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The influence of editorial processing on understanding the text of K. J. Erben's fairy tales by elementary school pupils
Vrábelová, Veronika ; Adam, Robert (advisor) ; Martínek, František (referee)
Bachelor thesis The influence of editorial processing on understanding the text of K. J. Erben's fairy tales by elementary school pupils aims to evaluate the suitability of current editorial changes in selected fairy tales by K. J. Erben. In the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis the previously standard principles for editorial adaptations of the text are presented, special attention is paid to editorial adaptations of literature for children, and the fairy tales of K. J. Erben. Subsequently, the two editions (critical and more recent) on which the comprehension test was based are described; this chapter also includes an introduction to the most significant editorial changes that have taken place in the more recent edition of Erben's fairy tales. In the practical part of the bachelor thesis the research methodology and the course of testing are presented; this part includes an annotated overview of the samples that were included in the comprehension test. In the questionnaire survey, the comprehension of selected fairy tales published critically in 1958 and the same fairy tales in the newer, revised edition of 2019 is tested by means of closed and open questions. The research shows that the editorial adaptations of the fairy tales of K. J. Erben's fairy tales can in some cases affect the...
Semantics and interpretation of the response particles ano 'yes' and ne 'no'
Hrdinková, Kateřina ; Šimík, Radek (advisor) ; Martínek, František (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the issue of the Czech ano 'yes' and ne 'no' response particles, especially from a pragmatic and semantic point of view. In the theoretical part, it presents the current state of research on these response particles in Czech and international linguistic tradition and discusses two approaches in more detail: both Manfred Krifka (pragmatic theory based on salience) and Floris Roelofsen & Donka Farkas (semantic theory based on lexical-semantic features) see the response particles as distinctive anaphors of their antecedents. The following practical part tests the predictions of pragmatic and semantic theory created for English in the Czech language context. It is based on the study by Claus et al. (2017) and their response particle research. The main goal of the experiment is to find out the semantics and pragmatics of ano 'yes' and ne 'no' answers in response to negative questions with an initial verb. However, this main experiment is supplemented by two filling experiments: the first examines ano 'yes' and ne 'no' answers to questions with the final verb and the second investigates answers to positive questions. The final part first summarizes observations for the individual experiments. In the general discussion, the results of all three experiments are compared, which...
Analytical verbo-nominal constructions in Václav Hájek's Czech chronicle (1541)
Martínek, František ; Adam, Robert (advisor) ; Kučera, Karel (referee)
In Chapters 1 and 2, the thesis delimits analytical verbo-nominal constructions (AVNS) based on the relevant literature. AVNS are phrases which consist of a verb with a general meaning, expressing categorical semantic features (e.g. state, change of state, and cause of change of state), and an abstract substantive: dát radu - to give advice, položit otázku - to ask a question, být v nesnázích - to be in a difficult situation. Phrases with a substantive in nominative case (jednání probíhá - the negotiation is proceeding) and with an adverb (dát najevo - to put forth) are also included in the AVNS classification. In Chapter 3, the phrases excerpted from a Middle Czech text of 1541 are classified according to their formal features and some groups of related phrases are also described. In Chapter 4, some models of AVNS-classification are critically evaluated and supplemented according to their semantic features. The excerpted phrases are classified using the following features: the state/action opposition, action phases, causativity, etc. In Chapter 5, the functions of AVNS in text are analyzed (e.g. as indicators that a given text is on a higher stylistic level). Overall, the thesis demonstrates that it is inadequate to consider AVNS as only a progressive feature of modern language. Appendices include lists of...
Critical Edition of Selected Christmas Songs of V. K. Holan Rovenský
Böhmová, Veronika ; Andrlová Fidlerová, Alena (advisor) ; Martínek, František (referee)
The thesis proposes a commented critical edition of five songs from the Christmas part of the Capella regia musicalis hymnal (Knihopis 1458), edited by Karel Holan Rovenský and published by Jiří Laboun the elder. The attempt to apply interdisciplinary linguistic-musicological approach results in an outcome that reflects the relation between language and music. However, the main focus of the thesis lies in the language characterization of the edited texts. Its main goal is to contribute to the scientific research of the baroque language in hymnography production and to make the songs accessible to the general public.
The edition of the old Czech text depicting two aristocrats'discussion about brewing and its undesirable effects to the feudal society - edition, ortography and language analysis of the old Czech text from 1604
Batka, Ondřej ; Martínek, František (advisor) ; Rejzek, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis proposes a commented edition of the Czech satiric text from 1604 depicting two aristocrats'discussion about brewing and its undesirable effects to the feudal society. The first part presents the edition of the text converted according to current ortographical usage. The second and third part contains an analysis of the language and the ortography system accentuating the most noticeable elements of the text. The fourth part presents the edition of the text preserving all the semanticaly relevant elements of original ortographic system of the text. The principles of editing, the list of emendations and also basic information about the history of the text and its interpretation can be found in the fifth part of this work. In the last part we briefly compare the differences between the ortography of the text from 1604 and another release from 1594.
Neologisms motivated by names of political parties and movements
Kotková, Kateřina ; Martínek, František (advisor) ; Bozděchová, Ivana (referee)
This thesis describes new names of political parties and movements in Czech. The first part will summarize findings from the relevant literature. Material basis for the paper will be the database NEOMAT (ÚJČ AV ČR), on-line archive of media texts Newton Mediasearch, ČNK corpuses, available dictionaries and primary texts. Neologisms will be described according to word formation types. One part of this thesis will also be a comparison of the material of the thesis with material of selected dictionaries. Results will be summarized in a clear conclusion. Work will be in accordance with bibliographic standards. In the appendix of the thesis will be table of discovered words together with the number of their occurrences. Keywords: lexical enrichment, neologism, word formation type, word formation process, political party
The Present-Day State of the Local Dialect in the Speech of the Old Generation in the Village of Vír
Ostrýžová, Martina ; Dittmann, Robert (advisor) ; Martínek, František (referee)
The M.A. thesis explores the dialect of the village Vír, which is situated in Czech-Moravian boundary dialectal area. The exploration focuses on selected features from phonetics and phonology and morphology, specified on the basis of isoglosses described in the Český jazykový atlas (Czech Dialect Atlas) or in older publications. The research of features followed is based on interviews with old generation informants, which is delimited in accordance with the Czech Dialect Atlas as speakers older than 65. The audiorecordings were further processed, the material was transcribed according to standard rules for dialectological transcription. A comparison with standard works of Czech dialectology (such as Běličʼs Nástin české dialektologie, Český jazykový atlas, Utěšenýʼs Nářečí přechodného pásu česko-moravského. Hláskosloví) shows that the oldest generation speakers in Vír still keep some of the typical traits of the Czech-Moravian dialectal group while other such features are retreating. Key words: Czech-Moravian dialectal group, old generation, local dialect, Vír
Pronounciation and perceptual acceptability of the sound r in Czech speeches by foreign speakers whose L1 is German
Novotná, Gabriela ; Veroňková, Jitka (advisor) ; Martínek, František (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis belongs to the field of language acquisition and language learning. It aims to explore Czech as a second and foreign language of speakers whose mother tongue is German, namely concerning the pronunciation of the r-sound and its perceptual acceptability for Czech native speakers. The theoretical part summarizes the area of pronunciation learning and acquisition in a second and foreign language and outlines various pronunciation difficulties German speakers tend to have in Czech. It deals with the rhotics in general and subsequently focuses on the r- sound, both in Czech and in German, as well as in mutual comparison. In the last chapter, the combinatorial qualities of the r-sound which are used as a basis for the practical part are discussed. The practical part describes the conducted research. Five recordings of German students were collected. The students were staying in Prague for one semester with the Erasmus programme exchange and were learning Czech for the first time. For the recordings a written text was constructed which the students read individually. The text emphasized words including the r-sound. From the recordings, various key words were cut off and a perceptual test was compiled and given to Czech native speakers to evaluate the pronunciation of the...
Karel Kojecký: Memoirs - editorial treatment, linguistic and stylistic analysis
Kojecká, Veronika ; Adam, Robert (advisor) ; Martínek, František (referee)
The aim of this thesis is editorial treatment of Memoirs, which was written by Karel Kojecký in the 1950s-1970s. Part of the thesis will be in addition to editorial note also linguistic and stylistic analysis of the text. Author of Memoirs comes from Kroměřížsko, the analysis will therefore also include the characteristics of the dialect, which he uses in the book.
Linguistic and Graphical Analysis of a Manuscript Handbook of Wedding Speeches from the Beginning of the 18th Century
Valentová, Gabriela ; Andrlová Fidlerová, Alena (advisor) ; Martínek, František (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyses a manuscript book of wedding speeches from the beginning of the 18th century in terms of graphics and language. It aims to evaluate the linguistic level of a non-elite user of the Czech language in the vernacular environment of the High Baroque period. For the purpose of the analysis, a complete translation of the manuscript being studied is carried out first. On this basis, graphic elements and phenomena from all basic linguistic levels are selected, which are then compared with the relevant literature of contemporary bohemistics and selected period grammar manuals. The relevance to the period's linguistic usage is evaluated taking into account the available lexical databases. On the basis of the analysis of relevant graphic and linguistic elements, the manuscript handbook of wedding speeches can be regarded as evidence of the use of period standard language in a very sophisticated form, which only sporadically reflects elements of the spoken language. Keywords: history of Czech language, Early Modern manuscript, language analysis, orthography

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