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Myth as a Psychological Phenomenom and its Importance to the Modern Man from the Perspective of C. G. Jung.
Najbrt, Tomáš ; Vojtíšek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Šusta, Marek (referee) ; Slezáčková, Alena (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA EVANGELICKÁ TEOLOGICKÁ FAKULTA Dizertační práce MÝTUS JAKO PSYCHOLOGICKÝ FENOMÉN A JEHO VÝZNAM PRO MODERNÍHO ČLOVĚKA Z POHLEDU C. G. JUNGA Tomáš Najbrt Katedra religionistiky Vedoucí práce: doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Vojtíšek, Ph. D. Studijní program: Teologie Studijní obor: Historická teologie a teologie náboženství Praha 2020 Summary This work deals with three main areas: myth, human psychology and Carl Gustav Jung's personality. It deals with the contradiction between the rational evaluation of myth and its actual influence on shaping the ideas of the modern man about the world that surrounds him, and the creation of new myths in modern times. It shows the influence of myths containing archaic symbols and archetypes on the conscious and unconscious psychic processes of man and their interaction on the border of human psychology and psychology of religion. It also presents the possibilities of mythical and religious traditions for understanding the identity of modern man and his life.
Optimalizace investičního rozhodování v nábytkářské výrobě
Najbrt, Tomáš
The PhD thesis is dealing with solving, an optimization model of investment decision-making in furniture production. There are treated possibilities of financing investment projects when purchasing new technologies for furniture companies. The thesis follows possible ways how to find funds from the sale of the morally obsolete technology and use them as one part in ensuring the necessary fund for the investment. The thesis discusses the effect of machine hours as well as moral obsolence of machinery and equiptment on there price at a subsequent sale. A practical example demonstrates financing options depending on varions possibilities of the company to include a part of the depreciation of tangible fixed assets into the financing.
The Importance of Myth for Modern Man
Najbrt, Tomáš ; Balabán, Milan (advisor) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
"The Importance of myth for modern man" is a study which deals with myth and its importance for modern man. It describes several essential views on myth and indicates different types of myth and its interpretation. It tries to define modernity, modern society and modern man as a part of this society. There is a concrete example of historical myth: cosmogonic myth. It demonstrates context with conception of creation in general in different mythologies which work with theme of water and world formation from waters. This study evaluates importance of this myth for modern man. Example of unhistoric myth was defined and termed as "myth of Man". It tries to document, modern man needs myth as much as man of archaic society. Comparing of historical and unhistorical myth displays, that it is still a myth on principle, which has only different form. This work continues with general valuation of importance of myth for modern man. Study evaluates this importance as very serious and interprets myth as an integral part of human way of thinking about world and human being in this world. Powered by TCPDF (

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