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Detoxification of coffee sediments by oxidation processes
Maňáková, Helena ; Pořízka, Jaromír (referee) ; Diviš, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the detoxification of used coffee grounds by the oxidation processes. The theoretical section describes the characterization of coffee beans and used coffee grounds. Furthermore, this section describes the valorisation of coffee grounds, especially its application as a fertilizer. The final part of the theoretical section focuses on the characterization of phenolic compounds, which are responsible for toxic properties of used coffee grounds, and analytical methods are described, which include UV–VIS spectrophotometry and high–performance liquid chromatography. The aim of the experimental part is the sample preparation, the application of the effective detoxification process and the analysis of the detoxificated used coffee grounds, focusing on the content of phenolic compounds. At the end of the experimental part, data processing is described. Three types of coffee grounds were used for determination of phenolic compounds: raw, defatted and the third type was defatted and simultaneously hydrolysed. High amounts of phenolic acids were identified in every sample, especially the gallic, ferulic, chlorogenic and caffeic acid. After an oxidizing agent was applied, positive detoxification of every sample of used coffee grounds was confirmed. For the most effective and most economical oxidation, a 1% oxidizing agent was chosen, which after a 10–minute oxidization efficiently reduced the content of the phenolic compound.
CRM Software-as-a-Service in Czech Republic
Maňáková, Helena ; Žebrák, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kacerovský, Jiří (referee)
Customer relationship management includes all the sophisticated methodologies. It is a comprehensive way to manage the relationships which company has with its customers. There is a fierce competiton between companies, small businesses have to compete on equal terms with large organizations. This situation leads to discussion about customer oriented approach and diligence to prevent the loss of customer portfolio. Increase in the knowledge of customers is a key point of success. Information technology boosts customer relationship management. Companies face expensiveness of technologies and they try to find cheaper and more reachable solution. To find and evaluate criteria of success of CRM Software-as-a-Service in Czech Republic is the objective of my thesis. The goal is to define a method on how to find aspects of success, to research and to evaluate the results. Thesis contains insight into levels of CRM, summary of criteria of CRM choice, description of SaaS technology, research, results and final conclusion.
Non-traditional ways of investment
Maňáková, Helena ; Smrčka, Luboš (advisor) ; Zámečník, Petr (referee)
Bakalářská práce pojednává o netradičních formách investování vzhledem k aktuálně nejvíce diskutovaným tématům jako jsou investice do vína, investice do vody, investice do zlata, investice do umění, investice do aut, sportovní sázení a sázení v kasinu.

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