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Botanic Expansion
Netočný, Martin ; ŠIMŮNEK, Michal (advisor) ; LEDVINA, Josef (referee)
In the context of contamporary Czech science scene is nowadays possible to find several persons, whose activity is exceeding area of exact research. Projects realized by those people are in discours targed by primary focus of the field of their study, however by its quality often tend to interdiciplinar space. One of the main aspects which is possible to find in this kind of work is significant accent of aesthetic viewing of that problematic. Almost obsessive tension of this interdisciplinary thinking is present in work of botanic Jan Albert Šturma, whose science and artistic research is focused on expansive plants in European context. His activities are full of formal similarities with Czech underground scene of 60s and 70s, mostly happenings around bands The Primitives Group, Plastic People of the Universe and Dg. 307. Yet realized land art installations are typical by their intuitive unchained atmosphere and inclination to pseudosacral theme. This work aims to chart selected projects of Albert Šturma in the way of creative research and with use of participating observation method document the actual ones.
Control of polymer nanocomposite structure via magnetic field
Netočný, Martin ; Zbončák, Marek (referee) ; Jančář, Josef (advisor)
This work is dealing with usage of external magnetic field for controlled orientation of structures assembled from magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles in PMMA matrix processed via solvent casting method and further study of these created anisotropic structures and their influence on mechanical properties of composite material.
Organic electronics for biosensors
Netočný, Martin ; Vala, Martin (referee) ; Salyk, Ota (advisor)
In the first part are discussed the organic thin-film transistors and their possible use for chemical and biological sensors. Middle section discusses the electrical properties of OECT device in steady-state and transient behaviour and potential use of OECT for cell monitoring. The final experimental part deals with influence of temperature, aging, electrolyte environment and geometry on the function of OECT device.

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2 Netočný, Marek
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