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Svatopluk Košvanec
Němec, Zdeněk ; SUŠICKÝ, Jiří (advisor) ; MALIMÁNEK, Karel (referee)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the most legendary Czech jazz trombonist Svatopluk Košvanec. His life full of significant but also gloomy stories and events after his death.
Manufacture of brass instruments
Müller, Vít ; MALIMÁNEK, Karel (advisor) ; SEIDL, Jiří (referee)
The theme of my master‘s thesis is Manufacture of brass instruments. The aim of this work is get to reader complete procedures from the processing of raw material to the finished instrument. In the introductory part I brefly deal with the production and processing of metals. The following chapters contain complete information about the manufacture of brass and chronologically from acceptance of material to the finished instruments intended for sale. To illustrate and better idea are enclosed Pictures taken in the faktory of musical instruments, to which it is possible to see the individual steps and production details.
The Castle Guard Band of the Military Office of the President of the Republic
Homolka, Martin ; SUŠICKÝ, Jiří (advisor) ; MALIMÁNEK, Karel (referee)
This master´s thesis deals with The Castle Guard Band of the Military Office of the President of the Republic which is part of the Prague Castle Guard since 1990. Starting with historical context, former and current command, up to particular members of the orchestra; employment of some alumnus of the basic military service included.
Psychoanalysis like a narative tool
Dvořák, Michal ; MALIMÁNEK, Karel (advisor) ; BROTHÁNEK, Adam (referee)
We see the film like a reality because our perception of the film is like a reality around us. Movie as a dream and like a dream has unique tools how describe our soul and unconscious processes. This advantage is a crucial for my research, how can be useful for understanding how our unconscious works. C. G. Jung and Joseph Campbell and his work helps me with looking for the answer. How can film speak to us through the psychological layer instead of the narrative layer.
Between life and death
Veljanoski, Antonio ; MALIMÁNEK, Karel (advisor) ; TRAJKOV, Ivo (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on film scenes or sequences in which the main characters move from life to death (i.e. they die) and from death to life. The thesis contains a summary and analysis of these scenes from editorial and psychological point of view, as well as from formal point of view. This thesis presents only the most basic examples of the world cinematography. Sequence selection includes a variety of cases that differ from one another. The aim is to analyse the different variations of the examples, which enables the readers of this thesis to understand the importance of editing and film dramaturgy during the creation of film, and it shows how they affect the behavior of the characters from a psychological point of view. Some of the films that deal with this subject are not covered by this diploma thesis because they contain the tools already used in another film that was made earlier and has already been analysed in the text. The thesis focuses mainly on feature films, not on animated ones. This thesis includes a DVD, which contains almost all the analyzed scenes.
The Czech stage repertoire for tuba
Adamec, Jan ; MALIMÁNEK, Karel (advisor) ; SUŠICKÝ, Jiří (referee)
In this paper I deal with compositions by Czech authors that contains tuba parts or tuba solos. The following pages contain a lot of interesting pieces of information about the compositions of various genres – from brass and classical music to jazz. Besides the factual information, concerning the origins of particular pieces, or the circumstances of the premieres, the thesis also contains short biographies of the composers. In my opinion the part called “A word from the Author” in particular is very profitable as it cites the composers’ own words about their pieces.
Secondary Defensive Mechanisms in Psychoanalysis
Malimánek, Karel ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Bahbouh, Radvan (referee)
Analysis of the secondary defensive mechanisms, considering psychoanalytic theories of a intrapsychic conflict, is the goal of this thesis. The thesis focuses on contemporary approaches and concepts to secondary defensive mechanisms with theoretical and observational point of view. Repression is considered to be the basis of the secondary defensive mechanisms. Afterwards the thesis focuses on work of Sigmund Freud with respect to his articulation of defense, repression and defensive mechanism in accordance with psychoanalytic theory of conflict, changing over time. Anna Freud and revision of structural model by Charles Brenner are also mentioned. The emphasis is put on conflicts of oedipal period with respect to research project. Afterwards the thesis focuses on attempts to experimentally demonstrate repression considering defects. The research project is the replication and relates to repression of incestuous story concerning grammar school students. Keywords defensive mechanisms, repression, defense, intrapsychic conflict, structural model, Oedipal complex
Functions of Consciousness in Psychoanalysis and Analytical Psychology
Malimánek, Karel ; Kebza, Vladimír (advisor) ; Šípek, Jiří (referee)
Analysis of the most important functions of consciousness, considering its relations with unconsciousness in psychoanalysis and analytical psychology, is the goal of this thesis. The sources of the thesis are the tophographic and structural models of Sigmund Freud. These models enable analysing the functions of consciousness in the context of psyche structure from the psychoanalytical and psychodynamic point of view. Afterwards the thesis focuses on the extension and the functional autonomy of Ego within the structural subject theory known from authors like A. Freud, Hartmann, Brunner and others. These are the concepts of adaptation and Ego defensive functions especially. Carl Gustav Jung and his concept of the fully antonomous Ego is presented in the end of the theoretical part. The research project, that si being proposed in the very end of this thesis, deals with one of the Ego defense mechanisms - the repression. Keywords psychoanalysis, consciousness, ego, adaptation, defense mechanisms
Technology of a trombone
Bergmann, Michal ; SUŠICKÝ, Jiří (advisor) ; MALIMÁNEK, Karel (referee)
This work are processed unreleased and unpublished findings of prof. Jaroslav Ušák supplemented with modern knowledge. The technology of a trombone is broadly conceived theme, but if we set aside just one sector, the picture would be incomplete and perhaps even nonsensical. It deals in detail with the construction of the instrument, its production and its difficulties, but also the difficulties of emboucher or a mechanical improvements. It also contains a short chapter about mutes.
Patcelt, Miroslav ; MALIMÁNEK, Karel (advisor) ; REJLEK, Vladimír (referee)
The theme of this thesis is groundbreaking 70s and 80s playing the tuba. The work divided into four chapters and subchapters. In the first chapter I write about major tuba players 70s and 80s. The first chapter and its subchapters consider crucial part of this thesis. The second chapter presents the most important authors and their songs that were to develop playing the tuba very important. The third chapter is devoted to the International Association of tuba, which was created at that time and for progress in the style of playing the tuba, it was very important. The fourth chapter is devoted to an interview with Jim Self and Pavel Trnka.

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