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Aktivní politika zaměstnanosti ve vybraných krajích
Machová, Lucie
The bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of active labour market policies in Moravian-Silesian Region and Usti Region. Its objective is to evaluate the efficiency of the active labour market policy’s measures with the use of statistical data from The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and The Labour office. The thesis focuses on the composition of measures, allocation of financial resources, targeting on disadvantaged groups in the labour market and overall results of active labour market policies in these regions. The bachelor thesis provides recommendations for future decisions on this issue.
Liability of the employee for damage
Máchová, Lucie ; Vysokajová, Margerita (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
Rigorous thesis deals with the employee's liability for damages in the Czech Republic, with regard to the German legislation. At first is defined the general concept of legal liability, followed by a section devoted to employment responsibilities, the next chapter of rigorous thesis is dedicated to the by the interpretation of responsibility for damage in labour law. The principle of damage prevention, assumptions of liability, as well as the definitions of basic terms is also mentioned. The main part of thesis is devoted to analysis of current legislation employee's liability for damage caused to the employer, but is also discussed the main features of the previous legislation. The various types of employee's liability for damages are described in detail, in particular their assumptions and extent of damages, and there is a treatise on the quantification of damages and possibilities of the insurance for damage caused by the professional negligence. In this thesis we can also find the passage devoted to legislation issues examined in the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition the comparison of Czech and German legislation employee's liability for damages thesis offers a comparison of labour and civil liability, as well as the responsibilities of employees compared with the employer's...
Ability of specially trained dogs to detect human scent which was exposed to different weather conditions over a long period
Machová, Lucie ; Vyplelová, Petra (advisor) ; Jaroslav, Jaroslav (referee)
Survivability of human scent was observed by many scientists mainly in artificial conditions (Hudson et al., 2009; Santariová et al. 2012; Preti et al., 2006). Against this exists a few researches about survivability of human scent in nature conditions (King et al., 1964; Santariová et al., 2016). On glass tubes were taken individual humant scent from 6 volunteers. Target scents were left outdoor during 2 different periods of year. Winter samples from 3 target people were outdoor from November to May and summer samples from other 3 people from May to December. Always after 3, 4, 5 a 6 months was taken scent from 1 glass tube of each target person. After last time period was taken scent from target people on cotton textile. Scent of other volunteer was taken at the same time for purpose scent deceptions. Then was observed if dogs will be able to identify these samples corectly. Specially trained dogs on scent identification line-ups get sample from outdoor environment and they should choose the identical human scent from line of 6 samples (with 1 target and 5 deceptions). The experiment showed, that dogs are able to identify winter samples in all time periods but are not able to identify summer samples in whatever time period. Time periods do not show any diference. The biggest influence on quality change of individual human scent has intensity of sun radiation.
European Capital of Culture project and its influence on tourism development in Pilsen and Pilsner region
Machová, Lucie ; Heřmanová, Eva (advisor) ; Kvítková, Zuzana (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on European Capital of Culture (EcoC) project and its extent of influence on tourism development in Pilsen and Pilsner region. The first chapter looks into the ECoC project. The second chapter focuses on the application for ECoC project that Pilsen sent in 2010, cultural program in Pilsen in 2015, volunteering program and mobile application invented exclusively for Pilsen EcoC 2015. The third chapter studies the extent of success and the turnout in Pilsen and Pilsner region and the changes in numbers of visitors in 2012-2015. The last chapter covers personal evaluation of parts of the project and personal evaluation of the program in 2015. The obtained results lead to certain conclusions and outlines of possible development of culture and development of tourism in Pilsen and Pilsner region.
The prevalence of the overweight and obesity of students studying the first grades in the ZF JU and the possibilities of the reduction by means of an interventional active plan
In my thesis I have been dealing with the prevalence of the overweight and obesity of students studying the first grades in the ZF JU and also with the possibilities of the reduction of these by means of the interventional active plan lasting 12 weeks. The prevalence of students´ overweight and obesity was finally found out thanks to the values of BMI, BIA, the girth and also thanks to the values gained by measuring with a caliper. On the basis of the research, which 160 students were involved in, the students with a higher portion of fat were chosen (33 probands to experimental group and 30 students to control group). Since February 2007 till May 2007 the experimental group was undergoing the interventional active plan. The plan was focused on the reduction of an actual body weight and it was also focused on an affecting of the psychical and social parameters in a positive way. After finishing this interventional active plan the obtained results were analysed by means of the statistic methods. This created plan could become an inspiration and also a clue for the organisations which are engaged in the problems of the overweight or obesity in the sphere of the development of health

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