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Communication with elderly people with dementia in nursing care
Novotná, Michaela ; Kutnohorská, Jana (advisor) ; Vachková, Eva (referee)
Institution: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové Department of Non-Medical Studies Title: Communication with elderly people with dementia in nursing care Supervisor: doc. PhDr. Jana Kutnohorská, CSc. Number of pages: 107 Number of appendices: 15 Year of defense: 2023 Keywords: Communication, elderly, dementia, ethics, dignity, nursing staff, nursing care, burnout syndrome Bachelor thesis focuses on the communication of nursing staff with elderly people with dementia in nursing care. It deals with communication with respect to human dignity, and also looks at the prevention of burnout syndrome. The basis of the bachelor's thesis is a quantitative research on the way of communication of nursing staff with elderly people with dementia syndrome and methods of staff's respite from work. The personnel studied are direct nursing care workers in hospitals and homes for the elderly in a total of 11 facilities (4 hospitals and 7 homes for the elderly) in the Hradec Králové region.
Hoof disease in dairy cows
NOVOTNÁ, Michaela
The bachelor's thesis is focused on a globally problematic topic, which is hoof disease in dairy cows. The theoretical part discusses the anatomy and physiology of the thoracic and pelvic limbs, as well as the influences that affect the structure and diseases of the hoof. Infectious and non-infectious hoof diseases and prevention are also written in this chapter. In the practical part, the number of sick dairy cows and types of hoof diseases were monitored in the company AGRA Březnice a.s. 804 cows were monitoredover a period of three years, from January 2018 to December 2020. During this observation, it was found that dermatitis and ulcer diseases of the hoofs are the most common in breeding. Hoof disease affects around 50 % of dairy cows in all lactations. In sick cows, milk yield is reduced.
Diverzita vířníků tůní CHKO Kokořínsko - Máchův kraj: změny druhového složení po jedenácti letech (2006-2017)
NOVOTNÁ, Michaela
The aim of this thesis was to describe taxonomic diversity of rotifers of pools within the Protected Landscape Area Kokořínsko - Máchův kraj during three seasons in 2006 and 2017 and to attempt to find an interaction between environmental factors and taxonomic diversity. Thesis also deals with beta diversity partitioning as a measure of (dis)similarity of rotifer assemblages.
Proposal and generalisation of follow-up care of reclaimed sludge-lagoon areas.
NOVOTNÁ, Michaela
The purpose of my dissertation is to analyse the state of reclaimed sludge-lagoon areas, to suggest the system of follow-up care including the extensive exploitation of these areas and to examine their integration into the countryside.
Assisted reproduction - legal and ethical aspects
Novotná, Michaela ; Salač, Josef (advisor) ; Šustek, Petr (referee)
Assisted reproduction - legal and ethical aspects Abstract This master's thesis discusses legal and ethical aspects of assisted reproduction. The aim of this thesis is to describe current legislation governing assisted reproduction, evaluate whether such legislation is able to meet the needs of modern society and also to discuss possible amendments thereof necessary for establishing a reasonable and effective legal system. With respect to the fact that assisted reproduction still represents a controversial topic among the general public, this thesis also deals with related ethical aspects and mentions the most contentious topics debated both in the Czech Republic and worldwide. This thesis is divided into six chapters. The first chapter explains the term assisted reproduction and describes its main principles, methods and procedures along with conditions for assisted reproduction including infertility. The second chapter of this thesis is more practical and focuses on topics related to providing assisted reproduction, such as who may provide said medical service or who may be the recipient thereof. The question of financing this medical service and its connection with the public health insurance system is also reflected. The third chapter is aimed at donorship of gametes and related aspects including...
The effect of phosphorylation in the regulation of Rho-GTPases
Novotná, Michaela ; Rösel, Daniel (advisor) ; Hála, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on regulating of the activity of the Rho GTPases. Rho GTPases are important signalling proteins that are involved in regulation of many cellular processes, for example dynamic cytoskeleton changes (especially actin fibres) associated with cell adhesion and migration, vesicle trafficking or cell cycle. The activity of the Rho GTPases is primarily regulated by other proteins affecting the presence GTP/GDP or by posttranslational modifications. This thesis is focused on a narrow section of these modifications, namely phosphorylations. Phosphorylation of the Rho GTPases affects for example their activity, localization, or degradation. Understanding the mechanism of regulation of Rho GTPase activity is important for comprehension of cellular processes. Rho GTPases are involved, for example, in tumour cell invasiveness. By studying Rho GTPases and their regulation, it is possible to better target potential treatment or even prevent the occurrence of the metastases.
Extracurricular activities for children and youth with autism spectrum disorders
Novotná, Michaela ; Opekarová, Olga (advisor) ; Šiška, Jan (referee)
Diplomová práce seznamuje s jednotlivými symptomy a typy pervazivních vývojových poruch. Předkládá možnosti využití široké škály různých přístupů či programů při práci s těmito žáky. Věnuje se hře ve spojení s poruchami autistického spektra a s využitím volného času v rámci školy, rodiny či projektu. Práce nastiňuje jednotlivá úskalí mimoškolních aktivit dětí a mládeže s poruchami autistického spektra. Zdůrazňuje, jakou významnou pozici mimoškolní aktivity v životě dětí a mládeže zastupují a jak důležité jsou pro všestranný rozvoj. Dále mapuje volnočasové aktivity, kterým se věnují děti a mládež s poruchami autistického spektra v rámci rodiny, školy a nejrůznějších projektů. Nedílnou součástí mimoškolních činností se stává hra, kterou lze využít jako jednu z možných forem práce s dětmi a mládeží s poruchami autistického spektra. Volný čas a hra se také prolíná návrhem projektu, který je součástí diplomové práce. Projekt nese název: "Společná škola v přírodě".
Topics and Experiments relating to a Healthy Lifestyle for primary and secondary school
Novotná, Michaela ; Šulcová, Renata (advisor) ; Štěpánková, Jitka (referee)
Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Science Department of Teaching and Didactics of Chemistry Hlavova 8, Prague 2 Topics and Experiments relating to a Healthy Lifestyle for primary and secondary school Bc. Michaela Novotná The theme worked up in this diploma thesis was Topics and Experiments relating to a Healthy Lifestyle for Primary and Secondary Schools. Taking into the consideration the subject theme the rules of healthy foods and healthy lifestyle were justified. Next, the results of non-observation were limited and the illnesses, relating to this topic, were characterized. The theoretic summary was worked up in such a manner to be used by teachers as hard base for possible explanation of this theme in chemistry and biology education. The analysis of final works of the same theme was made according to criterions which were stated in advance. Next, the experiments were proposed. These experiments are for students of primary and secondary schools. The templates to the experiments are the part of the diploma thesis. The questionnaire research was worked up in the secondary school. This research shows the relation of young people to the healthy lifestyle.

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