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Minhagic tradition of Cochin Jews
Nováková, Josefína ; Lyčka, Milan (advisor) ; Ondračka, Lubomír (referee)
This work focuses on the Jewish community which settled in South Western Indian region of Malabar Coast and the town of Cochin. Although it's uncertain when the community actually formed, it has been proven that it had spent at least one millennium in India. During this time the Jews adapted to the local environment through the appropriation of certain cultural customs. According to some researchers, this adaptation was to take place (save for one exception) in accordance with the Jewish normative law halakha , only through the so-called minhagic tradition. In this work I explore the rigidity of categories of halakhic and minhagic tradition in the context of the Cochin Jewish community. I focus mainly on the holidays of Passover, Simchat Torah and the division of the community into internal endogamous subgroups, likely following the example of Indian castes. I describe the form of these customs before and after the migration to Israel, which took place en masse in the second half of the 20th century. Based on the description of customs transformation and their categorization into halakhically correct or incorrect, I try to outline how these categories are contextual and variable. Powered by TCPDF (
Morphological and syntactic charakteristics of the expressions half and quarter
Nováková, Anna Josefína ; Synková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Adam, Robert (referee)
1 Abstract This bachelor's thesis aims to provide a morphological and syntactical analysis of Czech expressions půl "a half"and čtvrt "a quarter". The first part deals with the description and characteristics of numerals in specialized literature, with focus on the explored expressions, and it then proceeds to define the research questions (e. g. to what extent are the forms frozen; forms of the noun denoting the counted object (JPP) etc.), which are then explored in the practical part, using corpus analysis. The data used in the analysis are taken from the SYN2015 corpus. The analysed sample contains 1 000 of the čtvrt lemmas and the same number of the půl lemmas. The analysis shows that the expressions resemble one another in several aspects: e. g. the low number of non-frozen forms (e. g. do půli stehna "halfway up/down the thigh"); JPP have mostly genitive form in direct cases (e. g. půl dne "a half of a day", čtvrt měsíce "a quarter of a month"); and in indirect cases, the form of JPP is mostly dependent on higher sentence structure (e. g. s půl dnem "with a half of a day", o čtvrt roce "about a quarter of a year"), and they have the same predicate agreement like the numerals of the pět "five" type (e. g. půl roku uplynulo "half a year passed", čtvrt koláče zbylo "a quarter of the pie is left"). But...
Perception of strengths and difficulties with children with the risk of development of literacy struggles
Nováková, Josefína ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
This bachelor thesis was executed by data collection within the ELDEL project in form of a questionnaire SDQ (Goodman, 1999). This questionnaire was designed by a pediatric neurologist and psychiatrist Robert Goodman, who expanded earlier created questionnaire for parents by Michael Rutter (Rutter scale for completion by parents - A scale). This questionnaire aimed for parents with children with specific language impairment, children with family risk of Dyslexia and children with typical development. SQD questionnaire was a part of a battery, which parents underwent within the ELDEL project. The aim of this bachelor thesis was to find out, whether there is a statistically significant difference in the parents perception of their children between individual groups. In the individual scales, which are included in the SDQ questionnaire, in the overall score or between the score of individual groups. There were 133 children in the experimental sample, which this bachelor thesis examines. These children were divided into 3 groups based on information retrieved from their parents. After the testing, the placement of each individual was adjusted based on acquired data. After the data evaluation a quantitative analysis was used, which uncovered that there are statistically significant differences in the...

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