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Michel Foucault: The Term "Economy" in the Work The Order of Things
Mareš, Richard ; Marcelli, Miroslav (advisor) ; Švantner, Martin (referee)
The thesis interprets the development of Foucault's thinking and within The Order of Things it subjects the whole concept of economy to critical reflection and defines the structure and dynamics on which the term is built. My work progresses from the abstract issue of Foucault's thinking to specific theories related to the topic. The first part is focused on the key changes and breaks across the author's thinking and work and forms the basis for a comparison of The Order of Things with a broader view of Foucault's thinking. Then I follow with economic theory basis in The Order of Things and define terms such as monetary theory, value theory, wealth analysis and other that are directly connected with economic issues. I focus on authors of economic theories who have influenced Foucault's thinking or are differently connected with my explication, e.g. Adam Smith, David Ricardo or Karl Marx. In the final part of the thesis I compare Foucault's thoughts and conclusions with the philosophy of Louis Althusser in his book Reading Capital which is based on Karl Marx's theories. The focus is mainly on the interpretation of modern episteme which is in The Order of Things directly related to the term of economy. I introduce common and different attributes of Althusser's and Foucault's thinking and present my...
Financial Analysis of the company FIRMA XYZ, spol. s r.o.
Mareš, Radek ; Polák, Martin (advisor) ; Strouhal, Jiří (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Financial Analysis of the company FIRMA XYZ, spol. s r.o." is designed to evaluate the financial position between years 2008 and 2010. The work is divided into two parts. The first deals with the theoretical explanations of the role and relationship of financial analysis towards management and planning within the company. It further explains ratios, horizontal and vertical analysis. The second part is practical and focuses on the evaluation of industry trends and transfers elements from the first part into the practice.
Design of experimental device for measurement of surface tension of supercooled water
Richtr, Karel ; Hrubý, Jan ; Mareš, R.
This paper is focused on the design of device developed specially for measurement of surface tension of metastable ordinary water. Paper consists of basic knowledge of surface tension in the area bellow 0°C and its importance in condensation models. Next parts of paper deal with construction and function of single components used in the experiment.
Přechodové teplotní pole v komoře pro měření povrchového napětí podchlazených kapalin
Hrubý, Jan ; Müller, M. ; Richtr, K. ; Mareš, R.
Results of mathematical modeling of the transient temperature field in a new chamber developed to measure surface tension of supercooled liquids are presented. The chamber is designed to enable a very fast (within 0.1 s) formation of a homogeneous temperature field (within 0.02 K) after a temperature jump of 60 K. The interior of the chamber of dimensions 20x16x32 mm is filled with dry nitrogen surrounding the measuring capillary and thermometers (very fine thermocouples and RTD’s). The temperature jump is generated by switching the flow direction of the nitrogen serving as a heat transmitting fluid. To reduce the thermal boundary layer near the bottom and ceiling walls, they are made permeable and some gas is sucked out. The flow in the chamber is laminar. We compute the temperature field analytically and numerically, using the commercial software Fluent. The results indicate that the design objectives of the experimental device were met.
Electronic Health Record and Medical Guidelines in Cardiology
Zvárová, Jana ; Peleška, Jan ; Zvára Jr., Karel ; Mareš, Rudolf
In the paper we discuss the development of electronic medical guidelines in cardiology that can be interconnected with electronic health records. To support medical decision making in practice the web based software for treatment of hypertension using electronic guidelines was developed.
International Standards for calculation of Thermophysical Properties of Water and Steam
Šifner, Oldřich ; Mareš, R.
Information on contemporary state of international standards for calculation of thermodynamic, transport and other properties of water and steam, on steam tables and software based on the industrial formulation IAPWS-IF97 is given.
Authorized software for thermodynamic properties of water and steam
Mareš, R. ; Šifner, Oldřich
Information on subprograms developed for industrial calculations by the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam are presented. The subprograms in cooperation with the main world producers of power machinery has been tested and finaly authorized.
Thermophysical properties of ordinary water substance /KKE-20-2001/
Mareš, R. ; Šifner, Oldřich
The necessity of the replacement of IAPS-84 formulation with the new formulation IAPWS-IF97 is stressed in our report. Sources of the IF97 formulation, Steam Tables and software based on the new formulation are summarized. A proposal of Statement on t**computation of thermodynamic properties of ordinary (light) water substance is presented We presume that the Statement will be attached to the Report IAERA-TECDOC-949 or separately published in the data base of IAEA. News from the 2001 Annual IAPWS Me

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