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Oral care of patients with intermaxillary fixation
Nováková, Anna ; Borovec, Jiří (advisor) ; Hájek, Pavel (referee)
Title: Oral care of patients with intermaxillary fixation The bachelor's thesis deals with various types of intermaxillary fixations (IMF) from the point of view of a dental hygienist. It focuses on their advantages and disadvantages in regard to the implementation of dental aids. The thesis is enriched with by its own practical investigation of the state of oral care in patients with IMF and a comprehensive view of the orthognathic patient during their course of IMF treatment. The result is practical leaflets, designed to simplify the selection of the right aids for a given type of fixation ensuring optimal care, for patients and maxillofacial surgeons. Keywords: dental hygiene, intermaxillary fixation, orthognathic operation
The Suffering of Prince Sternenhoch from the point of view of narratology
Nováková, Anna ; Heczková, Libuše (advisor) ; Šebek, Josef (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with a prosaic text from Czech writer and philosopher Ladislav Klíma The Suffering of Prince Sternenhoch from the narratogical point of view. Firstly, it introduces its metodology. Thereafter, the thesis will try to bring nearer The Suffering of Prince Sternenhoch and to quote the informations about the genesis of the text, about its former reception and its latter adaptations. The main part of this thesis is a narratological analysis with the main focus on characters, narrator, focalization, time and space. The thesis concludes, that the focalization is the most important in the narrative of The Suffering of Prince Sternenhoch. This focalizations is also the reason why the text shows some similarities with the modern texts.
Annotated translation: Chapters Problem Müll (p. 13-25) and Textilien und Kleidung (p. 153-161). Ein Leben ohne Müll - Mein Weg mit Zero-Waste by Olga Witt. Tectum Verlag 2019.
Nováková, Anna ; Kloudová, Věra (advisor) ; Mračková Vavroušová, Petra (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the translation of two chapters from the book Ein Leben ohne Müll: Mein Weg mit Zero Waste by a German author Olga Witt. The translation aims to introduce the recipient to the problems of waste management and a more sustainable lifestyle. The second part of the thesis is a commentary on the translation. It consists of translation analysis of the initial text based on the model of Christiane Nord, description of translation method, translation problems and shifts in the translation.
Krajina v pohraničí a její specifika
Nováková, Anna
The bachelor thesis is focused on landscape in Czech-Polish borderlands. Selected areas of the Giant Mountains were specified. Furthermore there were compared some examples of economic activities and ongoing cooperation. At first the region of the Giant Mountains was described in detail. There were used except book research comparative method as well and the method of field research. Research shows that the Giant Mountains landscape is significantly influenced by human activity nevertheless unique plant association and animal species are associated with this landscape. Territory management is adapted to this situation. It was found out that the cooperation between the Polish administration of the Giant Mountains National Park and the Czech administration of the Giant Mountains National Park is intensively under way and the cooperation is on a very high level. Both managements closely cooperate on the unique of this landscape and they try to keep sustainable tourist industry in the Giant Mountains territory.
Vliv zemědělské mechanizace na zvěř a možnosti předcházení negativním dopadům
Nováková, Anna
The thesis is focused on agricultural mechanization and its negative influence on game. At the beginning of the work, it is discussed the importance of biodiversity in agroecosystems, about game and the differences between conventional and organic farming. Furthermore I analyzed the legislation on farmers' requirements for agricultural machinery. In the practical part of the thesis, there were evaluated the most used methods of game protection. The methodology for application thermal imaging camera was created. Based on the methodology was done field research of using modern technologies for the search and subsequent protection of young game from agricultural machinery. The research was done on selected sites of soil blocks. Subsequently, the effectiveness of this method, browsing areas with a thermal imaging camera to protect game from agricultural machinery, was evaluated. It has been proven that we can identify game by a thermal imaging camera and take measures to prior injury and killing of the game based on methodology.
Morphological and syntactic charakteristics of the expressions half and quarter
Nováková, Anna Josefína ; Synková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Adam, Robert (referee)
1 Abstract This bachelor's thesis aims to provide a morphological and syntactical analysis of Czech expressions půl "a half"and čtvrt "a quarter". The first part deals with the description and characteristics of numerals in specialized literature, with focus on the explored expressions, and it then proceeds to define the research questions (e. g. to what extent are the forms frozen; forms of the noun denoting the counted object (JPP) etc.), which are then explored in the practical part, using corpus analysis. The data used in the analysis are taken from the SYN2015 corpus. The analysed sample contains 1 000 of the čtvrt lemmas and the same number of the půl lemmas. The analysis shows that the expressions resemble one another in several aspects: e. g. the low number of non-frozen forms (e. g. do půli stehna "halfway up/down the thigh"); JPP have mostly genitive form in direct cases (e. g. půl dne "a half of a day", čtvrt měsíce "a quarter of a month"); and in indirect cases, the form of JPP is mostly dependent on higher sentence structure (e. g. s půl dnem "with a half of a day", o čtvrt roce "about a quarter of a year"), and they have the same predicate agreement like the numerals of the pět "five" type (e. g. půl roku uplynulo "half a year passed", čtvrt koláče zbylo "a quarter of the pie is left"). But...
Railway Crossings
Nováková, Anna-Marie ; Hoza, Miroslav (referee) ; Svoboda, Richard (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the railway crossings problem from the point of meaning of all available legislation. In this work I tried to find out whether all available legislative resources for railway crossings design are identical in their interpretation, as ambiguity of these resources could confuse drivers of vehicles and lead to the big number of traffic accidents. To solve this problem I analyzed all available legislative resources. I determined the most important chapters which context might be interpreted in a different way. Furthermore, I investigated which specific legislative resources deal with the problem and then compared it individually. By completion of this work I figured out that the most important chapters of existing legislative resources don’t contain ambiguity in railway crossing design.
Prevention of civilization diseases by the eyes of generation 50+
Introduction: The diploma thesis deals with the topic of prevention of civilization diseases by the eyes of the generation 50+. The incidence of civilization diseases in the Czech Republic is still on the rise. Therefore, the timely and consistent prevention is essential, especially in the areas of healthy eating, appropriate physical activity, and prevention of stress or risky behaviour. Aim: The aim of this work is to point out the knowledge of generation 50+ in the Hradec Králové Region on the risks and prevention of civilization diseases, the generation's attitude to prevention, how they assess their health condition and how they describe their own lifestyle. Methodology: A qualitative approach using a semi-structured interview was used in the research. The research sample consisted of 24 informants at the age of 51 to 79 years. Of these, 16 were women and 8 men. Results: The results showed that the generation 50+ in the Hradec Králové Region has certain knowledge in the area of prevention. Most informants think that the civilization diseases are specific diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, oncological diseases or diabetes mellitus. In the area of risk factors, the informants predominantly correctly included risk factors for the development of civilization diseases. The most frequently mentioned factors were the lifestyle risk factors, especially diet, physical activity and risky behaviour such as smoking or alcohol. Regarding the area of prevention, most informants think it is important, but not all informants go to regular preventive examinations or preventive screening examinations. The change of opinion on prevention in informants changes with age and after the diagnosis of a disease. Among the informants, the information concerning prevention is most often obtained from doctors, the media or the press and to a lesser extent from general nurses. In the area of health, most informants emphasize the condition of being painless, self-sufficient and mobile. In the area of lifestyle, the research shows that most informants are not interested in a healthy lifestyle very much. However, they try to observe certain principles of a healthy lifestyle, especially in the area of appropriate eating and physical activity. Conclusion: The results indicate areas of prevention about which people should be repeatedly informed and alerted to their importance and possible consequences if they do not observe them. In particular, it is important to place greater emphasis on primary prevention, especially on lifestyle in the form of appropriate diet, physical activity, stress prevention and risky behaviour. Equally important is secondary prevention and preventive examinations and preventive screening examinations, and tertiary prevention, with a focus on eliminating or mitigating the consequences of diseases and improving the quality of life.
Horizontal transfer of mitochondria and its role in carcinogenesis
Nováková, Anna ; Neužil, Jiří (advisor) ; Rösel, Daniel (referee)
Mitochondria are essential organelles as they produce most ATP to support cellular activities, synthesize critical metabolic factors and are involved in lipid and phospholipid metabolism as well as calcium signalling. The oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) system, present at the inner mitochondrial membrane, plays role in regulation of cellular metabolism and survival of cancer cells. Recent studies show importance of OXPHOS in growth of cancer cells via regulation of the de novo pyrimidine synthesis pathway. Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH), a flavoprotein localized in the inner mitochondrial membrane, converts dihydroorotate (DHO) to orotate within the de novo pyrimidine synthesis pathway, generating electrons that are transferred, via redox- cycling of ubiquinone, to complex III (CIII) of respiratory chain. Since DHODH is functionally linked to CIII activity, impairment of respiration results in reduced activity of DHODH and pyrimidine synthesis. Therefore, mitochondrial damage or mutation in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) leads to decreased respiration, cancer cell proliferation and delay of tumour growth. As a compensation for damaged mitochondria, horizontal transfer of functional mitochondria from donor somatic cells to the mitochondria-damaged tumour cells was demonstrated. This...

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