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Comparative Study of Body Composition of Military Program Students at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University, in 2015 and 2024.
Novotný, Lukáš ; Oláh, Vladan (advisor) ; Michalička, Vladimír (referee)
Title: Comparative Study of Body Composition of Military Program Students at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University, in 2015 and 2024. Objective: The aim of the study is to perform a comparative analysis of the body profile (body composition) of the students of the Military Department of the UK FTVS in Prague from the year 2024 and to compare it with the body profile of the students from the year 2015. Method: This work was theoretical and empirical in nature. The research population consisted of 22 students (22.0 ± 2.0 years, 182.2 ± 7.4 cm 79.0 ± 9.8 kg) of the Military Department at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University, who were measured in the summer semester 2023/2024. The obtained data were merged with the measured values from 2015 and then descriptively and statistically analyzed in the JASP program (0.18.3.). Shapiro-wilk test was performed to determine the normality of the data and analysis of variance of the measurements was also performed using independent t test at the level of statistical significance at α=0.05. Results: It was found that there was no statistically significant difference between the mean values of BMI (p = 0.994), fat (p = 0.102) and muscle (p = 0.886) mass measured in military students at UK FTVS in Prague in 2024...
Performance evaluation of a trucking company
Novotný, Lukáš ; Žižlavský, Ondřej (referee) ; Režňáková, Mária (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the performance of a company in the trucking industry. In the theoretical part, the concepts of company performance evaluation are described. In the practical part, the studied company and its five selected competitors are presented. Furthermore, a strategic and financial analysis of the selected entities is performed. The suggestion part contains recommendations to increase and maintain the performance of the company.
On-line marketing communication
Jílková, Šárka ; Novotný, Lukáš (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focussed on on-line marketing communication with cosmetic studio Mis-sys. The Theoretical part describes the basic concepts of marketing which are used in the analytical part. The analytical part charakteristics basic information about the company and its actual state. Based on retrieved information from analyzes and questionnaire survey proposes solutions to issues and their benefits follow in the practical part.
Development of the Construction of Residential properties in Brno - Královo pole
Novotný, Lukáš ; Klika, Pavel (referee) ; Hrubanová, Michaela (advisor)
The main task in this thesis is to prescribe the development of residential properties in the locality of Brno - Královo Pole. My diploma thesis is focusing on history of this quarter of the city until present. In the thesis is desribed in detail survey of the significant residentional buildings, construction of residentional complexes. Work us step by step through the development of these buildings from the beginning of construction on the territory to the possible future development in the area. In my thesis, there will be map drawings of the given area, old photographs of streets, residential and important civic buildings included. I would like to try to discover changes that have been made during recent years on the local building as well. In the end, I will also consider future building development opportunities in the built-up urban area.
Records of flight time
Novotný, Lukáš ; Jebáček, Ivo (referee) ; Hammer, Jaromír (advisor)
My bachelor’s thesis is focused on the record of the flight time. It discusses the correct way of writting records into Pilot Log Book and to the Journey Log (Book) and the differences each of log books. It is also about the time of operation and its records in Aircraft Log Book, Engine Log Book and Propeller Log Book, where the time of operation is the prior factor for the determination of maintenace.
Moving bolster of body panel press
Novotný, Lukáš ; Tůma, Jiří (referee) ; Omes, Jiří (advisor)
This Master thesis deals with design structures of moving bolster for body panel press and with design of railroad tracks, in which the bolster is moving in two mutually perpendicular directions. These moving bolsters are used for facilitating and speeding up the change of pressing dies, which is desirable in automated automotive industry for shortening and streamlining the pressing die change. The part of the work is research of the current state of knowledge in systems for quick die change, design of the moving bolster and its drive, design of railroad tracks, amount of design and control calculations, design of mechanism for lifting the bolster, optimization and strength calculations of bolster in ANSYS software. All the design structures of bolster, railroad tracks and basic workplace layout are processed in 3D software for modelling Autodesk Inventor. Attachments consist of drawing documentation of main assemblies, namely mounting drawing of moving bolster assembly, mounting drawing of railroad tracks assembly, drawing of workplace layout and furthermore drawing of driven shaft, weldment and workpiece of moving bolster and railroad tracks block.
Leisure time centre Brno - Brno reservoir
Novotný, Lukáš ; Velek, Jan (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
The proposed leisure center building Rowing Club bellows is located in southern part of the Brněnské přehrady between section Rakovec and Kozí horka. The building stands on existing club Lodní sporty Brno in the parcel čp. 1236. The idea of building is a ship sailing on the mainland, whose sails it look like waves. Student accommodation is designed to the second, third and fourth floor. Restaurant and administrative facilities connected to the terrace is designed in the basement. In the first underground floors are designed locker rooms, athletic facilities, kitchen and in the second underground floors is designed rowing pools and rowing boatyards connected to the ground. On the eastern side is a wooden rack tribune. Roads and pavements around the building are designed with simplicity and function.
Service life calculations in machine tools
Novotný, Lukáš ; Marek, Tomáš (referee) ; Holub, Michal (advisor)
The aim of this Bachelor’s Thesis is comparison of service life time calculations of machinetool construction parts according to different producers. The first part of thesis describes three important parts of machine-tools as linear guides, ball screw bearings and ball screws. Main part of thesis refers about search of service life time calculations itself according to various manufacturers and their comparison.
Design and realization of experimental equipment for determination of residual stress of bent samples
Novotný, Lukáš ; Návrat, Tomáš (referee) ; Krejčí, Petr (advisor)
The master thesis is focused to design and realization of experimental equipment for researching of residual stress determination for specimen with non-uniform distribution stress along the depth. Literature search study of problematic was performed and it was used for elaboration of chapters about origin of residual stress, their classification and chapters about methods, which are used for measuring of residual stress and their determination. The following part explains the design of experimental equipment and stress-strain analysis of selected parts of this equipment. Then the final design of equipment is presented, including complete production drawings, and it’s explained final assembling of experimental equipment. Final chapter is devoted to examinable loading of specimen.
Biomechanical study of the effect of various leg length to stress skeleton
Novotný, Lukáš ; Marcián, Petr (referee) ; Florian, Zdeněk (advisor)
The key role of this thesis deals with providing light on the influence of unequal length of limbs in particular with legs and the stress it might leave on human body parts, possibilities and ways of its reparation. As per the research conducted in the first chapter which allows to get an insight and summary about the issues and also provides information related to unequal length of lower limbs and hardships involved. The following part explains the basics of anatomy related to unequal length of legs and solution of force interaction in the hip joint. Suitable attention is dedicated to the influence of unequal leg length and equalization of unequal length legs. A separate part of the thesis is devoted to the effect of unequal lower limb on contact pressure between the femoral head and the hip joint. Computational analysis of the contact pressures using final elements method in computing software Ansys Workbench 16.2 proved a negative impact of uneven length of lower limbs to stress on the hip joint.

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