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Technical Risk Analysis
Sekanina, Jiří ; Hrabová, Kristýna (referee) ; Novotný, Radovan (advisor)
This master‘s thesis, entitled Technical Risk Analysis, focuses on the new harmonized FMEA method. The theoretical part deals with advanced quality planning, quality tools and a detailed description of all seven steps of the new FMEA method. The main goal of this work is to describe the harmonized FMEA method and create a case study on the topic of nonconforming product management. The harmonized FMEA will be illustrated in this case study.
Influencing the hydration of high-performance composites using zinc ions
Všetečka, Tomáš ; Hajzler, Jan (referee) ; Novotný, Radoslav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the influence of hydration of high-performance cementitious composites, more specifically reactive powder composites. Zinc ions were supplied by the compounds of zinc oxide and zinc sulphate heptahydrate. Zinc ions were added by weight content to cement at concentrations of 0.2; 0.5 and 1.0 wt. %. The development of properties depending on the content of zinc ions and the type of compound used was monitored in this work. The measured values were compared with reference values that did not contain zinc ions. The highest compressive strengths were obtained with a sample containing 1.0% Zn in the form of zinc oxide. However, this sample is associated with a longer setting time due to the retarding effect of zinc ions on hydration. The retardation effect was monitored using isothermal calorimetry. For samples containing zinc ions, a negative effect on the brass layer of steel fibers, which was used as reinforcement, was observed. Due to the addition of zinc ions, dezincification and subsequent removal of brass from the surface of the fibers took place. Therefore, these specimens had lower tensile strengths. A positive effect on the differential ballistic protection efficiency factor was observed for a sample containing 1% Zn in the form of zinc oxide.
Application of Management Control System in a Business
Novotný, Richard ; Matoušek, Jan (referee) ; Žižlavský, Ondřej (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to analyze the financial plan of the engineering company PBS INDUSTRY, a.s. specifically in the segment of power engineering, which mainly deals with the custom production of equipment for major suppliers of energy and heating units, and to identify potential problems. Based on the identified problems, measures will be proposed to reduce costs, eventually to increase in sales. The financial plan will be made for the second quarter of 2022, it will be based on the plan drawn up by the company, while the proposed plan will reflect proposals for measures to improve the economic situation of the company.
Implementation of Production Preparation Automation using Advanced Technologies
Slechan, Martin ; Novotný, Rostislav (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
The diploma thesis dealt with proposals to optimize the work with two programs by introducing a data bridge and proposals to increase automation and digitalization based on technological trends. The theoretical definition of the problem is followed by an analysis of the current state of the art. This is followed by the actual design part, where lists of possible options, various comparisons, impacts on the company after implementation and possible advantages or disadvantages were discussed. Subsequently, it was evaluated which option is the most optimal, how much it will cost, what it can save and from the selected options, recommendations or rejection of optimization proposals were made.
Harmonized FMEA analysis
Riabov, Mikhail ; Szendiuch, Ivan (referee) ; Novotný, Radovan (advisor)
The target of the diploma thesis on „Harmonized FMEA analysis“ is to familiarize with principles of quality planning and studying the theory of existing APQP tools. Another goal is to learn the basics of the new manual of harmonized FMEA analysis and discover some available SW tools for project support. This diploma thesis will be focused mainly on DFMEA analysis of traction assembly and the concept of changing to new harmonized version from VDA/AIAG will be explained. This concept meets the requirements for clear and comprehensible output required by the manufacturer, supplier, and customer. The diploma thesis is elaborated as a detailed clear guide for easier processing of FMEA according to the new manual.
Bluetooth communication set
Plášek, Tomáš ; Novotný, Radovan (referee) ; Levek, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis describes features and capabilities of the Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy communication interface. Subsequently, microcontrollers with this interface are described with the main emphasis on BlueNRG microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics company. The next part is about designing PCBs for high-frequency applications and also board containing BlueNRG microcontroller is designed. The next part is about design of final circuit schematic and motive of printed circut board. Every functional block of princed circuit board is here also described and it’s purpose explained. Final chapters of this thesis describe how does the program for MCU works, it’s functional parts and also example of sending commands to modules and verifying it’s parameters is present.
Influence of anticorrosive surface treatment of steel reinforcement fibers on the properties of ultrahigh-performace cement composite
Bocian, Luboš ; Ptáček, Petr (referee) ; Novotný, Radoslav (advisor)
This thesis characterized surface layer of brass on commercially available steel microfibers. Subsequently, it was studied how to remove this surface layer of brass off these microfibers. Additionally, this thesis investigated influence of removal of brass surface layer on mechanical and ballistic properties of RPC composites. It was also studied how previously mentioned surface layer of brass influences interface between steel microfibers and matrix. It was found out that the surface layer of brass on commercially available steel microfibers is uneven and that the brass fills scratches present on steel underneath the surface layer of brass. It was also found out that conc. HNO3 and mixture of NH3 and H2O2 in volume proportion of 3 : 1 can be used to remove the surface layer of brass. The only thing to consider is that steel microfibers from conc. HNO3 corrode. Flexural strength of composite made with fibers from mixture of NH3 and H2O2 is higher than flexural strength of composite made with commercially available steel microfibers with surface layer of brass after 28 and 95 days. Compression strength wasn’t significantly affected in any composite used in this thesis after 28 and 95 days. Composite made with fibers from mixture od NH3 and H2O2 showed slightly better ballistic resistance than composite made with commercially available steel microfibers with surface layer of brass. In terms of SEM analysis of interface between matrix and steel fibers of certain composite, it was found out that there was no evidence of infiltration of components of brass into matrix.
Influence of fumed silica on the properties of ultra-high performace cement composite
Hrbáčová, Markéta ; Švec, Jiří (referee) ; Novotný, Radoslav (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the properties of concrete based on reactive powdered materials. Pyrogenic nanosilica (Aerosil 200, Aerosil 380) was added to the concrete in various volume ratios. The aim was to design and prepare a series of samples in order to determine their basic properties, and to determine the behavior of selected samples during penetration by a high-speed projectile compared to the reference sample. In order to determine the strength of the samples, compression and tensile bending tests were performed. The so-called multihit test was used to determine ballistic resistance. The differential effect factor was also determined experimentally and compared with the reference sample. An electron microscope was used to monitor the behavior of the fibers in the binder as well as the binder itself. Hydration curves for individual samples were generated using calorimetric measurements. The bulk density of the samples and the spills during their preparation were also monitored. The resulting strength of the nanosilica samples did not show higher values compared to the reference sample. The results of the multihit test did not show considerable changes compared to the reference composite.
The problems of plunder in the first half of the 15th century
Müllerová, Monika ; Zilynská, Blanka (advisor) ; Novotný, Robert (referee)
The main subject of the bachelor thesis is the aktivity of bandit and footpad groups. The thesis is structured as a study of a specific era the first half of 15th century in Moravia. The study is carried out by analyzing the lifestyles of their dividual members and thein connections to thein leaders. The thesis describes the typology of criminal behavior based on the number of cases mentioned in the sources and researches the relations between the bandit groups and higher nobility. The author is analyzing the structure of the sources and several approache show to work with those sources. She is trying to describe the issues as a komplex social, political and legal problem of that time.

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