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Optimization of Light Jet Aircraft Air-brake Bracket
Kopecký, Marek ; Maňas, Pavel (referee) ; Koutný, Daniel (advisor)
The master thesis deals with a design of an air brake bracket for a light jet aircraft. The shape of the bracket was topologically optimized and manufactured using Selective Laser Melting technology using the AlSi10Mg material, resulting in a 37% reduction in weight. The component was verified using FEA. The real prototype was destructively tested to determine its behaviour and then was compared with the FEA simulation. The testing also confirmed that the bracket complies with the given load conditions and has almost five times greater load capacity compared to the operating load. The new design of the lightweight bracket will increase the range of the aircraft and reduce the carbon footprint.
Development of hybrid technology for the production of polymer latice structures
Florián, Vojtěch ; Maňas, Pavel (referee) ; Škaroupka, David (advisor)
This thesis deals with the development of a hybrid technology for the production of polymeric rod structures from PLA filament. The main objective of this technology is to increase the printing productivity by forming some of the rods in BCCXYZ structure without melting them completely. The first step was to conduct basic research on polymer forming. This involved a series of tests, including FEM simulations, printing of individual strut members, and analysis of morphology using X-ray powder diffraction (XRD). The results confirmed the feasibility of polymer forming, which led to further development of hybrid printing technology for BCCXYZ structures. The fabricated structures were subjected to compression loading tests and compared with the results of other printing technologies, including their production costs. In this way, the advantages of the hybrid filament rod structure printing technology were identified. To demonstrate the technology, a mould simulating a fibreglass part was created. This research contributes to the advancement of polymer structure printing and has the potential to improve the efficiency and economic viability of the process in industrial applications.
Design of device for inspection of final casting
Kutílek, Tomáš ; Maňas, Pavel (referee) ; Vaverka, Michal (advisor)
This thesis is focused on construction of device for inpection of final casting for machine casting dedicated for tension of car cam belt. Device for inpection of final casting is operated by pneumatic parts and is intended to check operational parts of the machine casting. Control is designed directly to enterprise production. It is constructed according to the custom requirements and it’s operability was confirmed on a prototype. It’s construction solves the problems with manual checking. General analysis of machine cast checking as well as analysis of machine casting dedicated for tension of car cam belt in the submitting company is included in the thesis. Moreover, the thesis comprises of discussion of the construction itself, discussion of pneumatic operating elements and economical and technological review.
Analysis of mechanical loads of selected structural parts of the excavator during operation
Busta, Michal ; Maňas, Pavel (referee) ; Vosynek, Petr (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the issue of computational modeling of soil harvesting while using the compact excavator from the company DOOSAN BOBCAT EMEA s.r.o.. The solution consists in creating two computational models in Rocky DEM and Ansys Mechanical. Rocky DEM software is used to solve the disconnection of soil by excavator components using the discrete element method. The outcome includes courses of forces and moments during the particular time of the individual joints of the model that was used. The obtained courses are then applied as an external load to the joint of a selected structural part of the analyzed model using a kinematic model in ANSYS Mechanical. The kinematic model consists of simplified geometry models of individual parts of the excavator arm, and a more detailed geometry model of the analyzed part of the arm. All the parts are connected to each other by rotational bonds representing joints. A static structural analysis of the mechanical stress is performed in ANSYS Mechanical for the prepared model during the simulated process. Finally, the selected structural part is assessed with respect to the elastic limit and fatigue strength.
Using of Reinforcement Learning for Four Legged Robot Control
Ondroušek, Vít ; Maga,, Dušan (referee) ; Maňas, Pavel (referee) ; Singule, Vladislav (referee) ; Březina, Tomáš (advisor)
The Ph.D. thesis is focused on using the reinforcement learning for four legged robot control. The main aim is to create an adaptive control system of the walking robot, which will be able to plan the walking gait through Q-learning algorithm. This aim is achieved using the design of the complex three layered architecture, which is based on the DEDS paradigm. The small set of elementary reactive behaviors forms the basis of proposed solution. The set of composite control laws is designed using simultaneous activations of these behaviors. Both types of controllers are able to operate on the plain terrain as well as on the rugged one. The model of all possible behaviors, that can be achieved using activations of mentioned controllers, is designed using an appropriate discretization of the continuous state space. This model is used by the Q-learning algorithm for finding the optimal strategies of robot control. The capabilities of the control unit are shown on solving three complex tasks: rotation of the robot, walking of the robot in the straight line and the walking on the inclined plane. These tasks are solved using the spatial dynamic simulations of the four legged robot with three degrees of freedom on each leg. Resulting walking gaits are evaluated using the quantitative standardized indicators. The video files, which show acting of elementary and composite controllers as well as the resulting walking gaits of the robot, are integral part of this thesis.
Design of aircraft power unit
Poledno, Martin ; Maňas, Pavel (referee) ; Nevrlý, Josef (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with basic design and calculation of an aircraft power unit (APU). For desired shaft power the thermal cycle is calculated. Basic dimensions of compressor, turbine and exhaust system are calculated as well as thermodynamic parameters of air and hot gases along the motor. Corresponding compressor map, turbine map and characteristics of the exhaust system are designed. Based on these characteristics, an effective shaft power is being calculated in various off-design conditions. Dependency of the shaft power vs. altitude is also presented. All the calculations are made in MATLAB. Finally, simplified motor cross-section is created.
Design of frame of recumbent bicycle
Gayer, Tomáš ; Maňas, Pavel (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is evolution of the new model of tricycle. This thesis describes process of engineering from design of several parts and whole frame in CAD system Autodesk Inventor, to creating complete drawing documentation. Next part of this thesis is focused on basic static-structural analysis using finite element method in software ANSYS Workbench and determining boundary conditions for this analysis. The final part is about visualization of the new tricycle.
Equipment for tensioning of mesh on the disc filter segments
Baňoch, Ondřej ; Maňas, Pavel (referee) ; Brandejs, Jan (advisor)
The master thesis deals with mechanical design of device used for stretching and fixing filtration fabric on plastics frames segments for disc filtration device. The thesis was solved in cooperation with IN-EKO Team company that deals with development and manufacturing of filter units. Solution is connected to already ended project FR-T13/699 (end of the year 2013). At the beginning is described the field of filtration devices in broader context with description of the overall functionality these devices and description of used elements in final design. Opening text is followed by concretization of task list and descriptions of concepts variants which are based on FEM analysis of behavior of stretched filtration fabric. The best concept is processed in detail as mechanical design along with pneumatic and PLC control design. Critical part of the design is stretching clamp which was experimentally verified by using experimental clamp in combination with testing machine. The whole design is developed for mass production of disc segments for disc filter which is projected in to the level of the automation.
Stand-up power wheelchair
Juříček, Václav ; Maňas, Pavel (referee) ; Černý, Michal (advisor)
This thesis deals with the structural design and manufacture of special power wheelchair prototype in collaboration with company Brano. Remarkable feature of this wheelchair is the ability to pull its user to an upright position, offering the greater independence, self-sufficiency and medically positive impact on physical functions. The content of this thesis is devoted to a search of the current state of knowledge in the matter, structural analysis of complete wheelchair assembly with a detailed description of each component including the important calculations and analyzes, as well as a description of the wheelchair testing. The conclusion presents summarization of all the results in structural, technological and economic terms.
Design of the mounting device for verification of parameters of acoustic emission sensors
Charvát, Vlastimil ; Maňas, Pavel (referee) ; Mazal, Pavel (advisor)
This Master’s thesis is concerned with project and construction of several versions of mounting device for verification of acoustic emission sensors parameters, selection of optimal solution and its testing. In addition is described the measurement procedure, that allows detailed analysis and evaluation of the data focused on comparing of parameters of acoustic emission sensors.

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