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Support for students with mental health disorders at a selected high school
Hejhalová, Tereza ; Machovcová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Zicha, Zbyněk (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The thesis focuses on the occurrence of mental disorders in adolescents and the provision of support through school counseling services. This topic is current and requires extensive discussion and increased public attention due to the growing issue of mental health problems among young people. The aim of the thesis is not only to clarify but also to describe in detail the issue of mental disorders in adolescents, with a special focus on school counseling centers and their staff. The theoretical part of the thesis presents an analysis of basic concepts related to health, adolescence, and mental disorders. It also includes a list of the most common mental disorders occurring in this age group. In addition, it provides a detailed analysis of the school counseling system, which provides a deeper insight into the structure and organization of the support provided. The practical part of the thesis utilizes qualitative research, which includes observations of the school environment, analysis of school documents, and interviews with school counseling center staff. These methods allow for an insight into the practical aspect of providing help and support to students with mental disorders in the selected school environment. The research section focuses on a detailed analysis of the counseling services...
The relationship between social identity, belonging, and motivation in the decision-making process of dropping out within one year of starting university studies among first-generation students
Ambrušová, Orsolya ; Machovcová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Škanderová, Taťána (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is dedicated to the study of first-generation students who decided to drop out of university within one year of starting their studies. The aim is to examine the reasons that led them to make this decision, the positive aspects of their studies and their subsequent completion and, finally, to identify the key moments and barriers to continuing their studies at university. The theoretical part of the thesis examines social identity, the phenomenon of belonging, motivation and support from family and the university. In addition, the harmonisation of work and study habits and the occurrence of imposter syndrome among first-generation students are discussed. The empirical part describes the qualitative research from the research problem to the methods of data interpretation. Nine respondents participated in the research and the qualitative data were collected through semi-structured interviews, then analysed and interpreted using the method of reflexive thematic analysis (Braun and Clarke, 2013). The findings show that the reasons for dropping out of higher education are many and varied. These include a fading sense of belonging, a search for stability in life and financial optimism. Furthermore, there was a discrepancy between the idealised image of university life and its real...
Imposter Syndrome in first generation college students
Malinovská, Tereza ; Machovcová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
The Bachelor thesis focus on the experience of imposter syndrome in first-generation college students. The aim of the thesis is to explore their experience of possible feelings of insecurity and to explore how being the first members of their family to pursue a university degree affects them. The thesis also aims to specify the extent to which unwanted feelings affect their mental health and academic achievement, in addition to seeking to map their motivational domains with respect to degree completion. The theoretical part deals with the characteristics of first-generation students, the importance of the role of parents in relation to their studies, the definition of imposter syndrome and the identification of the obstacles encountered by these students. The empirical part describes in detail the entire research process, including the definition of the research problem, objectives and questions, selection of participants, data collection method, analysis, interpretation and presentation of results. The research sample consists of six first-generation female students aged 20-22 years old who are full-time undergraduate students at university. The data was collected through semi-structured interviews and analyzed and interpreted through reflective thematic analysis. The research revealed the...
Tutoring in the context of studies at multi-year grammar schools
Míková, Michaela ; Machovcová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Váchová, Alena (referee)
1 ABSTRACT TITLE: Tutoring in the context of studies at high schools The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to describe the situation of tutoring at high schools. In the theoretical part, basic concepts regarding tutoring, motivation, self-confidence and stress from exams are defined. To obtain data, I conducted research using the method of group interviews, which was intended for respondents from the first - fourth grade. A total of 4 group interviews were carried out, with a total of 12 pupils, it brought valuable information regarding the students who are tutored and the reasons why they use tutoring. In the practical part, I focus on the analysis of the results. But what this study certainly brought to the attention of the fact that tutoring does not have to be only for less gifted students, it can also be for students who want to learn something more and improve themselves. Despite its limited scope, this study can serve as a starting point for more comprehensive research in this area. Key words Tutoring, motivation for tutoring, entrance exams, stress.
Complexity of social identity in relation to self-efficacy: analysis of hierarchy significance within a corporate environment
Křížová, Lucie ; Heider, David (advisor) ; Machovcová, Kateřina (referee)
In this paper, we examine the complexity of social identity in the corporate environment and its impact on individuals' perceived self-efficacy. We explore this relationship within the framework of a corporate hierarchy consisting of two identified groups: the BO group (non-technical and support experts) and the FO group (technical and business experts). The perceived prestige of these groups corresponds to a division between the high-status FO group and the low-status BO group. In the theoretical section, we discuss the definition of basic concepts to better contextualize them within the present issue. These concepts include social identity theory, self- categorization theory, the definition of in-group and out-group, and the status of groups. The aim of this endeavor was to investigate the relationship between the degree of identification with the in-group and perceived self-efficacy, how the relationship between identification with the firm as a whole and perceived self-efficacy manifests in the context of low-status/high-status groups, and the relationship between an individual's identification with the in-group and their identification with the whole group. To achieve this, we conducted a questionnaire survey in a specific firm (N=64), using methods that track subjective self-perception in an...
Construction and development of student identity of college students whose parents do not have university degree
Škanderová, Taťána ; Machovcová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Smetáčková, Irena (referee)
This master thesis investigates how student identity of college students whose parents do not have university degree is constructed and further developed. The aim is to find out what meanings, factors, resources, actors and identities enter and influence the process of building and developing their student identity. It focuses on turning points, which are accompanied by a change in their own identity and uncertainty in their own social and cultural world. The theoretical part of the work is focused on defining and describing the specific characteristics of college students with parents without a college degree, the problem of a deficit perspective on them and the specifics of first-generation students in more prestigious fields of study. The following sections deal with social and educational inequalities from a historical point of view in the Czech context and from the point of view of critical social psychology. The conclusion is devoted to identity, which is viewed from three theoretical perspectives, namely from the perspective of social identity theory, from the perspective of social constructivism, and from the sociocultural developmental perspective on identity changes. In the empirical part, repeated semi-structured in-depth interviews and photo diaries were used to collect data. The...

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