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Efficacy of combined dosing of coagulant and flocculant on wastewater sludge dewatering
Pániková, Kristína ; Novotná, Věra (referee) ; Hrich, Karel (advisor)
Sludge treatment and disposal are one of the most important parts of sewage treatment. These are economically challenging parts, and therefore emphasis is placed on effective dosing. The dose should be as small as possible but also the highest dry matter output. The main target of this diploma thesis is therefore to show that it is possible to achieve the same or better degree of drainage of the sludge if different flocculant/coagulant ratio is applied to the sludge. Diploma thesis deals with determination of the optimal combination of chemical doses during sludge dewatering. The thesis contains two parts, practical and theoretical. The theoretical part consists of research, overview of processed research and works in the area of sludge dewatering. The second part is a description of laboratory measurements and evaluation of results.
Zhodnocení způsobů financování založení Stříbrnictví
Novotná, Věra
In my thesis I deal with main difficulties of funding sources in Czech market. It contains overview of funding sources and refer to advantages and disadvan-tages. Main attention was paid to external funding. So many forms of financing are available. A proposal for beginning entrepreneurs is considerably limited. No entrepreneur's history is the greatest obstacle. Single sources of funding are analysed in view of beginning entrepreneur. The proposals of companies provi-ding capital are compared in practical part. Sources of funding which are suita-ble for beginning companies are compared by virtue of realized facts.
Chemical dosing optimalisation during by wastewater sludge dewatering
Pániková, Kristína ; Novotná, Věra (referee) ; Hrich, Karel (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with chemical dosing optimisation during by wastewater sludge dewatering. The thesis has two parts, practical and theoretical. Theoretical part contains basic information about thickening, destabilization and stabilization, flocculants, methods of measurement and final sludge treatment. The evaluation of laboratory measurements and presentation of the results are in the practical part.
Paolo Fiammingo in Venice
Koubková Novotná, Věra ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (advisor) ; Konečný, Lubomír (referee)
Thesis on subject of Paolo Fiammingo in Venice focuses on a personality of a Netherlandish painter, who lived in Venice the most important part of his productive life. Text of the thesis resumes knowledge on his origin, regarding existing literature it suggest, that there is not enough documentation of his staying or apprenticeship until he came to Venice. In this regards, it also concludes, that he was not famous until he took part in Tintoretto's workshop in Veneto. Thesis researches possible Tosca and Roma mannerism influences of his later works by an analysis his later work and in the light of existing literature. Main part of the thesis concerns on Paolo's sojourn in Venice, which started probably in Tintoretto's workshop. Within workshop daily praxis, he was contributing in finishing some specific commissions of his Master with his apprentice colleagues. Thesis brings some witnesses concerning workshop life and also way the completed work took from the workshop to commissioner. The other part of this work turns awareness to his independent production in Venice and its close connection to his transalpine commissions. The part concludes in suggestions concerning the case of Fiammingo and his concrete purchasers, the Augsburg merchandiser Hans Fugger and the Emperor Rudolf II. It also mentions a...
Hieronymus Bosch and Venice
Novotná, Věra ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (advisor) ; Nespěšná Hamsíková, Magdaléna (referee)
This (bachelor) thesis concerns the phenomenon of Hieronymus Bosh and its possible links to art and life of Venice and Veneto in the sixteen century. The title of it is: Hieronymus Bosch and Venice. It is trying to set up tangible hypothesis based on broad study on literature concerning Bosch, especially his paitings, accommodated now in Palazzo Ducale in Venice,. Further it concerns on the sixteen century Veneto and, specifically and most importantly the mighty and beautiful art of the Serenissima. It is describing eventually indicated links if in at least two sources. It finally synthetizes the literature and concludes: there are no such confirmed indications in serious literature. It is further trying to include the panels in venezian contemporary art and its development, and is looking for any descendents of the Master in Veneto and in wider Europe, too. It gathers all Venetian donors and supporters, who had connections or knowledge on Bosch, Mainly it outlines the collection of Bosch's paintings owned by Cardinal Grimani; in comparison, too, other European noted collections, and their results. This work reveals importance of the works of Bosch and interest among the historians of arts since modern age, including last issues, on the other hand, the lack of serious studies on this specific...
The Theme of Childhood in Anton Chekhov's Literary Production
Novotná, Věra ; Hlaváček, Antonín (referee) ; Hříbková, Radka (advisor)
Cette thse porte sur les oeuvres d'Anton Tchékhov le sujet desquelles est l'enfant et l'enfance. L'enfance est présentée dans des situations tout fait différentes : l'enfant est confronté pour la premire fois avec une situation nouvelle; on l'observe comment il se comporte dans le groupe des enfants du mme âge; on voit des obscurités des caractres enfantins; on fait connaître des conditions sociales (des orphelins, des enfants des exilés Sachalin, la dureté du travail enfantin) et des problmes intergénérationnels. Les parties inséparables de l'enfance sont aussi la perception du monde des adultes et le chemin de l'enfant la rencontre de la nouvelle vie. Dans les oeuvres de Tchékhov se reflte l'enfance de comment s'en souviennent les adultes. Les oeuvres avec des héros enfantins sont aussi analysées du point de vue des procédés narratifs de l'auteur. De ce qu'on vient d'analyser, l'enfance n'est pas seulement le sujet de la narration (sociale, psychique, ontologique) mais aussi la manire spécifique de la perception de la réalité et le mode d'image de l'idéal esthétique. L'enfantobservateur est présent dans les premires oeuvres aussi bien que dans les oeuvres tardives de Tchékhov. Dans le chapitre final, l'auteur de la thse arrive la conclussion suivante: l'ouvrage de Tchékov portant sur les enfants est...
Female Professors and Senior Lecturers of Law - Women in a Prestigious Profession
Novotná, Věra ; Havelková, Hana (advisor) ; Havelková, Barbara (referee)
Women in the high academic positions represent an elite group of women, whose experience has not been described separately in the Czech sociological context yet. The place of university as well as the law professional field are historically masculine denoted areas, where women entered with many difficulties to. Despite of opening of this academic both eductional and professional area to women, we still see the high vertical segregation of the high academic positions. The interviews were ment to show how women reflect their own experience as a high positioned woman working in the university surrounding. I found out that the interviewed women entered this field not only thanks to their own socio-cultural capital, but firstly thanks to the favourable structural conditions. Most of them identify themselves with their pedagogical role very significantly, all of them have developed a very strong tie to their profession. Their view of own and others women position is rather optimistic, with limited gender sensitivity, and is strongly influenced by their life experience of practising of their profession in the communist period and strong liberalism of opinion.
Slovak in Vojvodina: status and communicative application
Novotná, Věra ; Nábělková, Mira (advisor) ; Nekvapil, Jiří (referee) ; Dudok, Miroslav (referee)
Sl o vak in Vojvodina i s an active and vítal realization of the Slovak language outside of Slovakia - the examination of its status and communicative application is currently a relevant topíc in the research orientation toward Slovak in minority settings. Slovaks have lived on the current territory of Vojvodina for more than 260 years. Most of them migrated there from the territory of what is now Central Slovakia, to a lesser degree from western Slovakia, and some, for a certain period of their life, came to the territory of what is now Hungary. Over a period of time, living conditions as well as state units changed, but the Slovaks maintained all of their national attributes, their cul ture and language. This dissertation presents developmental demographic characteristics and an analysis of the legal status, education system and individua! elements of culture in the life of the Slovak minority in Vojvodina. The language of the Vojvodina Slovaks developed in conditions of isolation from their homeland (the geographic and political spheres) and has been the subject of specialized research by Slovak language experts, both from Vojvodina and from Slovakia, since the end of the 18th cen tury. The development of the Slovak language in this setting has been taking place in coexistence with other languages from...
The beginning of intervention criteria for reason of suspect for the CAN syndrom in the family
Joklová, Klára ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Novotná, Věra (referee)
Ve své práci jsem se zaměřila na zkompilování kritérií pro zahájení intervence z důvodu podezření na týrání nebo zneužívání dítěte v rodině a na syndrom CAN z pohledu jeho vzniku a případného odhalení. Jako každá oblast lidského života mají i negativní společenské jevy, jakým je i týrání a zneužívání dětí v rodině výrazné individuální prvky. Čím více aspektů daný jev skládá, tím konkrétněji je třeba se mu věnovat. Je vždy třeba nahlížet na dítě a jeho rodinu v kontextu její aktuální situace, dlouhodobého vývoje i sociálního okolí. Při diagnostice syndromu CAN je třeba sledovat osobnost a způsoby chování konkrétního dítěte (a jeho potenciálních sourozenců), pečovatelů, vztahy mezi nimi navzájem, i možnou historii jejich vztahu, také jejich osobní historii a nakonec i vztahy a postoje rodiny a jejího sociálního okolí. Čím komplexnější je obrázek rodinné situace, tím větší pravděpodobnost, odhalení týrání nebo zneužívání dítěte. Proto jsem se snažila sebrat co nejvíce poznatků o oběti, pachateli i rodině, ve které k týrání dochází. Jedním z problémů, na který jsem během zpracovávání práce narazila, byly protichůdné názory odborníků na některé aspektů, zejména predispozic určitých lidí nebo rodin ke zvýšenému riziku vzniku týrání nebo zneužívání. Jsou to například rozdílné výsledky studií opírající se o teorii...

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