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Enzymatic synthesis of DNA modified in the minor groove
Matyašovský, Ján ; Hocek, Michal (advisor) ; Hlaváč, Jan (referee) ; Urban, Milan (referee)
In the first part of the thesis, a series of six modified 2'-deoxyadenosine triphosphates, bearing small functional groups (chloro, amino, methyl, vinyl, ethynyl and phenyl) at position 2 of adenine, was designed and synthesised. They were then tested as substrates for DNA polymerases in enzymatic synthesis of minor-groove modified DNA. The 2-phenyl modified dATP was the only triphosphate unable to be incorporated, meaning that the phenyl group is already too big for minor-groove incorporations. All of the other tested nucleotides were good substrates for tested DNA polymerases [KOD XL, Vent(exo-) and Bst LF] affording minor- groove modified DNA bearing one or four modifications. The vinyl- and ethynyl-modified DNAs were then used for post-synthetic modification of DNA minor groove with fluorescent labels utilising click reactions. Ethynyl group reacted in copper-catalysed alkyne-azide cycloaddition (CuAAC), whereas the vinyl group participated in thiol-ene reaction. This procedure allowed for the attachment of big functional groups otherwise unable to be installed into the DNA minor groove using direct enzymatic incorporation. The second part of the thesis was devoted to the study of 2-alkylamino-2'- deoxyadenosine triphosphates and their use in enzymatic synthesis of base-modified ONs and DNA....

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