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Communication cards for neonatal departments
Tintěrová, Anna ; Novotná, Jana (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Sandra (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the production of educational material for neonatal wards in order to improve communication between medical staff and the individual who takes care of a newborn. The cards are described in four different languages to be useful not only for Czech-speaking residents of Czech Republic. The thesis uses qualitative methodology. The theoretical part is divided into four chapters that explain the concept of communication, discuss pictograms as a form of communication and multicultural nursing. It continues with basic care of the physiological newborn, while in the last chapter we deal with concepts from neonatology, such as Bonding and the rooming-in system. The practical part describes the production of communication cards and their following use in practice. Key words: communication, pictograms, physiological newborn care, multicultural nursing
Methods for a computation of the optimal value range in interval linear programming
Král, Ondřej ; Hladík, Milan (advisor) ; Novotná, Jana (referee)
This thesis is about the problem of searching an interval that enclose all op- timal values of the objective function in interval linear programming, so called the optimal value range. The solution to this problem is sometimes reduced to solving just a few linear programs but in general it is a hard problem. Af- ter we get familiar with interval arithmetics and when we extend it to linear programming, we define important sets and their properties, B-stability and other connected subproblems. We will extend B-stability to generalized interval linear programming and we will examine methods for computing the optimal value range and we will compare them numerically on random systems. The goal is to implement all mentioned methods in MATLAB/INTLAB and based on numerical results provide one function that will solve this problem, possible efficiently. 1
Expressions with variables with the help of agebraic tiles
Konrádová, Lenka ; Vondrová, Naďa (advisor) ; Novotná, Jarmila (referee)
The diploma with the help of algebraic tiles thesis focuses on teaching expressions with variables in the eighth grade in middle school. It is divided into theoretical and experimental parts. A particular chapter is devoted to an analysis of selected textbooks. First of all, the aim of this thesis was to analyse mathematics textbooks from the perspective the algebraic expressions. Some knowledge acquired thanks to the textbook analysis was used for my own educational experiment, whose preparation, realisation and assessment were the second objective of this thesis. The theoretical part provides a look at expressions with variables in curricular documents. Thereafter the pillars of teaching algebraic expressions are presented. This part is completed by the classification of errors made by students in relation to the topic. An analysis of selected textbooks follows the theoretical part. The core of this thesis is the experimental part, where teaching is based on constructivist principles. The preparation of the course explains the manipulation of the algebra tiles used during the lessons. After the teaching experiments, we may conclude that the application of algebra tiles helps students get into the environment of algebraic expressions, improves the understanding of the rules of manipulations with...
Ekonomické srovnání semenářské produkce jetelovin a obilnin
Novotná Škarková, Jana
This bachelor thesis is concerned with economic comparison of legume and cereal seed production. The comparison is carried out with data of growing kidney vetch and spring wheat at an organic farm. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the importance of growing legumes, the history of legume seed production in the Czech Republic, and methods of forage legume seed production. The following parts of this chapter deal with kidney vetch and with the description of evaluation tools: contribution margin and SWOT analysis. The practical part of the thesis is focused on the farm that supplied the data used in the analysis, on management of production of two considered crops, and on prices used in the evaluation. The results of economic comparison are described at the end of this part together with the SWOT analysis of legume seed production in the Czech Republic. The economic comparison shows that legumes can provide more significant contribution to the economy of the farm than cereals.
Návrh svozové trasy odpadu s využitím algoritmů pro řešení úlohy obchodního cestujícího
Novotná, Jana
This diploma thesis deals with the optimization of collection routes of separated waste in Velké Meziříčí. This waste is collected by the Technical Services VM s.r.o. The solution is designed using the well-known Traveling salesman problem method and the proposed algorithm is a combination of these methods. The algorithm is designed to work in the Maple algebraic system and the data were analysed using ArcGIS and Statistica. Gradual development and functionality of the algorithm is represented by resulting separate waste collection routes.
Receivables Management in Bank
Letovská, Lucie ; Novotná, Jana (referee) ; Pěta, Jan (advisor)
The Bachelor Thesis deals with issue of receivables management in a commercial bank. The thesis contains a theoretical part, which focuses on defining the basic concepts related to receivables management. The analytical part deals with the current situation in the field of receivables management in the bank. Draft part describes its own proposals for solutions to improve the current management of receivables in the bank.
Estimating soil effective grain size by EIS apparatus
Chládová, Zuzana ; Novotná, Jitka (referee) ; Pařílková, Jana (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the use of electrical impedance spectrometry and its possible application in the estimation of effective particle size of soil. The grain size curve of each soil sample was obtained by using the sieve analysis and aerometric method after which the effective particle size for each sample was determined. Thereafter the frequency analyzes of samples were performed under laboratory conditions using Z-meter. The results showed that it is possible to infer effective particle size when the frequency analysis is performed for example during field measurement. This research was carried out as part of the project E!7614 of the EUREKA program.

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