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Strategic management of school in the context of six-year term
Nešporová, Blanka ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Matušková, Zuzana (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to determine whether there are limits that may restrict kindergarten headmaster in the strategic management of the school, considering a six-year term in office. The thesis consists of two main parts. In the theoretical part, the concepts such as strategic management of the school, position of the kindergarten headmaster and a six-year term in office are explained. The research part describes the processes at the school. Methods of observation, interview, questionnaires and document analyses, are used in order to collect the data which are coded, categorized, and then used to form a story.
Effect of verdikt D.H. and others against Czech republic on change of educational law and educational practice
Ondráková, Helena ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (advisor) ; Matušková, Zuzana (referee)
The diploma deals with an analytic evaluation of The European Court of Human Rights adjudication in the matter of D.H. and others versus the Czech Republic. The aim is to ascertain how this verdict has influenced school legislation and the educational practice. The research focuses on discovering whether the Czech Republic has been fulfilling the obligations established by the European Court, and mapping the consequences of the verdict on the practices of the involved parties, which are practical schools, school consultency facilities and the Czech School Inspectorate. The result is a comprehensive description of the steps which the government has made towards eliminating discrimination of Romany pupils in the education system. Based on the foundings, it can be stated that in the upcoming future there should not be any occurences of discrimination of pupils being put to practical schools.
Principal's role in improving the quality of school involved in the project "We help schools towards success"
Šuranská, Ivana ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Matušková, Zuzana (referee)
The thesis The principal's role in improving the quality of school involved in the project "We help schools towards success" focuses on roles of the school principal as a leader and manager, that influence the improvement of school quality. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part focuses on school quality, its indicators, management areas and evaluation criteria. It also brings theoretical knowledge about the school principal, his competence in his role of a leader and manager and about the project "We help school towards success" The practical part investigates which criteria parents considered while selecting a school for their children and what they understand by the term "quality school". It also analyzes what activities carried out by the school principal in his role of a leader and manager are in the eyes of teachers and parents the most important ones for the improvement of school quality and how the respondents assess the contribution of school involvement in the project "We help schools towards success". KEYWORDS: school quality, school principal, competence, principal's role, manager, change management, innovation, project
Analysis of the Regional School System Financing (the Financing of Schools Established by Regions, Municipalities, or Associations of Municipalities) in Accordance with Applicable Regulations and the Method Proposed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Šimonová, Hana ; Matušková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (referee)
The thesis deals with the issues of financing the regional school system (schools established by regions, municipalities or associations of municipalities) in all regions of the Czech Republic from the state budget with respect to particular types of schools (kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools) and in accordance with applicable regulations and the ways proposed by the Ministry of Education. It also mentions potential future prospects. The thesis is based on the conclusions of Educational Policy Strategy of the Czech Republic till 2020, which prefers stability and greater predictability in financing the education policy. The thesis compares the regional per capita amounts for individual types of schools, calculated according to the current method of financing, with the Conceptual Reform Plan for Financing the Regional Education System, issued by the Ministry of Education in 2011. The aim of the thesis is to decide (through the analysis and critical evaluation of the results obtained) which funding system appears to be preferable and fairer for particular types of schools. The results of the research could potentially be used for making comparisons with the newly prepared reforms of financing the regional education system.
Factors affecting performance of teaching staff of secondary schools in Pribram
Kotěšovská, Hana ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Matušková, Zuzana (referee)
This diploma thesis describes and analyses the factors influences the working performance. It deals with the basic terms from the management area about the working performance. Mainly the terms work performance, work efficiency, working performance management are described, also the factors influencing the working efficiency are described. It clarifies the difference between the personal assumptions for the working performance relating directly with the worker and external factors, which cannot be influenced by the worker. Thesis is closely aimed at the process and setting which emerges from the organisation running. These factors are verified by the research done at the secondary school in Pribram. The research is executed by quantitative method with the usage of questionnaires. These questionnaires were drawn up that it enabled to compare with the analysis of current definitions of the working performance and working productivity. In the implementation of the research were compared the influences of the individual groups of factors which influence the pedagogical workers' working productivity on the secondary high schools in Pribram. The analysis of the current definitions dealing with the working performance and productivity were confirmed.

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