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Analysis of utilization
Káva, Ján ; Svátek, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Mynarz, Jindřich (referee)
The bachelor thesis is about utilization of semantic model The theoretical part provides an analysis of using with data standards Microdata, RDFa and JSON-LD. Furthermore the theoretical part is describing search engine optimization and posibilities of in its improving. In the practical part there is an analysis of utilization of in data formats Microdata, RDFa and JSON-LD, based on data extracted from a web crawl in October 2016.
Linked Open Data for Public Sector Information
Mynarz, Jindřich ; Svátek, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Urbánek, Štefan (referee)
The diploma thesis introduces the domain of proactive disclosure of public sector information via linked open data. At the start, the legal framework encompassing public sector information is expounded along with the basic approaches for its disclosure. The practices of publishing data as open data are defined as an ap- proach for proactive disclosure that is based on the application of the principle of openness to data with the goal to enable equal access and equal use of the data. The reviewed practices range from necessary legal actions, choices of appropriate technologies, and ways in which the technologies should be used to achieve the best data quality. Linked data is presented as a knowledge technology that, for the most part, fulfils the requirements on open technology suitable for open data. The thesis extrapolates further from the adoption of linked open data in the public sector to recognize the impact and challenges proceeding from this change. The distinctive focus on the side supplying data and the trust in the transformative effects of technological changes are identified among the key sources of these challenges. The emphasis on technologies for data disclosure at the expense of a more careful attention to the use of data is presented as a possible source of risks that may undermine the...
Methods for automated information filtering on the internet
Mynarz, Jindřich ; Sluková, Petra Zia (advisor) ; Černoš, Ondřej (referee)
The aim of this work is to discuss the available methods for information filtering which can be used on the internet. These methods are used for automatic content classification to distinguish between desirable and undesirable items. This work introduces the specifics of internet and the problem of information overload which makes information filtering necessary. It describes the items and core processes that are involved in information filtering. The main attention is focused on the presentation of the particular methods. Dealing with their function and effect it also provides requierements and recommendations for the applications of these methods.
Ontology of Building Accessibility
Hazuza, Petr ; Svátek, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Mynarz, Jindřich (referee)
Within the project Maps without Barriers realized under Charta 77 Foundation - Barriers Account, in 2015 we intend to map accessibility of buildings and its premises from the perspective of people with limited mobility. We plan to inspect nearly 600 castles, palaces and other tourist attractions in the Czech Republic. The acquired data will be gathered and published as an on-line map in form of open and machine-readable data. It will also appear as Linked Open Data. However, the project will not end with mapping premises, the main objective is to provide a solid foundation for a unified database of accessibility of buildings and its premises. Negotiations with institutions and organizations interested in mapping are in progress and we try to offer them our project platform for publication of their data. The required RDFS vocabulary will be designed and carried out as part of this diploma thesis. It will be tested on the data from a number of forms describing existing objects. The data will be gathered by means of services designed in terms of this theses and provided for purchasers and users equally.
Componentization of Linked Data Transformations
Pilař, Štěpán ; Mynarz, Jindřich (advisor) ; Knap, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on transformation of linked data and opportunities for componentization of extract, transform, load process resulting in reusability of such components. UnifiedViews serves as a framework for demonstration of implementa-tion of selected components. Initial review of related fields of study, relational data oriented ETL and linked data quality management being most prominent, is followed by bottom-up analysis of existing extractors and transformations. Identified common transformations are supplemented by operations known from transformations of relational data. Options and limits of each component candidate are discussed as well as possible cooperation with other components. The next section discusses supported ways of implementation in the selected environment and provides a list of key questions for decision making process is provided. The last part describes implementation of selected components with respect to the approach suggested in the preceding section. Practical use as well as limitations of the implemented components are demonstrated on tasks transforming public contracts datasets.
Bulk extraction of public administration data to RDF
Pomykacz, Michal ; Svátek, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Mynarz, Jindřich (referee)
The purpose of this work was to deal with data extraction from various formats (HTML, XML, XLS) and transformation for further processing. As the data sources were used Czech public contracts and related code lists and classifications. Main goal was to implement periodic data extraction, RDF transformation and publishing the output in form of Linked Data using SPARQL endpoint. It was necessary to design and implement extraction modules for UnifiedViews tool as it was used for periodic extractions. Theoretical section of this thesis explains the principles of linked data and key tools used for data extraction and manipulation. Practical section deals with extractors design and implementation. Part describing extractor implementation shows methods for parsing data in various dataset formats and its transformation to RDF. The success of each extractor implementation is presented at the conclusion along with thought of usability in a real world.
Private tenders for services
Bečica, Marek ; Vojíř, Stanislav (advisor) ; Mynarz, Jindřich (referee)
People during their lifetime encounter the situation when they need to get supplier for required services, but getting reliable supplier with reasonable price is a problem. This thesis is dealing with private tenders for services and its surroundings, which is trying to solve the problem of getting suitable supplier. In the first part the reader is introduced into the situation and the dealing problem how to mediate demands and offers between people and companies. In this chapter is also introduced the main goal of this thesis, which is designing and implementing solution, that could minimize problems of the current solutions and facilitate support of the competitive environment in the market of services. The second part is analyzing current options for mediating demands for services and for each of them is found its advantages and disadvantages, which this variant offers. These options are compared to the proposed solution of this thesis and there are found possible risks, which could compromise the solution. The main goal of the third part is to design theoretical solution how to deal with the problem situation, which should be based on findings of the previous parts. This chapter is also analyzing what are law constraints and if the solution can be profitable. In the end of this chapter, we will find out what are the best options how to propagate new project to get new users which is the key to the project to be successful. The fourth part is dedicated to implementing proposed solution into web application. Firstly we need to define requirements for the final web application. Secondly we need to choose technologies for the development and create the prototype of the application. Next thing to do is prepare database model and start the development. Finally, we will show, how to run the application on your own server.
Design of Data Structures using RDFS/OWL
Horáková, Linda ; Dudáš, Marek (advisor) ; Mynarz, Jindřich (referee)
The main aim of the bachelor thesis is to explore possibilities and advantages of publishing statistical data on Semantic Web according to Linked Data Principles. In theoretical part readers are familiarized with basic features of Semantic Web, principles and options of publishing Linked Data. The thesis is mainly focused on an analysis of existing vocabularies used for description of statistical data, especially in the field of public spending. The outcome of the analysis is the statement that general vocabularies are more suitable for description of statistical data, because they provide wider possibilities than proprietary ontologies. The result of the analysis was verified by the draft concept of data structure describing the field of public spending, which is based on general Data Cube Vocabulary. The practical part of the thesis also contains construction of SPARQL query which can be used for automatic transformation of current data to the shape that is suitable to the new data structure.
Modularization of extraction of public procurement data to RDF
Káňa, Jakub ; Mynarz, Jindřich (advisor) ; Dudáš, Marek (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with extension of data extractor of public contracts gained from server Tenders Electronic Daily. The thesis covers a modularized extractor 10 new types of public contract notices. The data is retrieved from XML by using transformation scenario and they are extracted to RDF/XML data format. The extension is realized on TED-XML and META-XML formats of published data. The work also expands and creates independent library of functions. The library is documented. To ensure the accuracy of the extracted data in terms of syntax and also used ontologies there are used validation tools. For command line syntax validation Jena Apache Riot and for testing the correctness of output in terms of use Public Contracts Ontology RDFUnit testing tool. The contribution of this work is the practical part, allowing you to convert semi-structured data from the Journal of procurement of EU Member States into a fully structured data. Enhanced extractor allows you to extract data from the notices type F04 - F09 and F15 - F18.

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