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Assessment as a way to self-knowledge not only in the teaching of mathematics at the first stage of elementary school
Handíková, Karolína ; Kvaszová, Milena (advisor) ; Macháčková, Jana (referee)
HANDÍKOVÁ KAROLÍNA, Assessment as a Way to Self-Knowledge Not Only in Teaching Mathematics at the First Level of Elementary School, Prague, Faculty of Education, Charles University, 2022. The diploma thesis Assessment as a Way to Self-Knowledge Not Only in the Teaching of Mathematics at the First Stage of Primary School deals with the methods of assessment used in the first period of education of pupils at primary schools. The thesis consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. Evaluation is an integral part of education, and just as other parts of education are transformed on the basis of changes in society, evaluation also undergoes upheavals and changes so that it is effective and responds to the latest trends in pedagogy. Assessment is a big topic for educators, and many of them think about an appropriate form of assessment on a daily basis. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the concept of school evaluation, its functions and distinguishes various types of school assessment. Evaluation is viewed in the thesis on three levels - self-evaluation, peer evaluation and teacher evaluation. The practical part consists of a survey in which teachers at the first stage of primary school are interviewed, as well as the pupils themselves attending the first stage of primary school. Teachers...
Teacher's approach to language and situational context of mathematical word problem
Viktorová, Martina ; Havlíčková, Radka (advisor) ; Macháčková, Jana (referee)
The focus of this thesis is to investigate how the elementary school teachers work with mathematical word problem from the perspective of language and situational-contextual level of word problem. Furthermore it is focused on the teachers' work approach to the word problem and identification of phenomena oriented to one of cognitive modes - paradigmatic and narrative described by J. S. Bruner (1986) and O. Chapman (2006). The main research method of this thesis is based on observing how the teachers work with the word problem in class and interviewing them as well as pupils. In the theoretical part of the thesis the mathematical word problem is determined, and it is focused on the word problem on the level of language and context. The cognitive functioning of pupil is described as well as the two problem solving approaches - narrative and paradigmatic by J. S. Bruner, and their application during solving the word problem according to O. Chapman's elaboration. Furthermore the definition of word problem and specification of non-standard word problem in curriculum document FEP BE is described. The practical part is based on qualitative research. The research is designed to provide objective information about the teachers' approach to the word problem and teachers' way of working with language and...
Ways of creativity development in elementary mathematics education
Horáčková, Klára ; Tichá, Marie (advisor) ; Macháčková, Jana (referee)
3 TITLE: Ways of creativity development in elementary mathematics education SUMMARY: This thesis deals with creativity - from a general concept to a more specific perspective - creativity in mathematics lessons and textbooks at elementary schools in relation to the curriculum method and transformation of a number of textbooks towards unique teaching methods. The aim of this thesis is to describe the current situation on a selected sample of experimental groups - elementary school classes (two of them second year and three of them fourth year) which specialize on integration of pupils with specific learning and behavioral disabilities as well as extraordinarily talented pupils and thus provide the broadest possible range of pupils, which enables to find possible links between the used methods and creative teaching approach including creating one's own teaching materials and consequently searching for possible ways to develop creativity of pupils in relation to used methods, textbooks, other materials and forms of work. This thesis uses the following research methods: quantitative and qualitative research, empirical methods - observation, description, analysis. KEYWORDS: creativity, talent, imagination, originality, diagnosis, motivation
The Influence on Production of Secondary Metabolits in Tissue Culture Hypericum perforatum (L.)
Machačková, Jana ; Martin, Jan (advisor) ; Tůmová, Lenka (referee)
Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Farmacognosy Candidate Mgr. Jana Machačková Consultant PharmDr. Jan Martin, Ph.D. Title of Thesis The influence on production of secondary metabolits in tissue culture Hypericum perforatum (L.) Using of precursors is one of the biotechnological methods, where precursors are added to the culture medium. Callus and suspensions cultures of Hypericum perforatum L. were used. Fenylalanin and cinnamoyl acid in concentrations 20,0 g/l, 2,0 g/l and 0,2 g/l, resp. 25,0 g/l, 2,5 g/l and 0,25 g/l were used as precursors. The effect of precursors on the production of flavonoids was evaluated after 4, 24 and 168 hours. Cultures were cultivated on Murashige and Skoog medium with addition 2 mg/ml growthing hormon BAP. HPLC method for analysis was used. Generally, the highest increase of flavonoids was made by precursor fenylalanin in concentration B in callus and suspensions cultures. The top in production of quercitrin was detected in suspension cultures after application fenylalanin in concentration C after 168 hours cultivation (from 0,16 % to 0,22 %). Hyperosid was the most increased by fenylalanin in concentration C after 4 hours cultivation (from 0,24 % to 0,35 %). Cinnamoyl acid as precursor is not suitable for increase...
A Floristic Study of Petřín
Macháčková, Jana ; Dostál, Petr (advisor) ; Skýbová, Jana (referee)
The first part of the thesis describes culture-historical and natural features of the gardens at Petřín. The reader learns about the protected area in the upper part of the gardens and crucial influences of human activity in this area in the past and present. The second part deals with the results of a dendrological survey carried out in the Kinský Garden and Nebozízek and floristic research of the nature monument Petřínská skalka in the period between spring 2004 and autumn 2005. The results of the mapping have been recorded in table files that relate to attached documentary maps. In the discussion, I compare the findings of the thesis to the results of inventoried materials and suggest possible causes of the differences obtaining between the two lists. In the didactic part, I suggest a way of using this area for educational purposes. It contains two tracks - one focused on timber species and the second on complex cognition of nature. Worksheets were for both the tracks. The text also includes documentary photographs of some monitored timber species and plants. Powered by TCPDF (
In vitro cultures of medicinal of plants - VII
Machačková, Jana ; Tůmová, Lenka (advisor) ; Martin, Jan (referee)
In vitro cultures of medicinal of plants - VII Elicitation is one of the methods that can be used to increase production or accumulation of secondary metabolites in explants cultures. There were used callus and suspensions cultures of Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn. Derivate N-phenylpyrazin-2-carboxamid was used as abiotic elicitor in concentrations c1=1.159x10-3 mol/l, c2=1.159x10-4 mol/l and c3=1.159x10- 5 mol/l. The effect of elicitors on the production (flavonolignans of silymarin complex and flavonoid of taxifolin) was evaluated after 6, 12, 24, 48, 72 and 168 hours. Cultures were cultivated on Murashige and Skoog medium with addition 10 mg/ml α-naphtylacetic acid (α- NAA). HPLC method for analysis was used. The maximal content of flavonolignans was reached after elicitor application in concentration c2 after 168 h in callus culture (0,08%). However the highest content of silydianin was detected after application of elicitor in concentration c1 (0.11 %) in suspensions culture. The maximal content of flavonoid taxifolin was noted in of nutritient medium of suspensions cultures.
Rights to sign in Czech positive law
Macháčková, Jana ; Pítra, Vladimír (advisor) ; Růžička, Michal (referee)
and keywords The purpose of the thesis is to analyse the legal regulation and the system of registration of rights to signs, which are most commonly used on national as well as international markets, i.e. rights to a trademark, appellation of origin and a geographical indication. The aim of this thesis therefore includs definition of the registration system of the mentioned rights to sign with reference to their specifications, the registration ability conditions (taking into consideration the decision practise of the Industrial Property Office), as well as the different character of protection of their owners. Significant attention is also paid to the system of legal protection of the rights to sign with respect to the fact, that there exists the national, international and Communitary system of protection of these rights. The beginning of the thesis describes the structure of rights to sign, the corresponding specification of concept of intellectual and industrial property rights and it characterises the subject of industrial property rights with respect to the legal regulation, the conception of legal protection of industrial property rights and conditions of grant of protection. The introductory text deals with the general exposition to rights to sign and mainly to historical circumstances of...
Perception and Interpretation of Fractions by Pupils in the 5th Grade of Primary School
Vašíčková, Jana ; Tichá, Marie (advisor) ; Macháčková, Jana (referee)
The essential part of this diploma thesis is a classification of works obtained from an investigation aimed on determination of conceptions of fractions by pupils in the fifth form of the primary school. The experiment consists of four tasks, which were given to children in four different classes. I have classified produced works according to bases of division, which I had established. Mainly concerned classifications are the thematic classifying, classifying in accordance with the "type of children's works" and classifying based on occurred interpretations of fractions. I was trying to find such criterions that would state in evidence of what conceptions and knowledge of fractions do the pupils in the fifth form have. According to gained results I think that I fulfilled this goal. When I was sorting the works of children, I found out that there is a huge amount of large-scaled works that can become basis for another research.
Methods for overcoming differences in pace of students in mathematics lessons
Plívová, Anežka ; Havlíčková, Radka (advisor) ; Macháčková, Jana (referee)
- 4 - ABSTRACT This diploma thesis is focused on teacher's strategies in mathematics lessons with different work paces of pupils, specifically pupils with above-average pace. The theoretical part of the thesis summarizes and explains the basic concepts related to the identification of smart and gifted pupils. The next part is focused on models of talent, teaching pupils with above- average pace, as well as a transmissive and a constructivist approach to teaching. The used research method was observation and discussion in focus groups. The basis of the practical part of the diploma thesis is a set of collected information and its arrangement into the so- called typology of teacher strategies when working with a pupil who works at an above- average pace in mathematics lessons with the described advantages or risks of individual strategies. The main goal of this diploma thesis was to collect ways in which the teacher copes with the different paces of students in mathematics lessons, mainly focusing on pupils with above-average work rates. Thesis describes benefits as well as risks that could arise in the application of strategies for the described individual methods. KEYWORDS above-average pace, mathematics teaching, gifted pupil, bright pupil, teacher's strategy
World of plane and world of space in pre-mathematical literacy
Lorencová, Karolina ; Kaslová, Michaela (advisor) ; Macháčková, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of distinguishing and denominating of geometric models by children aged five to six years. The aim of the work is to find out to what extent children are currently able to distinguish the world of the plane and the world of space and to what extent these two worlds merge for children. There are three hypotheses. H1: "Children are able to identify at least half of objects from a set of spatial bodies selected from a construction set.", hypothesis H2: "More than a half of children are confused naming planar and spatial objects." and hypothesis H3: "When identifying some of the objects familiar to children, they come up with their own names for them." To verify them, quantitative research was used, which also used audio recording to get data and to be able analyze the observed phenomena. The research confirmed all of those three these hypotheses. Two thousand two hundred data were analyzed. The work on a sample of hundred children shows what the level of object distinction and naming them is currently among preschool children in the Pilsen region. It opens up a number of other areas that need to be further addressed and lots of questions to be answered. These include mixing the world of space and the plane. KEYWORDS Space; plane; identification of 3D objects;...

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