana (advisor) ; Opravilová, Eva (referee)
Thesis focuses on the issues of alternative family care in the Czech Republic, both from a historical perspective and in terms of the legislative. Acquainted with the various types of alternative care and their specific features, whether the care in alternative families, or in institutional settings. Always mainly focusing on preschool age children. Its main task is to monitor the level of awareness of teaching staff in preschool institutions in that issue. An integral part is the view of social workers from the constitutional establishment or replacement of parents to cooperate with the kindergartens.
Child care centre
Beranová, Zuzana ; Opravilová, Eva (advisor) ; Kropáčková, Jana (referee)
Master's thesis deals with newly emerging forms of public preschool education. The research objective was to describe and evaluate the Center for preschool children, to characterize and compare it with the system of education in nursery schools. Evaluate their contribution to society and educational effects. Monitor vision and expectations of parents. To identify the necessary information, I used methods of observation of the educational conditions, observation of the work educator, interview with a educator, interview with the head of the Center and questionnaire for parents.
Leisure activity preschool children (taking account of conditions in full and single-parent families).
Čedíková, Petra ; Opravilová, Eva (advisor) ; Havlová, Jana (referee)
Diploma thesis maps the access families to cosine the activities of preschool children according to chat thein social status, value orientation and educational life style. Focuses on the differences in approach and in term sof komplete and incomplete families. Based on the findings of research points to the possitilities for kindergarten parents to offer advice and consultation in the interest of children.
Influence of the natural environment on the development of motor and cognitive abilities of preschool age.
Havířová, Martina ; Opravilová, Eva (advisor) ; Havlová, Jana (referee)
This work deals with the effect the natural environment on the development of motor and cognitive abilities of preschool age. The aim is to determine the effect of education in the natural environment to the level of motor skills and knowledge of preschool children. The theoretical part describes the characteristics of preschool age. Acquaints with the development of motor skills and their training in the natural environment. It also deals with the cognitive component of the preschool child's personality and the possibilities of its development in the countryside. Zooms problems of education in a forest environment, types of learnin and methods of training in the various components of the child's personality just in a forest. The practical part is a qualitative research method used is a questionnaire survey among kindergarten teachers to determine the most commonly used educational environment, the method standardized test for 4-6-year old children to determine the level of motor skills of the children, and the method of diagnostic interview, which examined the effect of natural environments on children's knowledge. Results in agreement with reported literature confirm the positive influence of education in the natural environment for the development of several components of the child's personality.
The offer of spare time activities for preschool children focused on English courses
Vostruhová, Markéta ; Opravilová, Eva (advisor) ; Kropáčková, Jana (referee)
This thesis deals with some of the aspects of spare time activities that are currently offered to children of preschool age in one area of Prague. It monitors primarily institutions that offer various leisure time activities and deals with problems such as capacity and financial affordability for current families. The theoretical section specifies the terminology related to the preschool d leisure time activities. It also presents an outline of spare time especially in relatively recent times.
Socioculturally disadvantaged environment and its influence on pre-school child
Holubová, Petra ; Koťátková, Soňa (advisor) ; Opravilová, Eva (referee)
SUMMARY: The thesis describes a situation of the part of inhabitants of the Czech Republic that are currently regarded as socio-culturally disadvantaged. It aims to term factors that endanger a healthy and harmonic development of children living in a socio-culturally disadvantaged environment. The means of child protection are specified on international and national level and the current legislation in this field is reviewed. The thesis also deals with the position of ethnic minorities in the Czech Republic and concentrates on Romany minority. On the example of one city district of Prague is presented the lifestyle of Romany community, their cohabitation with the majority and their usage of Romany ethnolect. Possible causes of formation of socially excluded communities are listed together with social and health risks for Romany people that concentrate in such local communities. The situation in the field of education of pre-school children coming from a socio-culturally disadvantaged environment is described and legislative and executive measures to support their access to education are reviewed. Social determinants of health are termed and their impact on Roma community in the Czech Republic is assessed. The research part of the thesis deals with the education of the children attending compensatory...
Regional Identity in the Educational Programme of a Nursery School
Munduchová, Olga ; Koťátková, Soňa (advisor) ; Opravilová, Eva (referee)
This diploma paper is engaged in the way of the project like the possibility to approach the regional particularities within nurseries. The part of this project is the theoretic definition of the term curriculuum and the term project. The research work of school and class educational programs of the 15 nurseries in Jihlava region is the source ot factual information about the cognition the region by pre-school children problems. Powered by TCPDF (

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