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The Importance of Grandparents' Role in the Context of Parental Divorce
Skalická, Tereza ; Boukalová, Hedvika (advisor) ; Maulisová, Alice (referee)
This bachelor work is focused on the influence of grandparents in families during parental separation. The literary review part is focused on the development of divorce rate in the Czech Republic and in the European Union, provides possible explanations of such tendencies and presents an overview of post-divorce arrangements of child custody in the Czech Republic. It is also spoken about the negative impacts of the parental divorce on the child. Special focus is paid to the conflict as the main predictor of bad adaptation on the divorce. The central point of this work is the topic of grandparenting, we also talk about the role of grandparents, how it is perceived by researchers. Furthermore, it is focused on the factors which can have influence on the perception of the grandparental role and the manner of its realization. All of this is assessed in connection to the post-divorce parental situation, special focus is devoted to the positive impacts of the grandparental influence on the parents and the grandchildren after the parental divorce. In the empirical part, a qualitative research is designed, which goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the roles which can be played by Czech grandparents in situations of parental divorce and include how can they influence parents and grandchildren.
Girls with Asperger syndrome and their relationships
Krásná, Kateřina ; Kolečková, Tereza (advisor) ; Maulisová, Alice (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to focus on girls with Asperger syndrome in connection with their partner relationships and to find out how they manage to establish and maintain them or what problems they struggle with in their relationships. The literature review section includes an introduction to Asperger syndrome, its classification according to ICD-10, and then chapters on diagnosis, manifestations of Asperger syndrome, and differences between girls and boys. Other chapters focus specifically on girls with Asperger syndrome, presenting research from recent years that has in some way explored different aspects of their partner lives. The final chapters are devoted to a more detailed description of Asperger syndrome in girls and the forms their partner relationships take. The thesis will propose qualitative research that would be conducted through semi-structured interviews. The respondents will be girls diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, aged 18 years or older. Staying in a current partner relationship is not a requirement. The sample size should be at least 10 respondents. The expected contribution of the research findings to psychological theory and practice is to further explore the lived experiences of girls with Asperger syndrome and their unique personal experiences in partner relationships.
Memory Functions in Children with Intellectual Disability
Hanzlíčková, Lucie ; Maulisová, Alice (advisor) ; Lukavský, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis called Memory functions in children with intellectual dissability is devoted to mapping cognitive functions, specifically with a focus on memory functions in children with diagnostically confirmed the mild mental retardation. The origin of the thesis is associated and based on the standardization of incipient Neuropsychological Battery for Children (NB-C) and with the necessity to validate the method in different clinical groups. The aim was to assess how children with cognitive deficits, especially with the mild mental retardation, react and score in the memory's subtests. The main goal of this thesis is to assess the level of memory functions of these children. Furthermore, attention is focused on the comparison of key memory's domains based on the administration of the Neuropsychological Battery for Children and the inteligence test WISC- III in comparison with a comparative group of children without cognitive deficits. The theoretical and literary review section is focused on three key areas. The first of them presents the topic of memory, its distribution within the framework of the processes and systems, currently diagnostic methods, and also the development of memory functions. The following chapter focuses on disorders of the intellect, the terminological background of...
Association between depressive symptoms and marital satisfaction
Běhavá, Magdalena ; Krámská, Lenka (advisor) ; Maulisová, Alice (referee)
This diploma thesis examines the relationship between satisfaction in a relationship and depressive symptoms. The literature review part deals with the definition of depression, its causes, treatment, and diagnosis. Furthermore, satisfaction in the relationship and psychosocial models of depression. All with a focus on the psychological connotations of the issue. The research part consists of a quantitative questionnaire survey, which was attended by a total of 98 respondents. It relies in part on Coyn's interaction theory. The results suggest that there is a strong link between satisfaction (both global and in partnership) and depression. Consistent with Coyn's model, people with depressive symptoms seem to use reassurance more often and their partners have higher rates of depressive symptoms. These results could help to better understand the mechanisms that take place in the partner dyad in people with depression. At the same time revealing specific social aspects of depression. Keywords Depression; Relationship; Etiopathogenesis of depression; Treatment of depression; Psychotherapy
Evaluation pre- and post surgery dynamics of cognitive development in pediatric epilepsy surgery patients, design pre- andpost surgery protocol for neuropsychological assessment
Maulisová, Alice ; Niederlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Krámská, Lenka (referee) ; Kulišťák, Petr (referee)
Epilepsy represents the most common neurological disease, its prevalence reaching up to 1%, and around 30% of patients become refractory to treatment. In these patients, epilepsy surgery is often their only chance for disease-free life. Aetiology of epilepsy is heterogenous; we recognize genetic, structural- metabolic epilepsy and epilepsy with unknown aetiology. Patients with focal pharmacoresistant epilepsy may become candidates for epilepsy surgery; the same does not apply to patients with metabolic or neurodegenerative disease. Multiple factors influence decision about epilepsy surgery, the most important ones being (i) the type of known or presumed structural lesion and (ii) the possibility to precisely delineate the epileptogenic zone (the area of seizure generation). Another factor that needs to be accounted for is the proximity of epileptogenic zone to the eloquent cortical areas (the areas with important neurological functions, e.g. motor or speech functions). Epilepsy surgery principally aims for complete removal the epileptogenic zone, and subsequently for complete freedom from seizures. Hypothesis on the localization of the epileptogenic zone arises from the combined information gained from various diagnostic, mostly neuroimaging, methods. Cognitive profile examination includes...

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