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Impact of the intensive agriculture on the ecological functions of the landscape
MACH, Michal
This aim of this thesis was to compare the value of ecological functions of two areas with different intensity of the agricultural management. The expert methods of Seják et al. (2003, 2010) were used for the calculation of the ecological value of the area and of the value of ecosystem services. The BVM (Biotope Valuation Method) was used for the calculation of the ecological value. The Replacement Cost method was used for the calculation of the value of ecosystem services. The following services were evaluated: the flood-protective, production of the above-ground biomass, retention of the nutrients, support of biodiversity, production of oxygen, climatical service, and support of small water cycle. The rate of tillage was used as the indicator of the intensity of the agricultural management (25 % for the area I and 83 % for the area II), which corresponded to the proportion of natural biotops (60 biotops with total area of 108 ha in area I and 35 biotops with total area of 34 ha in area II).
A practical look at use of social networks for small and medium business
Mach, Michal ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Matuštík, Ondřej (referee)
Internet and Internet communication technologies have become an integral part of life for most of us. Commercial potential of these technologies has already been identified. The advent of new forms of communication and sharing content on the Internet, so-called Web 2.0, brought new trend to our lives. This new trend with great potential for further commercialization of the Internet, are social networks. This thesis deals mainly with issues of use of social networks for commercial communication. Social networks offers a wide range of opportunities for business development on the Internet in the future. Volume of use of social networks in the future depends not only on users of social networks, but also on skills and experience of corporate entities. The goal of the thesis is to provide a comprehensive view on this issue, analyze the current uses of each commercial channel on social networks and provide insight to possible future progress. The work is divided into three chapters. The first, theoretical part, defines online communication channels, social networks and analyse basic problems of commercial use of social networks. In the second part author provides an overview of the possibilities of use of social networks and their potential, their advantages and disadvantages. And also methods how to enter a field of social networking with a business. The third part is a case study of use of social networks for business development in a particular company. In this charter author applies knowledge from the theoretical part. Reader of the thesis should thus gain a complete understanding of the issues of commercial uses of social networks. In theoretical, and also in practical direction. The thesis could thus be a applicable guide for the use of all the opportunities that social networks provide these days. The benefit for the reader should be the ability to apply theoretical and practical procedures for developing their own business.
Evaluation of a field chopper NEW HOLLAND FX 50 during harvesting of tame hay and corn silage.
MACH, Michal
This bachelor thesis is engaged in the quality of work machine during harvest of corps for tame hay and silage. The thesis is coupled with economic point of view.
Payments for goods and services via mobile phones
Mach, Michal ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kubíček, Jovan (referee)
This thesis is focused on the issue of payment for goods or services by mobile phones. The area of mobile payments is a potential future payment system. To the extent to which the mobile payments in the future be used, however, depends not only on individual applications and technologies but also the readiness of potential users of these technologies and the willingness of users is fully used. The goal of this publication is to provide a comprehensive picture of this issue, analyze the possibility of using different technologies for mobile phone payments, to map the current situation in the segment of mobile payments and provide insight into the possible future development. The work can be divided into three parts. First, the theoretical part, defines mobile payments, says the reader into the introduction of mobile payments and describes the possibility of using these technologies. Second, the practical part, the analysis of the questionnaire. This questionnaire is primarily focused on the use of applications, mobile payments among users of mobile phones in the Czech Republic. When evaluating a questionnaire is given priority to conclude that could be used in the introduction of mobile payments. The third part is an example of mobile payments applications in other fields. Readers of this thesis would have to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the issue of mobile payments, technology and applications of mobile payments. Alternatively, to obtain information about how to use these payments in their business.

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