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Regeneration - possibilities and utilisation at assault police units
Macura, Jan ; Nováková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Majorová, Simona (referee)
Goals: Goals of this thesis was to determine informedness and exploitation of the regeneration procedures at the assault police units in Czech Republic and eventually in foreign special units. Next goal was deeper and more comprehensive review about possible regeneration procedures. With aim to document these newly obtained informations and present them to the police units as trustworthy for next use. This part was aimed to ease the access to the policemen to the informations in this area, to outline the advantages and encourage them to the use of the regeneration procedures, to protection of health and for increase the effectiviness of the preparation for their demanding work. Method: For determination of the use of regeneration procedures at police assault units we have used questionare method. Questionare has been sent to the seven assault police units in Czech republic and to the four foreign special units in European Union countries. Results: Results shows that most demanding activity is physical training, most frequent injuries are injuries of the extremities and joints. Mostly used regenaration procedures are sauna and massage. There is also clearly seen informedness and attitude of policemen to the regeneration procedures. Possible use in assault police use is proposed. Keywords: regeneration,...
Flow properties of powders 1.
Macura, Jan ; Zatloukal, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Šklubalová, Zdeňka (referee)
In the theoretical part of the diploma theses, the methods of the measurement of the angle of repose were reviewed as well as the information about the relationship between the angle of repose and flow rate in pharmaceutical technology. In the experimental section, the relationship between flow rate and the drained angle of repose of the residual powder in a hopper was studied. For size fractions of sorbitol in range of 315 - 800 μm, the measurement had good reproducibility and the drained angle could be used to estimate powder flow rate in contrast to the same size fractions of potassium citrate showing the incidence of flow failures.
Technologie zpracování a likvidace neutralizačních kalů z povrchových úprav kovů
ČSUP, o.z. Uranové doly Dolní Rožínka ; Bořecký, Dalibor ; Pall, Milan ; Přikrylová, Jana ; Šťastná, Miroslava ; Špaček, Václav ; Macura, Jan ; Vejnar, Pavel ; Tomášek, Josef ; Neterda, Vladimír
Zpráva obsahuje výsledky laboratorního a poloprovozního ověření technologie zpracování neutralizačních kalů. Je diskutována otázka vzniku neutralizačních kalů, surovin používaných při jejich likvidaci, složení kalů a jejich nebezpečnost. Dále je popsán laboratorní výzkum technologie zpracování bohatých kalů.

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2 Macura, Jáchym
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