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Offline Mode Support in Mobile Applications
Musil, Marek ; Křivka, Zbyněk (referee) ; Burget, Radek (advisor)
Jednim z cilu teto prace je pruzkum ruznych pristupu k vyvoji mobilnich aplikaci se za- merenim na vyuziti webovych technologii. Nasledne jsou zkoumany a porovnany existujici reseni pro podporu offline rezimu s opozdenou synchronizaci dat u mobilnich aplikaci. Zaver teto prace tvori navrh a implementace mobilni aplikace, ktera vyuzije zkoumane technologie.
Virtuální realita na mobilních zařízeních
Musil, Marek
This thesis is focused on development of a game based on mobile virtual reality. The models used in the game are created in 3ds Max application. The game itself is implemented using the Unity engine and the scripts are written in C# language. The user can control the game naturally using the sight on the basis of the cell phone data. Target platform of the game are mobile devices with operating system Android and the game requires using of virtual reality viewer Cardboard.
Design of a robotic workplace for the operation of injection molding machines with subsequent assembly and inspection
Musil, Marek ; Vetiška, Jan (referee) ; Bradáč, František (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of a robotic workplace for the operation of injection moulding machines. It is concerned with the design of the workplace component deployment and the evaluation of the best variant using a multi-criteria assessment. In detail, attention is paid to the end effectors of industrial robots and the assembly workplace, where finishing operations take place. Finally, the risk analysis and technical and economic evaluation of the proposed workplace are carried out.
Front-end of the web application for the scientific journal Studia Kinanthropologica
MUSIL, Marek
My thesis discuss creating a client interface of a scientific journal Studia Kinanthropologica web application. On the second part of the web (back-end) worked my colleague and I was in touch with him all the time, to regularly merge these two parts until the final content management system for uploading and managing the journal. I take into account the requirements of the department of sports studies, which publishes this journal. I surely use the newest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and the other. There also is a complete adaptation to all sizes of displays and monitors. I am also focusing on optimization, usability and maximizing visual performance of the application in order to effectively display services and content. The web contains two language versions (Czech, English), forms and also the administration section. This content management system should facilitate and improve the work of the authors of the articles and the reviewers of the journal.
Application personalized Ventilation in Air Conditioning
Musil, Marek ; Uher, Pavel (referee) ; Rubinová, Olga (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is the application of personalized ventilation in air. The main aim of the work is to construct physical models of artificial ventilation outlets for personal and their experimental verification in the laboratory. The information obtained from experimental measurements are applied in the design of forced personal ventilation to the specified building. Result of this work is to evaluate the use of personalized ventilation for practice with these advantages and disadvantages.
Design of MR clutch water cooling
Musil, Marek ; Strecker, Zbyněk (referee) ; Roupec, Jakub (advisor)
This paper describes the design and manufacture of water refrigeration for magneto clutch. MR clutch cooling problem was solved by designing of several variants of which was finally chosen the best. Model of water cooling was developed and subsequently made. The cooling is consolidated on a stator of MR clutch. Cooling completely surrounds the body of an MR clutch and thus achieves a high heat transfer between the cooling system and cooled. The proposal was developed with a view to good foldability, so its use is not complicated.
Simulace studijních agend pro operační systém Android
Musil, Marek
Bachelor thesis deals with simulation of study agenda for operating system Android made as an interactive passage through buidling Q of the Faculty of Business and Economics Mendel University. Given assignment is solved by using program 3D Studio Max for the model of building and program Unity for adding scripts. Purpose of this bachelor thesis is to facilitate navigation of new students in building.
Sound Design and realization of full-length picture " In the Attic or Who Has a Birthday Today "
Musil, Marek ; Skall, Vladimír (advisor) ; Kubec, Tomáš (referee)
The theoretical part of my theses is focused on the analysis of full-length picture ?Na půdě aneb kdo má dneska narozeniny ? (In the Attic or Who Has a Birthday Today?) under direction of Jiří Barta. I explain at first intention of the sound dramaturgy followed by description of the process, which is taken to create particular sound elements of this audio visual work. I mention as well confrontation between the concept and the final realization. The actual realization of sound designing is described in the own chapter. My theses focus also on problems, which I encountered by mixing the movie in Dolby Digital format. All provided information is meant to be useful not only for FAMU students. Readers can follow step by step the process of sound designing by a project, which was extraordinary time-consuming and financially demanding but on the other hand indeed unique in Czech cinematography.
ADR as a creative method of conforming new sound reality of an audiovisual production
Musil, Marek ; Čeněk, Jan (advisor) ; Skall, Vladimír (referee)
I have tried in my theoretical bachelor?s thesis to deal with the method of post-synch from other point of view than my forerunners.

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