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How does mycorrhiza protect the plant against phytoparasitic nematode Meloidogyne incognita?
Novák, Václav ; Janoušková, Martina (advisor) ; Řezáčová, Veronika (referee)
The nematode species Meloidogyne incognita is an important plant endoparasite. The infectious developmental stage infects plant roots in the soil to form pathological morphological formations - galls. The most widely used means of protecting crops from nematode infestation are chemical agents, nematocides. However, in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment, emphasis is being placed on finding new, sustainable solutions to combat the parasites. One of these could be to exploit the benefits of arbuscular mycorrhizae (AM), which include increased protection of plants against biotic stresses. This may be due, in addition to improved nutrient availability (especially phosphorus), to the induction of a systemic defence response, or to the interaction of AM fungi with other organisms in the rhizosphere. The main objective of this study was to describe the effect of AM on the resistance of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) to root parasite, the nematode Meloidogyne incognita. In three containerized greenhouse experiment the following was tested 1) the nutrient conditions for tomato cultivation with mycorrhiza, then 2) the effect of nematodes on growth and nutrient uptake by experimental plants, the interaction between nematodes and AM fungi in the root system, and 3) the effect of root...
Influence of waste glass in the alkali activated aluminosilicate
Novák, Václav ; Rovnaník, Pavel (referee) ; Bayer, Patrik (advisor)
Theoretical part of this work will be examine the most common materials from which geopolymers are produced and their alkaline activation and properties. In addition, the work will be examine glass itself and alkaline activation of glass. This paper also will be investigate possibilities of making geopolymers from glass or geopolymers with the addition of glass. In the experimental part geopolymers will be made and their basic material will be replaced with part of the glass. The mechanical properties and microstructure of these mixed geopolymers will be examined and how the glass influence the properties of these geopolymers.
Production of a rotating vessel
Novák, Václav ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Císařová, Michaela (advisor)
The thesis is concerned with the concept of an rotating vessel, that is a part of cotton candy machine. A drawing is cylindrical shape with circular a hole in the bottom, which is made of austenitic chrome-nickel steel 1.4301 with the thickness 1,5 mm. Due to the production volume 50 000 units per year, the pulling technology without wall thinning was choosen. The process of drawing will be performer in one operation. Due to calculated force, the ZHS 400 hydraulic press with a nominal force of 4 000 kN was chosen.
Effect of Grain Size of Waste Glass on Properties of Alkali Activated Aluminosilicate Composites
Novák, Václav ; Vyšvařil, Martin (referee) ; Bayer, Patrik (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the use of the waste glass with different fineness on alkali - activated composites, mainly based on slag and fly ash. The theoretical part is focused on materials that are most used for alkaline activation - slag, fly ash and their composites with waste glass. The theoretical part also deals with the alkaline activation of composites from these materials and the factors that influences the microstructure and properties of these composites. In the experimental part were prepared composites from slag and fly ash with a waste glass as substitute. These composites then have been examined on mechanical properties and microstructure, also how different fineness of glass influences these properties. Then it will be decided whether it is economically advantageous grinding waste glass to finer fractions
Living in Old Brno - architecture and urban study
Novák, Václav ; Sátora, Josef (referee) ; Kopáčik, Gabriel (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to find new forms of housing for socially excluded inhabitants of the Czech Republic. The proposed set of two buildings is located in the street Kopečná in the district of Staré Brno. The buildings are placed in the immediate vicinity and their functions are independent of each other. The first building provides both acute and long-term assistance and temporary accommodation for homeless people. Inside this building is a low threshold day centre, night shelter and sheltered housing. There is a hierarchy of different levels of sheltered housing created by specific dispositions, which cover the wide diversity of needs of the target group. The second object is a residential building providing accommodation in the concept of "housing first" ("housing first"). Inside the building there are sheltered workshops (cafe, bakery and bicycle repair shop) provides the employability skills and social flats serves as a pre independent living.
Land and duties register of the domain of Český Krumlov from the year 1445. A critical edition of the source
Novák, Václav ; Pátková, Hana (advisor) ; Bláhová, Marie (referee)
This paper presents complete transcription of a tax register from former Český Krumlov manor estate that had been written down to mark tax obligations of local vassals A.D. 1445, and is nowadays located in State Regional Archive Třeboň, branch Český Krumlov, fond Velkostatek Český Krumlov, signature I 7 Ralfa 186, ord. n. 63. The transcription follows the conventions of latin transcription of medieval texts set by Bohumil Ryba. The primary aim is to make the informational value of the source accessible, while searching for compromise between clear arrangement and the original structure. That is achieved by special signs and grafic features as per note of editor of this very paper. Keywords: tax register, 1445, transcription, Český Krumlov, House of Rosenberg, urbarium
Automatic combinations of feature templates
Dubovský, Jakub ; Novák, Václav (advisor) ; Vidová Hladká, Barbora (referee)
Searching for useful combinations of features and feature templates is not a simple task. Though combination is valuable tool for increasing accuracy of machine learning. This paper tries to suggest an algorithm for automatic search for useful combinations of categorical features and their templates. An attempt to use simulated annealing and modified genetic algorithm for search process is studied. Construction of evaluation function for assessing categorical feature template is present as well. Features and feature templates are combined separately and together. The best increase of accuracy reached by suggested procedures on datasets used is around 0.1 percentage points. Experiments were made just on two datasets. Thus further testing of algorithm on other datasets is needed to verify its usefulness in general. However experiments indicate that it can be considered as a base of usable algorithm. Simple command-line application is part of work. It was developed and used for experimentation.
An E-mail Client for J2ME Devices
Štefan, Martin ; Novák, Václav (advisor) ; Machek, Pavel (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to create an application for mobile devices supporting J2ME technology, that is intended for sending and retrieving email messages. Program is able to communicate with remote servers over POP3 and SMTP protocols either by socket, or by HTTP connection. The application can can also send a multipart messages. The attachmets for outgoing messages (audio, image and small video) can be loaded from the device's filesystem as well as those for incoming messages that can be saved there. There is a remote server application operating appropriate HTTP queries as a part of the work. Email addresses for the Recipient field can be loaded from the internal contact list. There can be more than one email account set.
Statistical language recognition
Toman, Josef ; Semecký, Jiří (advisor) ; Novák, Václav (referee)
This work deals with the application that uses the machine-learning methods for the automatic language and encoding recognition. Various topics related to the project are analysed here one by one. Brief descriptionof the application should give the reader an idea about the features andthe usage of the program. The n-gram language model, the EM-smoothing algorithm and the entropy is explained in the chapter about the statistical methods. Some implementation matters are subject of analysis, for example the data file format and the inner word representation using the trie. The interpretation of a vast set of experiments evaluating the precision of the application is included as well as a short summary of the possible usage of the software.

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