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Valveless Plunger Pump
Machů, Tomáš ; Kozubková, Milada (referee) ; Melichar, Jan (referee) ; Pochylý, František (advisor)
This thesis deals with valveless reciprocating pumps. Within the thesis several designs of pump geometry are demonstrated. Their parameters were obtained using computational fluid dynamics. Reciprocating piston movement was simulated by time dependent inlet boundary condition or by dynamic mesh. The individual variants were compared mainly from point of view of volumetric efficiency, which was the main evaluated parameter. Results of calculations are presented as dependencies of volumetric efficiency on frequency and amplitude of piston motion and on value of backpressure. Two variants of the prototype pump geometry were manufactured to experimentally validate parameters obtained from calculations. Volumetric efficiency together with hydraulic efficiency were evaluated from measured data.
Revealed preferences for outdoor recreation in natural areas - Czech and European perspective
Kaprová, Kateřina ; Melichar, Jan (advisor) ; Brůha, Jan (referee) ; Šauer, Petr (referee)
K. Kaprová (2019): Revealed preferences for outdoor recreation in natural areas - Czech and European perspective Abstract of the Doctoral Dissertation The dissertation thesis focuses on the investigation and synthesis of recreation welfare benefits associated with natural areas in the Czech Republic and in Europe. The dissertation thesis consists of five case studies. These represent various geographic levels of analysis: the level of one single recreation locality, the national level that takes into account large natural recreation sites in the Czech Republic (including protected areas), and a synthesis of results of studies on the European level. The methodological approach is based on the theory of environmental economics and employs non-market valuation techniques based on methods of revealed preferences, namely the hedonic pricing method and two types of travel cost modelling. In Study I, we examine how the presence and characteristics of urban greenery affect property prices in Prague. The results confirm that proximity to greenery and its area are important determinants of housing prices in Prague, which means that residents realize the positive values provided by urban greenery, including recreational ecosystem service. Benefits to residents differ with the type of greenery. Urban forests have the...
Support of parents/mothers of premature babies
Mrázková, Kateřina ; Heřmanová, Jana (advisor) ; Melichar, Jan (referee)
Bakalářská práce popisuje podporu rodičů předčasně narozených dětí. Cílem je zjistit informovanost rodičů o neziskových organizacích, jakým způsobem organizace rodičům pomohla v jejich situaci a s jakými problémy se rodiče předčasně narozených dětí nejvíce potýkají. Jako metoda pro zjištění těchto problémů byl vybrán anonymní dotazník. Klíčová slova: předčasný porod, nedonošený novorozenec, podpora rodičů, neziskové
Tourism and mechanism of its monitoring in Czechia
Ducháčková, Jana ; Melichar, Jan (advisor) ; Čermák, Daniel (referee)
The objective of this master's thesis is to examine a detailed summary of the present situation of visitor monitoring methods in large-scale protected areas in Czechia. Methods used in Czechia are introduced on 9 areas. The main research tools used were interviews with 8 key actors and a survey with the head managers of 4 national parks and 25 protected areas. The questionnaire survey was conducted in November and December 2011 and had 100 % return. This thesis presents comprehensive characteristics of the situation in Czechia including levels of monitoring methods. It seems that this study is the first of its kind which has been done in Czechia. Findings show that there is systematic quantitative visitor monitoring in Czech national parks, but that there is not in protected landscape areas. The majority of national park and protected area management do not have a standard certificated methodology for managing counting visitors. This means that their results cannot be compared. To promote better understanding of methods the text includes 22 examples of visitor counting done in chosen European countries and 9 examples from other non-European countries with the goal of summarizing which methods and technologies are available and suitable for use in Czechia. Finally, the evaluations of eight...
Travel Cost Analysis in Recreation Demand Models.
Schlehr, Miroslav ; Melichar, Jan (advisor) ; Vojáček, Ondřej (referee)
This work analyses the difference between perceived and computed travel cost data in Recreation Demand Models. Travel cost in this study includes only the cost which stems from the distance which the visitor had to overcome in order to get to recreation site. This study has examined the use of vector model in Geographical Information System as a source for computed data. Three different approaches of calculating travel costs were analysed in single-site model of recreation model. This work also focuses on current composition of travel cost in Travel Cost Method, describes the constraints of this method and consequences for further research.
Combining carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation : possible way to protect rain forests
Baďura, Tomáš ; Ščasný, Milan (referee) ; Melichar, Jan (advisor)
Despite the fact that forests and rain forests in particular are known for being a source of various goods and services tropical deforestation, mostly happening in developing countries, is still way over the sustainable rate. Nevertheless, due to the massive potential in reducing carbon emissions from deforestation and its importance in biodiversity conservation, rain forest are increasingly expected to play an important role in both conservation and climate change mitigation activities. Moreover, it might be possible to combine both these ecosystems services together in a synergistic way which would benefit each other. This paper will examine these issues, especially from the biodiversity conservation perspective.
Comparison of height and jumper parameters for young girl volleyball players in 2002-2009
Melichar, Jan ; Buchtel, Jaroslav (referee) ; Vorálek, Rostislav (advisor)
Thesis title: Comparison of height and jumper parameters for young girl volleyball players in 2002 - 2009 Thesis aim: Based on the results obtained in the test tournaments in 2002 - 2009 (Kafka's memorial) create order 15-best placed volleyball players, under-reach at strike jump with rozbehem(heat?). The results compare for each yer, according to the selected somatic assumptions (body height, the range from the floor stretched arms) and selected performance assumptions (net reach - absolute jump, reach at strikejump with heat). Method: For my thesis examination I have looked up and processed results of standardized volleyball tests. Each year these tests are applied to the players at the regional youth centre championships. Nowadays these tests are rather applied to selections of the best regional players. Concerning girl players it refers to ,,the Memorial of Milan Kafka". The testing is provided by the organizer in coordination with commissioned co-workers of youth committee and youth coordinator. For processing and evaluating of the acquired data I have used the following mathematical-statistic methods: arithmetic mean, variation range and decisive anomaly. Results: I have transformed the final tests results into transparent graphs through which you can see apparent differences between...
The Pump with a Diffuser with Stochastic Blades (Runner and Diffuser)
Dobšáková, Lenka ; Melichar, Jan (referee) ; Veselý, Jindřich (referee) ; Haluza, Miloslav (advisor)
This doctoral thesis studies the non-uniform blade cascade for centrifugal pumps. Influence of non-uniform blade cascade is investigated on the impeller and diffuser. A non-uniform blading impeller of pumps in this doctoral thesis was examined in terms of influence on efficiency characteristic. The idea of using non-uniform blading is to obtain a flat efficiency characteristic. Then the centrifugal pump could be used on larger scale of power with achieving a sufficiently high efficiency. The work is based on experimental measurements and numerical simulations of non-uniform hydraulic pump components. Non-uniform impeller and the diffuser were newly designed for this research. A new measuring track of small submersible pumps was needed to design and build for measurements. Different pump combinations with conventional hydraulics on one working point and hydraulics with non-uniform were measured. All measurements were evaluated and characteristics of efficiency, head and power were obtained for each measured combination. Some of pump combinations (which were measured in experiment) were numerically simulated by program Ansys Fluent. Data needed to evaluate the characteristic of efficiency and specific energy were collected from each numerical simulation. A theoretical consideration concerns the influence of non-uniform blade cascade applied on diffuser. The suggestion how to decrease hydraulic losses in canals was done. The theoretical consideration how to make a flat efficiency characteristic was made.
Design of Centrifugal Pump Using Differential Geometry Methods
Sloupenský, Zdeněk ; Varchola, Michal (referee) ; Melichar, Jan (referee) ; Drábková, Sylva (referee) ; Pochylý, František (advisor)
This thesis deals with a new approach to the design of impeller, blade and spiral of centrifugal pump. The mathematic model of flow inside meridional section of impeller and spiral is based on the instruments of differential geometry applied to Bezier surfaces. This formerly introduced theory is more deeply developed in this thesis and the conclusions are applied to the design of centrifugal pump parts working with fluid. The main thesis output is the mathematic model and on its principles created software determined for the design of impeller, blade and spiral. The received results are exportable into one of the commonly used 3D modeling programs.

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