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Analysis of new renders and masonry damaged by moisture and water-soluble salts
Válek, Jan ; Skružná, Olga ; Ševčík, Radek ; Frankeová, Dita ; Nunes, Cristiana Lara
Research report about the state of new renders of the building Obecní Dvůr, Prague 1. Very high concentration of nitrates in masonry was identified as the reason of their bad state.
Preparation of plaster with increased frost resistance for repair of historic buildings
Slížková, Zuzana ; Frankeová, Dita ; Nunes, Cristiana Lara ; Janotová, Dana ; Hauková, Petra
The methodology provides basic information on the preparation and use of lime-metakaolin mortar modified with linseed oil in order to increase the resistance of the mortar to freeze-thaw cycles and durability of mortar (plaster). The mortar will be used in the field of conservation of historic constructions.
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Frost resistance of lime-based mortars
Janotová, Dana ; Nunes, Cristiana Lara ; Slížková, Zuzana
The paper presents several methods for assessing frost resistance of six different lime-based mortar mixtures according to the type of binder. Specimens with three and twelve months of age were subjected to frost resistance test according to CSN 72 2452 standard. Durability of each mortar type was evaluated through mechanical strength, frost resistance coefficient, modulus of elasticity and saturation coefficient. The results obtained point out that the lime-based mortar mixtures tested can only fulfil the frost resistance standard requirements if containing a certain amount of Portland cement.
Impact of metakaolin and linseed oil addition on lime mortar characteristics
Slížková, Zuzana ; Janotová, Dana ; Nunes, Cristiana Lara ; Frankeová, Dita
.: The report presents results of testing of lime mortar laboratory specimens. Mechanical characteristics, porosity, resistance to frost and salt damage were determined and evaluated considering the chemical composition of mortars (metakaolin and linseed oil addition) as well as the age of hardened mortars.
Frost resistance of lime-based mortars with linseed oil
Nunes, Cristiana Lara ; Slížková, Zuzana ; Janotová, Dana
The recent findings in mortar additives that grant hydrophobic properties to mortars show that by restraining water penetration, damage from frost and salt can be decreased. Improved durability of lime-based mortars with linseed oil addition has been confirmed making the present formula a promising recipe for mortar reconstructions.
Effect of linseed oil on the mechanical properties of lime mortars
Nunes, Cristiana Lara ; Slížková, Zuzana ; Janotová, Dana ; Frankeová, Dita
The effect of linseed oil addition in 1.5% by the weight of the binder was studied in two different mortar mixtures: air lime mortar and air lime-metakaolin mortar. Carbonation and hydration reactions were studied by thermogravimetric analysis and flexural and compressive strength were evaluated along curing time: 14 -90 days.)

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