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Meeting Crafts and Folk traditions in Kindergarten
The bachelor thesis deals with the issues of the practical use ofproject teaching in preschool education. In accordance with the objectives of the thesis the theoretical part of the thesis describes the current policy of the Czech Republic in the field of preschool education as well as the directions of its development defined within the 'Strategy of educational policy of the Czech Republic until 2030+' document. It includes the description of creating of necessary curricular documents and project teaching, especially its history, basic principles and methods. Within the practical part of the work an educational program focused on the issue of traditional folk activities and crafts was created and implemented. The program and especially its individual projects are described in detail there accompanied with a comprehensive evaluation of success of their implementation in teaching.
Faktory ovlivňující plodnosti planktonních korýšů v rybnících
Literature review deals with factors influencing fertility of planktonic crustaceans in fishponds. Zooplankton fertility alongside with abiotic and biotic conditions were investigated in the Dehtář, Klec, Kvítkovický and Rod fishponds in 2018. The obtained dataset describes and evaluates factors that are essential for the fertility of dominant species of planktonic crustaceans of the studied fishponds.
Aggressive behavior in children with autistic spectrum disorder
Nováková, Hana ; Sotáková, Hana (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
The bachelor thesis addresses the aggressive behaviour with children with autism spectrum disorder. A relatively wide range of manifestations of aggressive behaviour can be observed within the diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder. The aim of this thesis was to identify these manifestations along with their appearance rate. The thesis is devided into two parts - a theoretical one and an empirical one. The theoretical part deals with the question of problematic behaviour, mainly aggressive bahaviour. It further describes the autism spectrum disorder, classification of diagnoses, historical development of autism and the so called autism triad of impairments. The empirical part of the thesis presents a research aimed at identification of aggressive behaviour manifestations with children with autism spectrum disorder. The data were collected through a questionaire. The participant group was selected as parents of children with autism spectrum disroder.
Study of influence of hypromellose on eye drops weight
Nováková, Hana ; Šklubalová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Zatloukal, Zdeněk (referee)
STUDIUM VLIVU PŘÍSADY HYPROMELOSY NA HMOTNOST OČNÍCH KAPEK Hana Nováková Summary In this work, the influence of three factors on the weight of eye drops produced by the compressible plastic bottle: the dropper tip, the dispensing angle, and viscosity of the preparation was studied. All factors produced the significant effect (p  0.05). It was found that plastic tip with smaller diameter produced eye drops of lower weight in comparison to the rubber dropper tip with larger diameter. The change of dispensing angle from 90ř to 45ř led to the decrease in the drop weight produced by both dropper tips tested. Non-linear increase in drop weight was occurred when viscosity increased in consequence to the gradually increased concentration of the 0.00%-0.16%-0.25%-0.50%-0.75%-1.00% hypromellose (HPMC) solution. Statistically significant increase in the weight of the drops was detected for wetted dropper tips, either plastic or rubber, at 0.16% HPMC concentration which corresponded to viscosity of 3 mPas. In contrast, the weight of the drops produced by non-wetted dropper tips was increased above viscosity of 17 mPas corresponding to the 0.50% HPMC concentration.
The Transition of a Child between Nursery and Basic School
Nováková, Hana ; Kropáčková, Jana (advisor) ; Linková, Marie (referee)
The historical and current explanations of the terms school maturity, school readiness and the key competences are specified in the theoretical part of the thesis. Then the historical development of the school system in the territory of our republic is concisely described. The thesis also deals with the contemporary legislation concerning the child's admission to the basic school. Furthermore, it is also aimed at registering the children for the first grade of the basic school and as well comparing continuity of pre-primary and primary education systems in the Czech Republic with some in other countries. The practical part of the thesis is focused on the view of the public and as well specialists on readiness of children for school in the period of transition to the framework educational programmes. THE KEY WORDS preschool child, elementary school-age child, school maturity, readiness for school, key competences, postponement of compulsory school attendance, the nursery school, the basic school, the family, child's adaptation, registration of children for the first grade of basic school, educational and psychological guidance centre, pedagogical diagnostics Powered by TCPDF (
Reading comprehension in children with autism spectrum disorder in 6th and 9th grade
Nováková, Hana ; Sotáková, Hana (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
The submitted thesis deals with the matter of reading comprehension in pupils with autism spectrum disorders. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and empirical part. In the theoretical part we dealt with the issue of autism spectrum disorders, constituent diagnoses and the triad of disrupted areas. Further into thesis we presented the reader the fundamental cognitive theories which explain exhibitions within the range of autism spectrum disorders. Towards the end of thesis we dealt with reader's literacy with special emphasis on reading comprehension. The second part presents empirical research aimed at ascertainment of reading comprehension in pupils with autism spectrum disorders. The research sample consisted of sixth and ninth grade pupils diagnosed with Asperger syndrome from both primary and grammar school. The sample was supplemented with a control group which comprised intact pupils of the same grades. For the purposes of this study there were created new tests focusing on the level of reading comprehension. The first test aimed at reading comprehension with regard to silent reading, the second test observed reading comprehension in terms of loud reading. Methodology was further supplemented with the Strange Stories test ascertaining the level of theory of mind. The crucial part of...
Comparison of balance abillities of gymnasts and membres of attest group
Malotinová, Hana ; Nováková, Hana (advisor) ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (referee)
Title: Comparison of balance abilities of gymnasts and members of an attest group Abstract: This thesis deals with a question whether there is a difference between balance abilities of girls who attend themselves to gymnastics and those who do not. The girls compared were of 7 to 9 years of age. To thoroughly understand the term balance and to specify its place in the process of motoric learning, while using the measures gained from the two groups of girls, it was necessary to first gain a theoretical background from kinesiology, physiology and anatomy ofrelevant organs and systems. Aims: The aim of this work is to fmd out differences in balance abilities of girl gymnasts and an attest group of non-gymnasts, and to create a summary of theoretical knowledge ofbalance. Method: The method used was an inter-group comparison of stabilometric parametres gained by dynamografics. The measures thus gained were statistically analysed. Results: The results acknowledged differences in balance abilities of girl gymnasts and an attest group ofnon-gymnasts. Key words: Balance abilities, posture, stabilometrics, girl gymnastics, physiology of systems and anatomy of organs supporting balance.
Lateral root and their origin
Nováková, Hana ; Soukup, Aleš (advisor) ; Sekereš, Juraj (referee)
The origin of lateral roots is one of the determinants of the structure of the overall architecture of the root system of plants. Individual plant species differs in point of initiation of lateral roots in the longitudinal and transverse plane of the parent root. This paper briefly summarizes the findings relating to the establishment and development of lateral roots in the model of plant Arabidopsis thaliana and on the sample of several species of ferns and monocots and dicots of literature outlines the variability that manifests itself especially during initiation of lateral roots. The ferns initiation site located in the endodermis of the parent root, for other species to form the lateral root primordium of pericycle cells that are found in a certain position in relation to vascular elements in the central cylinder of the parent root. Another highly variable factor in the development of lateral root initiation site is the distance from the root apical meristem, which is related to the place of the auxin signal competent cells and also the rate of growth and progress of cells from the parent root apical meristem. Powered by TCPDF (

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