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Polyphony of thematisation. A Dialectic of Korean war narratives with regard to the genesis of partial motifs
Valošek, Matěj ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (advisor) ; Mazaná, Vladislava (referee)
The topic of this work is a multifaceted, in times permeating or partially blending view of the Korean war, a view which is, above all, disproving itself in many subnarratives. This view was constructed from various period sources, namely official and unofficial diplomatic materials, periodical press, reports of United Nations Committee and an immediate (partially also delayed) reflection of the Korean war as it was presented by the authors/the propaganda of the Eastern and Western blocs. The subject of my analysis is then argumentation, the genesis of relabeling of individual narratives and significant motives, connections between individual alternative histories as they were being built, relations between significant subordinate motives (those which are crucial for the complete narrative of the war) as they tie into the context, all of the above realized in my concept of syntax of a propagandistic picture of reality and a fictional world.
Significance of Masks in Korean Mask Dance Dramas as an Intangible Culture Heritage
Hwang, Clara ; Mazaná, Vladislava (advisor) ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (referee)
In this thesis, I will focus exclusively on the topic of masks; their general characteristics, colour, shape or design and comparison according to region. I will concentrate on their present- day influence, and include facts found in bibliography. The principal question is what is a mask? There are many variations found around the world. In what way are these Korean masks exceptional or different compared to others? The purpose of this thesis will be to find out what makes these Korean masks unique or different from each other, and how modern Korean society preserves, protects and perceives this heritage. Keywords: Masks, Mask dance drama, Theatre, Culture, Intangible Cultural Heritage, CPPL
Recurring motifs in the novels of Ch'oe Inhun
Hasalíková, Silvie Anna ; Löwensteinová, Miriam (advisor) ; Mazaná, Vladislava (referee)
The subject of this bachelor's thesis is recurring motifs in the novels of the Korean writer and playwright Ch'oe Inhun, who was one of the most eminent representatives of the Korean literary scene of the 1960s, also known as the Second Modernism. The first part of the thesis deals with the political background of the cultural scene of the 50s-60s, a brief description of the literature of the 60s, the author's life, and the response to the author's work in the context of South Korean literary criticism. The second analytical part focuses on two of his works - The Square and A Day in the Life of Mr. Gubo, Novelist. In this part of the work, I observe the composition of the novels, categories of space, and time, but most importantly I focus on the recurring motifs in his work.
Preschool Education in the Czech Republic and the Republic of Korea
Doksanská, Markéta ; Mazaná, Vladislava (advisor) ; Horák, Tomáš (referee)
This graduate thesis will focus on a subject of preschool or early childhood education, as well as education systems in the Czech Republic and South Korea. The legislative documents will take a crucial part in this text, for they provide a general frame of information included in education acts and decrees considering early childhood education. The introduction will comprise the worldwide history of early childhood education. Then, we will divert our focus onto the history of education of the countries mentioned above. After division of Korea, only amendment od South Korean education system will be a subject of research. The following chapters will explore both of the modern and conterporary legislation related to education system and early education of children in both states. Also, current affairs of these two countries will be mentioned and talked about. The Czech Republic is dealing with numerous subject matters, such as 2-year-old children enrollment. South Korean, too, has its own subjects to debate, such as longterm competition between public and private kindergartens. Objectivity in this thesis will be the cornerstone in comparing both education systems and preschool education. Subjective remarks will be attached in a form of a commentary. The reader of this text should acquire elementary...
Translatological analysis of the Czech translation of the Korean novel The Vegetarian focusing on the characters' speech
Dukátová, Jana ; Horák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Mazaná, Vladislava (referee)
The thesis analyzes the Czech translation of Korean novel The Vegetarian by Han Kang. First, the relevant theory of translation is presented, then the means of spoken Czech and Korean are analyzed. At the end of the theoretical part of the work, the researcher briefly deals with the issue of speech of characters in literature and mentions the specifics of literary translation with regard to aesthetic and pragmatic effects of the way speech acts were transformed to the target language. The practical part of the thesis consists of a comparative analysis of passages of the source and target text based on Pym's typology of translation solutions. Particular attention will be paid to passages of the characters' speech and the ways in which it was translated from Korean into Czech.
Korean suffixes for denoting persons
Nagy, Denis ; Mazaná, Vladislava (advisor) ; Horák, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to gather and analyze derivational suffixes for denoting persons. In the first part, I focus on theory of word formation. Besides the affixation, which is essential for this thesis I also deal with the blending and I introduce the issue of blending shading off into affixation in certain cases. In second part, I deal with criteria for Sino-Korean suffixes and issues with defining these suffixes due to their multifunctionality. One morpheme can fuction as root and affix at the same time. Follows part regarding the criteria for borrowed suffixes. Here I am dealing with the question of existence of these borrowed suffixes. Core of this thesis is part where all derivational suffixes for denoting person are gathered and categorized into groups by etymology. There are native suffixes, Sino-Korean suffixes and borrowed suffixed. Suffixes are then analyzed in terms of semantics. Next section consists of summary of qualities typical for each etymological category and it is followed by summary of suffixes productive in formation of new words between years 1995 and 2017 based on New Words provided by National Institute of Korean Language.
Neologisms in Modern Korean
Havlíková, Karolína ; Mazaná, Vladislava (advisor) ; Horák, Tomáš (referee)
(in English): The aim of this thesis is to analyze neologisms used in the modern Korean language. The thesis describes problems with their definition and reasons for their formation. It includes systematization of the crucial ways of new words formation by giving examples. It also deals with new English loanwords, both those borrowed directly and those formed in Korea. New English loanwords from three different sources are then analyzed from the word formation point of view in the practical part of the thesis.
Language Divergence in Korean Republic and Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Václavíková, Lucie ; Mazaná, Vladislava (advisor) ; Horák, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Language Divergence in Korean Republic and Democratic People's Republic of Korea This bachelor's thesis focuses on the divergence in languages of Korean Republic and Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It compares individual language policies and their varied development after the division of Korea after the Second World War. The thesis describesdifferences between the two languages based on morphonological and lexical aspect inrelation to series of uncoordinated movements of purification which occured in the past in both states and which considerably affected the divergence between the two Korean languages. The thesis also mentions the issue of potential unification of the languages and proposals which have already been created in regard to this matter. Keywords: Korean language, language divergence, language unification, Korean language in the 20th century
Machine translation and Korean language
Paštéková, Markéta ; Horák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Mazaná, Vladislava (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with machine translation in relation to Korean language and as a . First part is a theoretical part in which are presented main directions of machine translation in chronological order and advantages and disadvantages of these machine translation models including examples from Korean language. Second, practical part introduces modern global machine translators Naver Papago and Google Translate. These translators are given text examples in Korean from publicistic and commerce field and also from spoken language. This part also includes proper English translation for comparison with translations produced by mentioned machine translators. The purpose of these translations is to provide an insight to typical errors in translations which are analyzed from the view of theoretical part which allows us to see a connection between theory and practice. Both translators are also compared with each other and act as an example of how same machine translation models produce different translations and mistakes. Last part contains a brief summary of the current state of machine translation and its expectations for the future.
The Image of North Korean Refugees as Perceived Through the South Korean TV show "I'm Coming To See You Now"
Geržová, Tereza ; Mazaná, Vladislava (advisor) ; Zemánek, Marek (referee)
(in English): This bachelor thesis deals with problems of perception of North Korean defectors through South Korean television talk show Ije mannarŏ kamnida. The situation of North Korean refugees in Korean republic is breifly introduced. I also present the TV program Ije mannarŏ kamnida. Furthermore, a text analysis of Internet news articles dealing with this program and its influence on South Korean society is performed. Subsequently, another textual analysis is carried out, namely the analysis of contributions from South Korean blogs and comments related to the program. The analyzed texts are compared and results of the analysis are also comapred.

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