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Volunteers, the international brigades and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939
Nedvěd, Jiří ; Nálevka, Vladimír (referee) ; Kvaček, Robert (advisor)
This thesis deals with the Czechoslovak volunteers of the International Brigades during the Spanish civil war 1936-1939. The maj or aim of the paper is to work up this topic wi thout the ideological obj ecti ves, which were until recently qui te common in the Czech (or Czechoslovak) writing about the volunteers. It is specially focused on those aspects, which were in the communist historiography the most distorted ones (e.g. the attitude of Soviet Union and the international communism to the Spanish war, the role of KSČ etc.). Therefore it is based primarily on the foreign scientific literature and the archive research. The first two chapters briefly discuss the history of the Spanish civil war and its international context as a necesarry background for the following analysis of the International Brigades. The former is concentrated on the inner (IISpanish") roots of the conflict and its development, more closely on the relations between the leading forces within the loyalist zone and on the dual role of Spanish communists. The latter then treats the international aspects of the civil war, which were of the main importance for its conclusion. It shows different attitudes of the major world Powers, both the intervention of the fascist dictatorships on the Francoist side and the nonintervention concept of the...
Dynamic spot analysis in the 2D electrophoresis gels images
Polášková, Lenka ; Provazník, Ivo (referee) ; Nedvěd, Jiří (advisor)
Práce shrnuje faktory a parametry, které ovlivňují výsledky 2D elektroforézy, se zaměřením na zpracování obrazu jako jeden ze způsobů snížení nesprávné interpretace jejích výstupů. Proces zpracování obrazu využívá jako zdroj dat především obrazů z opakovaných provedení téhož pokusu, neboli víceplik. Pomocí analýzy obrazů víceplik je možno pozorovat nebo korigovat změny jednoho pokusu a také porovnávat je s výstupy jiných pokusů. Cílem práce je poskytnout podporu specialistovi, který má na starosti popsat vlastnosti struktur nacházejících se v elektroforetických obrazech.
Processing of the outputs from 2D electrophoretic images analysis
Hromadová, Soňa ; Provazník, Ivo (referee) ; Nedvěd, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is concerned with the processing and images analysis of 2D electrophoretic gels. It consists of two parts. The first part contains a search application and the emergence of 2D electrophoretic gels. Furthermore the basic image processing and detection of spots. In the second part of the thesis is elaborated a program which evaluace the results and performing statistical analysis.
Fractal of DNA sequence data
Nedvěd, Jiří ; Čech, Petr (referee) ; Valla, Martin (advisor)
This project is looking for fractal structury in DNA sequence data, which be maped in square ACGT. First, this project is introduced in problematics of fractals and targeted on making of Sierpinski gasket. Second, the project is introduced in DNA and DNA sequence. Next is sketched now known fractal’s structures in DNA sequence data or fractal’s structure closed DNA sequence. Then will changed metod chaos game of Sierpinski gasket to square ACGT, in where will drawen map of DNA sequences. Next, these pictures will processed by Box Counting Method and Power Spectrum Method.
Processing of fractal genomic signals
Nedvěd, Jiří ; Provazník, Ivo (referee) ; Valla, Martin (advisor)
This diploma project is showen possibilities in classification of genomic sequences with CGR and FCGR methods in pictures. From this picture is computed classificator with BCM. Next here is written about the programme and its opportunities for classification. In the end is compared many of sequences computed in different options of programme.

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