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Exploring jet calibration with machine learning techniques
Novotný, Patrik ; Rybář, Martin (advisor) ; Žlebčík, Radek (referee)
Title: Exploring jet calibration with machine learning techniques Author: Patrik Novotný Institute: Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics Supervisor: Mgr. Martin Rybář, Ph.D., Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics Abstract: Jets, collimated sprays of particles, are considered to be a perfect probe of the matter created at heavy-ion collisions. The work explores the possibility of using machine learning techniques to improve the overall calibration of jet energy scale and its resolution for ATLAS experiment calorimeters, which are used in the research of lead nucleus collisions. First, the current performance of jet reconstruction quantified by mean response and energy resolution dependence on the value of transverse momentum, pseudorapidity, and centrality of collisions is shown. It is further discussed that the current calibration does not take into account whether the jets are induced by a quark or gluon. Subsequently, four variables are selected, which might be used to distinguish between these two groups of jets. The dependence of the response on those quantities and on centrality is further studied. The last part describes the process of the preparation of a training data set, set up of the neural network, and the analysis of it using tools provided by the MultiLayerPerceptron library of the...
Apartment building
Novotný, Patrik ; Kozubíková, Ivana (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
This apartment house is located on a slightly steep hillside in the area brno-sadová. The building is composed of 4 above-ground floors and 1 underground floor, including total 13 apartments and 1 basement. Most of the apartments are one room + kitchen corner. The apartment house is designed as a combined wall construction system with a dominant cross walls setup, which is consisted of chalk-sand breeze blocks and the assembled-parts ceiling. The apartment house has a wall footing made of a simple concrete. Due to the the impervious soil presence on the whole land, the drainage system was built around the whole place. There is a single layer, vegetational flat roofing on the building, which among other things serves as a recreative zone for residents living in the fourth above-ground floor.
Dávkové zpracování v DNA analyzéru
Novotný, Patrik
This bachelor thesis will deal with batch processing of data within the scope of DNA analyzer application. At the start, it is a good idea to provide basic information on the main concepts: batch processing and DNA analyzer. Batch processing is the way data is processed. Data is read in a certain number, processed and then written in batch. By reading and writing more data in one moment, the read and write overheads are reduced. For example, if we read data from a database, process it and then re-write it to the database. If data is read and written by one item, additional overhead is added to the operation. If multiple items are read while reading, and more is written when writing, this will reduce the average overhead per item. Also, the batch status examines whether the batch has been run successfully, failed, is still running, or has not yet started. DNA Analyzer is an application that helps investigate DNA structures, working in bioinformatics. The aim of the analyzer is to provide a free and user-friendly tool for studying DNA properties. The analyzer is developed at the Institute of Informatics of Mendel University in Brno in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
Treason and high treason in czech legal history
Novotný, Patrik ; Starý, Marek (advisor) ; Skřejpková, Petra (referee)
High Treason and Treason against the Homeland in the History of Czech Law Key words High Treason, Treason, History Abstract The diploma thesis "High Treason and Treason against the Homeland in the History of Czech Law" deals with two constitutional and criminal law institutes, which seem similar at first glance. These notions have appeared relatively abundantly in the history of Czech law and their meaning and definition have undergone several significant changes. Hence, the objective of this study is to provide, inter alia, a sufficiently detailed description of the historical development of both institutes in these intertwined branches of law. The descriptive historical part constitutes the basis for the second comprehensive part, a legal comparison between high treason and treason against the homeland either in each of the relevant branches or across them. The final chapter of the thesis, which is based on current knowledge, makes a comparison between these notions in the present Czech and Austrian law. The factors relevant for the first of the objectives of this diploma thesis - a historical description of high treason and treason against the homeland - are historical events and the related laws, as well as the changing political culture or the demand of those in power for the enactment of legal...
Flood protection in agriculturally used landscape
The diploma thesis focuses on problematics connected to the flood and individual kinds of anti-flooding measures in agriculturally used landscape. Theoretical part of the thesis is devoted to the general description of flood problematic. It contains basic terms connected with floods, mentions causes and flood categories, and also the factors that influence it's progress. Thesis includes precautions and solutions of the anti-flood protection. In the practical part of the thesis is characterised chosen region with flood risk. Analysis of the present state includes field research. As a result of the discovered risks have been selected appropriate anti-flood measures for stated location.
Impact of church land ownership on land consolidation process
Bachelor thesis is focused on the historical development of the ownership of church property and its influence on the progress of land consolidation in the context of the so-called church restitution in the Czech Republic. Former church property was not included, after the change of regime, in the general restitution law and in the following years, the topic of these restitutions became one of the most important disputes of Czech policy and public discussions. At the end is presented the solution of property settlement with churches and religious societies.

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