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Situational Parameters and Formality Scale: Multiaspectual Analysis of Authentic Discourse Samples
Svobodová, Denisa ; Pípalová, Renata (advisor) ; Matuchová, Klára (referee)
The thesis aims to investigate the influence of situational parameters on the choice of lexicogrammatical units of language producers. The main focus is placed on the register of language and individual aspects of it are introduced. The phenomenon of human language use is approached specifically from the point of view of sociolinguistics in order to prove the importance of the role of language in social interaction. The practical part of the diploma thesis is dedicated to the multiaspectual analysis of three authentic discourse samples, which differ from one another in the contexts they take place in. Based on the proportion of individual parts of speech in each of these samples, a scale of formality is finally designed in order to determine the most and the least formal of them.
On the Interface between Thematic Progressions and Cohesive Ties in Selected Modern Short Stories and a Fairy Tale
Malá, Lucie ; Pípalová, Renata (advisor) ; Matuchová, Klára (referee)
This thesis focuses on the comparison of two short stories by Angela Carter with the fairy tale on which they are based. It attempts to discern to what extent the author preserved the structure of the fairy tale, as viewed from a linguistic point of view, in her short stories. The thesis also suggests an interpretation of the motivation and effect of the divergences of the structure of the short stories from that of the fairy tale. The three texts are analysed from three points of view: thematic progressions, discourse subjects and cohesive chains, and cohesive ties. Attention is payed first to the description of the individual texts, and then to the comparison of the three texts. The comparison puts emphasis on the distinction between the shorts stories on one hand and the fairy tale on the other hand. The comparison shows that the structure of the fairy tale is to a large extent retained in the short stories, as they share characteristics on all the three levels of analysis. The short stories were found to differ from the fairy tale in two main respects, connected to each other, which influence the differences in their structure: the age of the intended reader, and the context and setting of the story.
Awareness and Knowledge of Lexical and Spelling Differences Between British and American English Among Czech Students of English
Nováková, Alena ; Matuchová, Klára (advisor) ; Bojarová, Marie (referee)
This thesis is concerned with lexical and spelling differences between British and American English. The theoretical part provides an overview of the history and development of those differences, including a list of selected high frequency items. It also focuses on the role of American culture in the world and its impact on the English language. The practical part is based on a survey and attempts to discover whether Czech upper secondary students are aware of British and American English and the differences between them, with special attention to the media dominated by American English and their influence on students' language competence. Powered by TCPDF (
Stress shift in Czech English
Farana, Michal ; Červinková Poesová, Kristýna (advisor) ; Matuchová, Klára (referee)
The purpose of the bachelor thesis is to explore how Czech speakers of English are able to predict and apply stress shift in their speech. The theoretical part gives a brief description of the English stress system and focuses primarily on a detailed exploration of the stress shift phenomenon and its function in relation to the rhythmic structure of English. The practical part aims at examining the ability of Czech speakers to produce stress shift in selected contexts. The respondents were recorded reading a text with items that typically undergo stress shift. The data obtained from these recordings were perceptually analysed and subsequently used to either prove or disprove the hypotheses formulated at the beginning of the research. Key Words lexical stress, sentence stress, rhythm, stress shift, Czech English
Use of Sense Relations in Expressing Language Humour: TV Series Analysis
Kopicová, Linda ; Matuchová, Klára (advisor) ; Vít, Radek (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on sense relations, the syntagmatic and the paradigmatic axis, and their use in expressing language humour. The analysis was carried out in a corpus extracted from the TV series Friends and How I Met Your Mother. It strives to answer the question whether the sitcoms display the same number of comical incidences both in the first and the last season. Furthermore, it sheds some light on the linguistic realizations employed and the way they operate to trigger laughter. Finally, the thesis provides an insight into the universal tendencies of humour realizations and their reflection in the amassed data.
Voice of a Woman in Three Versions of Pygmalion: Sociolinguistic Analysis
Trojanová, Šárka ; Matuchová, Klára (advisor) ; Topolovská, Tereza (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the sociolinguistic analysis of the language of female characters in a play, musical and film. The theoretical part summarizes sociolinguistic literature and it also scrutinizes the current findings of the influence of gender, social class and identity on language. These concepts are discussed both from linguistic and sociological point of view. The practical part is aimed at the analysis of woman's language in George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion and its two adaptations, the musical My Fair Lady and the film Pretty Woman. It deals with the change of the main characters that become representatives of upper social class. The change is discussed diachronically in terms of language, especially pronunciation, lexis, grammar and style, but also in terms of identity and social class.

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