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Usage of a high-speed camera for a study of changes of a lubricating film.
Mucha, Roman ; Křupka, Ivan (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
The aim of Bachelor´s thesis is to give an overview of the state of knowledge in the field of usage of a high-speed camera for a study of changes of a lubricating film. The first part desribes the basic terms in the field of high-speed camera. The next part of thesis deals with the history of high-speed cameras and their use in an industry, including study of changes of a lubricating film. Finally, evaluation of current status and further development are included.
Communities on Internet: Social Software in the Context of New Media
Horová, Kateřina ; Kera, Denisa (advisor) ; Mucha, Ivan (referee)
In a sociological and philosophical perspective this master's thesis aims to study the development and transformation of social software, which in a new way interralates and organizes on-line and off-line communities. The practical part of the thesis is concerned with the online synchronous communication such as chat.
Role of massmedia in Israeli-Palestinian question
Pexová, Dagmar ; Poštulka, Filip (advisor) ; Mucha, Ivan (referee)
TITLE: Role of massmedia in Israeli-Palestinian question AUTHOR: Dagmar Pexová DEPARTMENT: Faculty of Electronic Culture and Semiotics SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Filip Poštulka ABSTRACT: This work discusses the way the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is presented and explained in the mass media. It focuses on the analysis of the media news on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, mainly during the Second Intifada. For this purpose, reports from newspapers, radio and television are analysed. The political situation and development of the media since the early state of Israel is briefly outlined. The analysis presents the patterns and structures used by the Israeli, Palestinian and international media to report on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. KEYWORDS: Israeli-Palestinian conflict, media, Second Intifada, news
Social and psychological grounds for, and legalization of the holocaust
Paleček, Lukáš ; Kosek, Jan (advisor) ; Mucha, Ivan (referee)
Title of the thesis: Social-Psychological Causes and the Legalization of the Holocaust Summary: Although the Holocaust (a word for suffering of millions of individual people of vastness that stretches beyond our imagination) is a rather distressing topic I chose to carry out this re- search for two reasons, which prevailed. First, the experience shows that extreme situations reveal many latent features of human psyche - studying them is tempting. Second, the Holo- caust is a morally and politically important and still topical theme because not forgetting evil is a manner of its prevention. The purpose of my thesis is to present (and emphasise) the idea that the tragedy of the Holo- caust did not merely have causes, which can be described as political or economic (or exclu- sively psychiatric - which is perhaps the most dangerous simplification), but that a significant part of what happened is explainable from the point of view of social psychology. The second of the main goals of the thesis is to analyse anti-Semitic law (and very briefly also anti- Gypsies law) of the war Slovak state. To integrate researches in the two aforementioned scientific disciplines (social psychology and legal history) in a coherent unit I chose to use the Czech penal law's concept of elements of crime. There are four basic...
Sociology of knowledge and its impact on a society
Havel, Tomáš ; Mucha, Ivan (advisor) ; Kosek, Jan (referee)
51 Sociology of Knowledge and Its Influence upon the Society SUMMARY The law, representing one of the specific systems of the society, can be viewed on different levels. These levels namely include the normative, axiological and legal- sociological level. Within the context of social sciences we examine the law as social phenomenon acting upon the society. Through mythology, and primarily through various forms of legal communication, this influence constitutes the legal awareness that is subsequently influenced by biogenic, psychogenic and social factors. In the broadest sense, the notion of knowledge denotes a set of information or concepts of certain facts. The knowledge encompasses not only theoretical knowledge but also practical techniques and skills, i.e. ways by which theoretical knowledge becomes a part of practice. The starting point of the present work is the view of the society through the eyes of the sociology of knowledge. Between the systems of knowledge, language and law, there exists a connection that develops in history, within the society differentiated into segments, as well as vertically and horizontally. In the modern (industrial) period, the field of social sciences is viewed through the systems theories that are deeply rooted in natural sciences, namely biology. At present we regard...
Ways of Obtaining Taboo Information about Drugs by Addicts in Czechoslovakia
Poštolková, Lucie ; Mucha, Ivan (advisor) ; Šubrt, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the transmission of information about hard drugs which were concealed by social system in the 70th and 80th of 20th century from perspectives of drug users. We focus on the problematics of informational sources and channels by means of the social system and the systems theory of Niklas Luhmann. We analyse, by using grounded theory, information environment which influenced the drug subculture. The data sources consist of 35 interviews with addicts who were actively taking hard drugs before 1989. The aim of this thesis is a comprehensive look at the functioning of the drug subculture, transmission of taboo information in society 70th and 80th of 20th century by the theory of social capital and social systems.
Collective Intelligence and the Functions of Individual: Using an Example of Social Activism Online
Batrlová, Marie ; Marcelli, Miroslav (advisor) ; Mucha, Ivan (referee)
Final thesis titled Collective Intelligence and the Functions of Individual: Using an Example of Social Activism Online uses definition of collective intelligence by Pierre Lévy, and tries to verify it throught practice of social activism on the internet using a smartphone as a tool for accessing cyberspace. The theses is based on media theory works focusing in particular on a new kind of intelligence of community and the impact of new communication technologies on humans. Next part is about the topics of social activism, when considering together or independently with collective intelligence, provides the potential for direct democracy. Lastly there are few examples of social activism online or forerunners of direct democracy. As an important issue of collective intelligence in practice emerge the rules of behavior of individuals and Lévy's vision of collective intelligence as a peak of humanity.
The Concept of Media in the System Theory of Niklas Luhmann
Pincová, Barbora ; Mucha, Ivan (advisor) ; Šubrt, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the concept of media by Niklas Luhmann which he developed as a key perspective for his theory of modern society. After the introduction, which is making clear the starting points of the system theory and the theory of society, follows a clear explanation - with a help of primary literature (especially Die Gesellschaft der Gesellschaft, Die Kunst der Gesellschaft, Die Realität der Massenmedien) - of Luhman's concept of media. The explanation goes from general distinction between media and the form to different types of media followed by massmedial communication. Selected contributions of contemporary theorists (Baecker, Esposito, Krämer) are integral part of the work. They give reflection and they further develop the topic of communication mediated by computer, which has been previously outlined by Luhman. In the end, the terms and the problems of computer communication are shown on current events on the Internet (Wikipedia, Facebook).
Enforcement of maintenance collection in regard of efficiency of the functioning of law in a society
Obrová, Klára ; Urban, Michal (advisor) ; Mucha, Ivan (referee)
This dissertation thesis "Enforcement of maintenance collection in regard of efficiency of the functioning of law in a society", deals with the term of the law impact efficiency in the society and its practical effect on the institute of prosecution of a maintenance collection, focused on maintenance collection for minor children. The dissertation aims to analyze the process of the enforcement of the maintenance and to examine its efficiency. This dissertation is elaborated mainly on the basis of the Czech academic literature, the newly amended laws, the reliable printed and online sources and the germane court's interpretations. The dissertation consists of three chapters, which are further divided into subchapters. The first chapter provides description of the institute of the maintenance from the Czech operative law point of view. The second chapter deals with the problem of the law impact efficiency itself in the society. It defines the theme itself and describes its main barriers in regard of the institute of the maintenance. The third chapter examines the problem of the efficiency of the enforcement of a maintenance collection. The conclusion of the dissertation summarizes ascertained knowledge and examines the efficiency of the enforcement of a maintenance collection.

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