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The Legacy of Antiquity, and Jewellery Historical and Contemporary(Glyptic Patterns; Ways of Rendering a Theme)
Matějovič, Petja ; Konečný, Lubomír (advisor) ; Cogan, Miroslav (referee) ; Nováková, Kateřina Nora (referee)
1 PhDr. Petra Matějovičová Thesis The Legacy of Antiquity, and Jewellery Historical and Contemporary (glyptic patterns; ways of rendering a theme) Abstract This thesis examines historical and contemporary jewellery, and specifically the ways in which jewellery bears meanings. To demonstrate these ways it uses formal patterns, motifs and themes in jewellery that are part of the legacy of antiquity. The thesis attempts to devise strategies for presenting jewellery's potential to an audience that has not previously been addressed by work of this kind, or has focused on a specific segment of jewellery. Inspiration from antiquity can be considered an attractive prism that is appropriate for the task in hand. The thesis avoids any categorising of jewellery according to the degree of its creators' input or any kind of ambitions (primarily it does not follow any definitions such as artist jewellery, studio jewellery, unique jewellery or conventional jewellery). It includes jewellery as a material object or objects and jewellery that does not possess this characteristic. The thesis considers and classifies jewellery according to a number of keys, although chronology is not one of them. Characteristics of Jewellery, an introductory chapter outlining as many factors as possible that are responsible for jewellery's...
Methodology of collecting and preserving the design of Czechoslovak glass and costume jewellery 1948–1989
Nový, Petr ; Nováková, Kateřina Nora ; Hrušková, Kateřina ; Havlíčková, Dagmar
The methodology deals with the issue of collecting and preserving the design of Czechoslovak glass and costume jewellery from the period 1948–1989, specifically a wide range of manual and automatic commercial decorated and undecorated utilitarian glass and finished costume jewellery made of glass, metal, plastic and other materials, including prototypes. It does not include other branches of the glass industry and crafts (flat glass, packaging glass, laboratory glass, glass fibres, glass mosaics and stained glass, author's glass and author's jewellery). It provides information that will facilitate and at the same time improve the dating and description of products created in a defined period. It offers instructions for the systematization of qualified active collection, including information necessary for the appropriate care of collection items obtained in this way. The design of Czechoslovak glass and costume jewellery during the socialist period cannot be viewed in a competent manner and processed as a collection without knowledge of the essential organizational landmarks that accompanied the fields of glass and costume jewellery. These changes brought about the disappearance of old and the emergence of new brands or trademarks and are therefore important for orientation when trying to date objects, or they conditioned technological changes that are essential for describing the method of production. This information is therefore an integral part of the methodology, as well as comprehensive overview appendices.
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