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Nové Trendy v Cloudu
Štefániková, Victoria ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Böhmová, Lucie (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the latest trends in SaaS. The main aim of this thesis is to explore, evaluate and analyze new trends in Cloud Computing based on theoretical knowledge. The theoretical part of this thesis focuses on defining the very concept of Cloud Computing and brings the reader more detailed overview of terms related to this topic. This part of the bachelor thesis also deals with an issue around trends in Cloud Computing. The practical part focuses more closely on trends in the Cloud, specifically on trends in SaaS.This part is devided into three chapters, where the first chapter discusses the current state of Cloud Computing, the second chapter focuses on the most disruptive technologies that are predicted to change the cloud around SaaS in the future. The final chapter is an analysis of the most likely SaaS trends in the future. After reading the bachelor thesis, the reader will be familiar with the current situation of Cloud and will get an overview of the latest and predicted trends in SaaS.
Dopad environmentálních podmínek na vznik start-upů mladých lidí
Blšáková, Daniela ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Oškrdal, Václav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the influences that affect young people aged 18 to 24 in the establishment of start-ups. The main aim was to find out which environmental factors influence emergence of youth start-ups and how they differ in Europe, China and the US over time. The thesis describes three models that explain the entrepreneurial intentions and that serve better understanding of human behavior in setting up businesses. Further the thesis includes a description of the individual and environmental factors that are based on current studies. Due to the title of thesis only the impact of environmental factors was tested. The analysis was conducted on a public data of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.
Proposal and application of model for testing DWH implementation on Teradata platform
Lysáček, Jakub ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Meixner, Jiří (referee)
The thesis focuses on application of theory of software testing in data warehousing area. The main goal of the thesis is an introduction of selected theory of software testing and analogical use of the theory in data warehousing environment. Part of the main goal is an introduction of architectonic model of testing process and later on focusing on part of testing which is problematic in data warehousing area. Partial goal of the thesis is validation of problematic part of the model using practical scenario. This partial goal is divided into two parts. First part focuses on requirements gathering and categorizing their priority. Second part focuses on demonstrating how project requirements, available resources and Teradata specific environment manipulate with the testing process. Theoretical part summarizes selected theory of software testing which is later applied in the area of data warehouse testing. The chapter introduces phases of data warehouse testing and specific goals of each testing phase. Chapter also describes model FURPS which is used to classify software quality dimensions a selected methods of requirements priority classification. An architectural model of testing process and its entities are described in the second part of theory. The theory then focuses on problematic part of the model which is requirements gathering and classification of their priority and demonstrates the influence of time, quality requirements and available resources on the overall process of testing. Practical part introduces a real-life scenario which demonstrates an application of described theory, namely requirements gathering, classification of requirements priorities and assigning dimensions of quality. The next part demonstrates the influence of available resources and requirements on the scope of testing. The outcome of the practical part of the thesis is that requirements gathering and classification of their priorities allows us to classify and sort scope of testing into logical and clear units, assign roles and their responsibilities and flexibly react on changes of project requirements. The thesis also points out that there are risks associated with changes of scope and emphasizes on the need of their evaluation.
Preparation and implementation of performance tests
Dosoudil, Tomáš ; Oškrdal, Václav (advisor) ; Matuštík, Ondřej (referee)
Master thesis is dedicated to the testing and its set up into new environment. The theoretical part is devoted to testing and projects. Theoretical part defines what is project, tests as a subject of the project management and defines the types of tests, along with the tool selection issues for the stress tests. The practical part is focused on describing the processes necessary for the preparation and implementation of performance tests and the necessary steps in the project management of the project implementation.
Mortgage Bonds
Matuštík, Ondřej ; Hurt, Jan (referee) ; Bartoš, Milan (advisor)
Nazev prace: Dluhopisy zajistene aktivy (ABS) Autor: Ondfej Matustik Katedra: Katcdra pravdepodobnosti a matematicke statistiky Vedouci diplomove prace: Mgr. Milan BartoS E-mail vedouciho: Abstrakt: Diplomova prace se zabyva cennymi papiry krytymi aktivy (Asset backed securities, ABS). PodrobnC popisuje jejich strukturu a jejich procesni zpracovani, kterc se nazyva sekuritizace. Dale obsahuje pojednani o specialnich spolecnostech (SPY), ktere jsou pro cenne papiry krytc aktivy klicove. Prace rozebira faktory, kterc z velkc casti ovlivnuji proces sekuritizace, a ukazuje, za jakych podmfnek se vyplati emitovat cenne papiry kryte aktivy. Podrobne je zpracovan model sekuritizace vyrobniho podniku, kde jsou budouci vynosy a naklady modclovany pomoci nahodnych velicin. V dalsi casti popisuje sekuritizaci ccnnych papiru. Detailne se zabyva jejich ratingcm a pravdepodobnosti defaullu. Pozornost je venovana i modelu sekuritizace homogenniho souboru aktiv. V prakticke casti je prace zamefena na model fmancovani vystavby jaderne elektrarny pomoci cennych papiru krytych aktivy, Podrobne rozebira naklady a vynosy jaderne elektrarny. Tyto veliciny jsou pomoci nahodnych velicin simulovany pro odhad budoucich cash flow jaderne elektrarny. Vysledky pomahaji rozhodovat pfi koupi cennych papiru krytych vynosy...
Transformation of Network Data Reporting Process
Tolar, Tomáš ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Malinová, Ludmila (referee)
This thesis deals with transformation of network data reporting process in a Telecom company. The current process is MS Excel based and is inadequate and inefficient. The goal is to find the right tools and to implement them. The thesis is divided into three parts. First part is focused on theoretical background of reporting, i.e. Business Intelligence and other approaches. Second part explains general Network reporting principles and trends. In contrast with these theoretical recommendations, the actual level of the company's process is depicted. The last part of this thesis covers a practical implementation of selected applications. First, a choice is made within a variety of tools based on department's needs then the architecture is proposed and applications are implemented. The final part of the thesis provides an assessment of the benefits attained by this project.
The business models of IT startups based on sharing economy
Šimon, Petr ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Srpová, Jitka (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is to analyze the present condition of sharing economy and design a critical success factors model on a IT startups which operate as a transportation network companies. The result is finally validated on few representative businesses. The problem is solved by the modified qualitative critical success factors method whose author is John F. Rockart. The gained factors were finally used in the causal model which is based on the principles of system dynamics. The outcomes of this thesis are enabling to understand the relations which are hidden behind success of transportation network companies in the area of sharing economy. The information can be useful not only for startups but also for academic sphere and possible investors.
Cost analysis of the platform as a service solutions for a model company.
Kumhera, Lukáš ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Vencovský, Filip (referee)
The theoretical part of this bachelor thesis is focused on general characteristics of cloud computing. It includes introduction into characteristics of cloud deployment, payment and distribution models. Furthermore, this section clarify the role of participants, security and advantages and disadvantages. Particular emphasis is aimed on the distribution model platform as a service and its providers. This knowledge is then used in the practical part, which is also focused on a platform as a service. Theoretical benefit of this part is to establish a structured, coherent and comprehensive insight into cloud computing. The practical part consists of an analysis comparing the investment and operating costs of custom and cloud solutions for model company. The first section of the analysis is defining the company's own infrastructure and solutions. The other section clearly visualizes investment and operating costs of such infrastructure. These costs are then compared with equivalent solutions using cloud technology and put into context with the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies.
Analysis of modern payment methods
Klimeš, Martin ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Veber, Jaromír (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the modern payment methods, which has nowadays became one of the most popular and used form of paying. The aim of this work is to formalise an analysis of modern payment methods and define its factor of successes. The bachelor thesis is being divided into several chapters. The first chapter is sourced from (available) written literature, highlighting the main definitions, focusing on the given topic in general but also briefly describes the historical points of view on it and the theoretical methods of critical success factors. The next chapter describes payment methods, which are being used nowadays, then focuses on the analysis of payment methods it self. Methods that are new, modern and innovative in different forms. Each method gives the basic information, function, security, typical situation and advantages and disadvantages of different forms of modern payment methods. Through this analysis we can determine the factors of success of payment methods and creates a discussion, which will result into a summary of factors that should improve and help with the development of the new payment methods. The last chapter contains selected forms of payment methods tested in real conditions.
Analysis of cloud storage market
Coufal, Pavel ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Vencovský, Filip (referee)
The first part of the bachelor´s thesis is about cloud computing. It describes general principles, characteristics, models, strengths and weaknesses. The second part focuses on cloud storage services. The main objective of thesis is the cloud storage market´s analysis carried out in the form of comparison between chosen cloud storage providers, based on multi-criterial decision making. The comparison is based on appropriately categorized criteria. Objective of theoretical part is to define cloud computing and its division, describe weaknesses, strengths and pricing models. The contribution of this work is analysis processing, which can serve as a guideline for what to choose or as a model for creating other comparisons.

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