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Attitudes toward Health and Illness in Muslim World
NOVOTNÁ, Dominika
This master thesis researches the perception of health and illness in the Muslim world. It aims to map out specific viewpoints related to health and disease within this context. The research is guided by four key questions: How do Muslims perceive the value of health?, How do Muslims perceive illness?, What was their views on healthcare provided by the public health system, and what expectations do they have?, What has been their experience with the care they received? Did it meet their expectations? The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on three main areas: transcultural nursing care, Islam, and specific considerations in treatment of Muslim patients. Each area introduces fundamental concepts that are subsequently explored in the research section. Hence, the theoretical part covers the concept of the "rising sun" model, the theory of care, and the importance of understanding cultural nuances. In the second part, the thesis focuses on terms relevant to Islam, including the Prophet Muhammad, the Quran, and the five pillars of Islam. The final section discusses theories related to caring for Muslim patients, emphasizing communication, respect for personal space, attitudes toward health and illness, and unique particularities. The empirical part of the thesis was elaborated through qualitative research using semi-structured interviews. A total of twenty-two questions were posed to six Muslim participants residing in the Czech Republic. These interviews provided valuable data for further exploration. The interviews were recorded, transcribed, and analyzed using a pen-and-paper method. The results of the entire research study were categorized into four main areas, containing a total of fourteen subcategories. These findings provide comprehensive insights into the perception of health and illness in the Muslim world, as well as aspects related to prevention and the public healthcare system. It was proved by the study that the public healthcare system in the Czech Republic is highly regarded by Muslims, who can rely on its services. However, a significant challenge lies in the insufficient cultural competence of healthcare personnel when providing care to patients who adhere to Islam. Based on the collected and analyzed data, educational materials have been developed. These materials aim to enhance the knowledge of healthcare professionals, enabling them to understand the fundamental specifics of caring for Muslim patients. By doing so, healthcare providers can proactively address potential issues, improve the patient experience during their stay in healthcare facilities, and offer valuable support during challenging life situations.
Physiotherapy in dysmenorrhea
Novotná, Dominika ; Havlíčková, Michaela (advisor) ; Ježková, Martina (referee)
Bibliographical report NOVOTNÁ, Dominika. Physiotherapy in dysmenorrhea. Prague: Charles University, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, 2022. 110 pages, 7 attachments. Thesis supervisor Mgr. Michaela Havlíčková. Abstract The theme of this bachelor's thesis is dysmenorrhea, one of a common problems in women. Physiology of the menstrual cycle and the effect of sex hormones on the female body, description and pathogenesis of primary and secondary dysmenorrhea, pain and its connection to the cycle are all included in the theoretical part as well as functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system typically found in patients suffering from dysmenorrhea. Theoretical part then stresses the importance of differential diagnosis between primary and secondary dysmenorrhea and is concluded by a summary of individual methods and concepts used in the therapy of both primary and, if possible, secondary dysmenorrhea. Knowledge from the theoretical part is then used in the practical part: case report of a patient with primary dysmenorrhea which contains of kinesiological analysis and therapy using selected methods of physical therapy. Keywords Primary dysmenorrhea, secondary dysmenorrhea, menstrual cycle, pain, physiotherapy . I agree the thesis paper to be lent within the library...
Possibilities of Using Regional Objects for Technical Excursions at Primary School
NOVOTNÁ, Dominika
This diploma thesis is focused on selected technical monuments in the Pelhřimov region and their aplication in teaching at primary school. The theoretical part of thesis is focussed on technical education and its aims of education at primary school, activating learning methods, its classification and characterization. Next part concern of Framework Educational Programme for Basic Education in the area Humans and Their World and Humans and Their World of Work, there are characteristics of selected object of Pelhřimov region. The project part will introduce particular excursions for primary school pupils. Some of them were verified at school, some of them online but some have not been verified due to coronavirus pandemic situation. The diploma thesis contains of preparations of excursions which were verified and worksheets and its correct solutions.
Poor posture in school-age children and possibilities of physiotherapeutical influence
NOVOTNÁ, Dominika
This bachelor's thesis deals with poor posture of school-age children and the possibilities of physiotherapeutic influence. Poor posture is becoming more and more topical and number of children with poor posture is increasing. One of the most common causes is the inappropriate lifestyle of today's children, when children spend most of the day sitting at school and then at home at the computer or television. The bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system, more precisely the spine, pelvis and legs. The next chapter describes correct and defective posture, how defective posture can be investigated and factors influencing poor posture. The last chapter of the theoretical part contains the characteristics of school age. The main goal of this bachelor's thesis is to design our own exercise unit for school-age children with poor posture, which is then used for exercise with three probands with poor posture. This exercise unit was processed into an educational brochure and attached to the bachelor's thesis. A partial goal of the work is the analysis of the most common causes of poor posture of children and another partial goal is to propose prevention of this problem. The practical part was carried out in the form of qualitative research. The research includes three school-age probands with whom the therapy was done according to my proposed exercise unit. The practical part contains anamnesis, initial kinesiological analysis and descriptions of individual therapies. The therapies took place from the beginning of February 2020 to the middle of April 2020, when a joint therapy took place every week and the rest of the week the probands had to train at home according to the exercise brochure and exercises they learned on the therapy. All patients have improved, so research shows that therapy for children with poor posture is beneficial, but probands must continue the learned exercise to improve their posture significantly. This work can be used as an educational material for children and parents, or in the clinical practice of physiotherapists.
Matrimonial Property Regimes
Novotná, Dominika ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jan (referee)
1 Abstract: Matrimonial Property Regimes This rigorosum thesis addresses marital property rights in the broadest sense as encompassed by Act 89/2012 Sb., Civil Code, as amended. Chapter One gives a historical background of marital property rights. From a historical point of view, however, community property comes to the forefront and it is its historical development that is paramount to our understanding joint ownership. I first discuss Roman law, as it created the legal basis for joint ownership. I then go on to discuss in more detail the individual civil codes and related laws that have been in force in the Czech Republic since the so-called Josephine Code, which came into effect in 1787. The Josephine Code was followed by Imperial Patent No. 946/1811 Sb., General Civil Code, which was in effect in the Czechoslovak Republic until it was replaced by Act No. 141/1950 Sb., Civil Code. New Family Act No. 265/1949 Sb. also came into effect. Act No. 40/1964 Sb., Civil Code was adopted together with new Family Act No. 94/1963 Sb. and was subsequently replaced in 2014 by Act No. 89/2012 Sb., Civil Code. Based on the applicable Civil Code, community property can be viewed as a legal regime, contractual regime or a regime established by a decision of the court. The second chapter of this rigorosum thesis addresses...
Case Study: Comparison of Interpreting at Nuremberg Trials (1945-1946) and at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (1993-2017)
Novotná, Dominika ; Čeňková, Ivana (advisor) ; Mračková Vavroušová, Petra (referee)
The thesis deals with the comparison of interpreting at international criminal tribunals in the past and present. This is a comparison outlined by the Nuremberg Trials and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. First, the case study focuses on the characteristics of conference interpreting in the Nuremberg trials, followed by the characteristics of interpreting in the case of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The thesis provides a historical overview, characteristics of interpreting, defines the role and position of an interpreter in the past and now and focuses on possible changes in interpreting supported by the development of the society. Not only the existing documents and published sources are used, but a questionnaire survey is conducted with professional interpreters, who worked at the tribunal in The Hague.
Pacta Sunt Servanda in Recent Civil Law
Novotná, Dominika ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
1 Pacta Sunt Servanda in Recent Civil Law Abstract The thesis deals with the brocard of pacta sunt servanda and its application in the current Czech civil law. After a brief explanation of the historical circumstances and a concise description of the historical development of private law in Czechia, the first chapter outlines the establishment and the practical confirmation of the pacta sunt servanda principle in the judicial rulings of the Czech Constitutional Court after year 1990. The second chapter analyzes the natural law doctrines that have informed the authors of the Civil Code in drafting the law, including the principle of pacta sunt servanda. The third chapter of the thesis reviews the practical expression of the principle that agreements must be kept, and promises are binding in the applicable provisions of the Civil Code. The freedom of contract is one of the essential tenets of the private law, which gives parties freedom to decide whether to enter into a contract, with whom and the freedom to decide (acting in mutual respect of the equal autonomy of the persons involved) about the contents of the contract. But the freedom is also accompanied by responsibility. One of the possible consequences of the pacta sunt servanda principle is a party's duty to negotiate with care and not to lead a...

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