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Non-marital fertility and unmarried cohabitations with children in the Czech republic
Kotrbatá, Alena ; Nývlt, Ondřej (advisor) ; Antovová, Michaela (referee)
The objective of the thesis is to analyse the evolution of non-marital fertility from 2000 to 2015 and evolution of unmarried cohabitations with children in the Czech republic. The analysis is based on results of Census 2001 and 2011. Another task is focused on comparison of demographic characteristics of women, who gave birth outside the marriage and women, who were married in time of birth. The research on unmarried cohabitations with children is also related to marital cohabitations with children. The comparative method was used for this part of analysis. The description of historical evolution and the evolution within analysed period detect some factors, which affect non-marital fertility and the increasing number of unmarried cohabitations. The results of the analysis support the idea of diminishing family size and postponement of maternity. The fact, that non-marital fertility and unmarried cohabitation with a child is more typical for less educated women, has been proven.
Prospects of Youngle People on the Labour Market
Komínková, Eva ; Nývlt, Ondřej (advisor) ; Průša, Ladislav (referee)
Family and reproductive behaviour shapes the outline of Czech Republic. Regime changes after 1989 certainly influenced the whole society. Critical changes in demographic behaviour need to be viewed in context of economic, social and cumtural changes in society. The purpose of this thesis is to explore perspectives of young adults, with an emphasis on exploring links between demographic behavious and on job market between 1989 and 2015. Thus this thesis should provide an answer to a question on how signifikance of influence of e.g. parenthood on career paths of youg people. To achieve this target, we used mainly publicly available data provided by Czech Statistical Bureau, interchangeably with data from Eurostat and basic statistical analysis.
Position of women on the labour market in the Czech Republic in international comparison
Uhrin Tokhyan, Ani ; Nývlt, Ondřej (advisor) ; Langhamrová, Jitka (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on position of women on the labour market in the Czech Republic. By descriptive analysis of data relating to employment, unemployment, specific form of work and other indicators, character of Czech labour market is described. There is also a part devoted to State aid for parents with small children, facilities providing childcare and job opportunity for mothers on the labour market. The thesis also includes comparison of selected indicators, which describe situation on the labour market and family policy in chosen countries of western and northern Europe. Possibility to ensure work-life balance is considered to be the main aspect of this topic. The issue of women's position on the labour market is not examined only from gender point of view.
Multiple-births in Czech Republic
Dlouhá, Karolína ; Nývlt, Ondřej (advisor) ; Fabiánová, Jana (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is the analysis of multiple-births in Czech Republic between the years of 1950 and 2005 including the international comparison and assess of the influence of assisted reproduction on occurrence of multiple-births. The thesis is divided into five different parts. The first part is dedicated to the analysis of fertility according to a succession of births in Czech Republic while using the indicators of total fertility, the average age of mothers in the time of childbirth and the total number of new-born babies. The second part focuses on multiple-births considering both historical and contemporary point of view and on possible risks for both the mother and the foetus. Next part describes the assisted reproduction, its history, present and commonly used methods. The fourth part is dedicated to the influence of assisted reproduction on the occurrence of multiple-births and to the analysis of multiple-births with the use of absolute and relative number of mono-births and multiple-births indicators, indicators of total fertility, masculinity index, the rate of stillborn babies and the proportion of children born outside of marriage. The last part compares the development of multiple-births within the European countries according to NIDI 1999 classification.
Formation and dissolution of households from data census and labour force survey, focused on persons, aged 20-49
Nývlt, Ondřej ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bartoňová, Dagmar (referee) ; Kalibová, Květa (referee)
I Introduction This work ainls to dcscribc the process of formation and disolution of households in thc Czcch Rcpublic at thc lrcginning of thc ncw nri||cnnirrnl with ťtrcus on pcrsons nt |hc agc ot 20-49. Án unaulliguous dc|irti(iorr tlI lrortscIttlItt ctrttr1xttitlr|c rviIlt cottttrtonIy trrct| dcfinition is a basic postulatc for this topic. l.ur1hcr, it is irrrporlant to try to strrcrurr housclro|ds on the basis oťalready defined individua| typcs ofhouselrolds. Thc houscho|d can be defined in diÍIerent ways The household reparch is not clear|y a demographic topic, because households can create a whole in a social or economic sense. Demographic knowledge tends to under$anding of a basic famiry structure between individua| members of houscholds Determination of individual types of households deÍines. on the basis ofthose family structures, the demographic aspect ofundersanding households Formation of family sructures is given by birttr, leaving family, adorescence in famiry, fintling a pa'1ncr, dissolution of fanrily, agcing or <!cath. Thc prcrcss of fomration and dissolution of houscholds thus cannot bc csabrishcd onry on basic dcnrographic pr<rcesscs contraction of thc wcdding nccdn't bc <Jircctly conncctcd with cstablishing a partncr household and on the contrary! a <iivorce needn't correspond with a...
Investigating Infant Mortality in New Zealand: Does Ethnicity Matter?
Merglová, Eva ; Pechholdová, Markéta (advisor) ; Nývlt, Ondřej (referee)
The existence of differences in the chance of survival of infants based on their ethnicity is a phenomenon known from various countries. The aim of this thesis is to add to the related body of research by conducting a complex differential analysis of infant mortality in main ethnic groups of New Zealand. Based on its findings, it should be possible to target supportive health and education programs more precisely. The analysis was performed using data supplied by the Ministry of Health of New Zealand and its results suggest that while some differences can be identified between ethnic groups under study based on age of infant, birth weight, length of pregnancy, age of mother, and primary cause of death, there does not seem to be a difference in the influence of infant's sex.
First marriage rate and two-parent families household in the historical context of the Czech Republic
Vrabcová, Martina ; Nývlt, Ondřej (advisor) ; Vrabcová, Jana (referee)
The final thesis is focused on changes of familial habits of population with emphasis on married life. The aim of the thesis is to analyse the development of marriages from the demographic point of view. Attention will be brought to the progress of first marriages and to the quantity of complete families. The thesis will also cover the classification of demohraphic phenomenon on the basis of chosen indicators. The last part of the thesis includes the cohort analysis which is based on gender, age, year of marriage and marial status.
Women on labor market
Nová, Lucie ; Nývlt, Ondřej (advisor) ; Arltová, Markéta (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to analyze and verify the existence of causality between employment rate, unemployment rate as independent variable and fertility rate as dependent variable. Two stated hypotheses are being verified within this thesis. First of them says that by decreasing employment rate also the fertility rate decreases. Second says that decreasing unemployment rate has an impact on growth of fertility rate. The final part of essay deals with today´s often discussed concept of work life balance which in many countries supports high economical activity of women and higher fertility simultaneously. It draws attention on positives of alternative work arrangements as well as on negatives and deficits which goes together with its practicing. In the end of the thesis different possibilities of effective work life balance management are suggested.
Inclusion of Cohabitation in the Relationship between Marital Status and Mortality
Linhartová, Aneta ; Pechholdová, Markéta (advisor) ; Nývlt, Ondřej (referee)
The thesis elaborates on the previously described and generally accepted relationship between marital status and mortality. Into this relationship, it is trying to include cohabitations, which responds to the latest developments in the structure of households in the Czech Republic. The thesis aims to include cohabitations within the context of this proven relationship and to determine at what level is the mortality of cohabitants compared to married couples or people without a partner. The question is whether it is possible to include cohabitations and marriages on the same level or whether each of these groups keeps its specifics, which is also transmitted to mortality. Life tables according to marital status and dependency analysis of time series were used to address this issue. The research of the nature of cohabitation in the Czech society is also an essential part of the thesis and helps to further illustrate the findings obtained by these methods. Hypotheses that are solved using these methods are based on the assumption that cohabitants are the part of the category of single people as well and if they show lower mortality rates than people without a partner, then their increasing representation accelerates growth in life expectancy compared to married couples, and eventually it accelerates a decline in mortality. The results tend to show that the mortality of cohabitants is higher than that of people without a partner, but lower compared to married couples. However, it is necessary to face the lack of data and work on the design of better indicators. It means that this thesis opens up the area especially for Czech society and presents perspectives that research of this issue offers.

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