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Gradual change model
Míchal, Petr ; Hlávka, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Pešta, Michal (referee)
The thesis aims at change-point estimation in gradual change models. Methods avail- able in literature are reviewed and modified for point-of-stabilisation (PoSt) context, present e.g. in drug continuous manufacturing. We describe in detail the estimation in the linear PoSt model and we extend the methods to quadratic and Emax model. We describe construction of confidence intervals for the change-point, discuss their interpre- tation and show how they can be used in practice. We also address the situation when the assumption of homoscedasticity is not fulfilled. Next, we run simulations to calculate the coverage of confidence intervals for the change-point in discussed models using asymp- totic results and bootstrap with different parameter combinations. We also inspect the simulated distribution of derived estimators with finite sample. In the last chapter, we discuss the situation when the model for the data is incorrectly specified and we calculate the coverage of confidence intervals using simulations. 1
In Between Film and Comics
Michal, Petr ; Kořínek, Pavel (advisor) ; JANEČEK, Vít (referee)
Theses compares film and comic book release of animated documentary film Waltz with Bashir and aims to name opportunities and pitfalls, which comic form (as a form of „documentary“) contains.
Tests for Paired Categorical Data
Míchal, Petr ; Komárek, Arnošt (advisor) ; Omelka, Marek (referee)
In this paper we deal with paired categorical data. We will test marginal ho- mogeneity and symmetry of corresponding probability table. At first, we describe multinomial distribution and contingency tables. In the next section, we deal with dichotomic paired categorical data, we derive McNemar's test and describe test for small sample sizes. Further, we state tests for general paired categorical data, Stuart's and Bhapkar's test are described. We then state test derived by Bowker, which is used for testing symmetry of probability table. In the last section, we show simulations of McNemar's test in software R. 1
Incidental disputes in Insolvency proceeding
Michal, Petr ; Winterová, Alena (advisor) ; Macková, Alena (referee) ; Kučera, František (referee)
The aim of this thesis named "Incidental disputes in Insolvency proceeding", is to analyze a theme of Incidental disputes at the point of view of a insolvency law of the Czech Republic. These disputes were in history called in different ways. In the appropriate part of this thesis we will see the history of the Incidental disputes in the relevant Civil Codes of the Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia. This area of law is typical for its generality when the essential influence is reserved for a judicature. For that reason there is a great emphasis on the decisions of the Czech Republic's Supreme Court and courts in this thesis. The thesis is considering and focuses on the question, if the same insolvency judge should or should not decide in the matters of the Incidental disputes during ongoing Insolvency proceedings. On one hand there is a statement No. 448/2004 of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, which says that it is contrary to requirements of the prejudice of the judge and the independence of court. The Constitutional Court maintains a position that the Insolvency Court should not decide an incidental disputes where the insolvency administrator appears as a litigant. The Constitutional Court says that the legal relationship between the Insolvency Court and the Insolvency...
The idea of autorship in the 21st century and the relationshim between fans and autorproduced content based on the reception of the final episode of the mass effect videogame series
Michal, Petr ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Reifová, Irena (referee)
In this paper, we look at a media controversy that took effect at the release of the third game of the Mass Effect videogame series. The fans hated the ending of the game and demanded the publisher change it, which later happened. The fans have thus been given a certain amount of power and influence that wasn't too standard. The first part of the paper deals with videogame theory - we talk about the expressive power of videogames and how it can influence people. With the help of Henry Jenkins and Pierre Lévy we then showcase several media theories which attempt to explain the relationship between the fans, authors and content. Central to this paper is a qualitative research of chosen internet forum posts where we have attempted to learn the reasons for the fans' outrage. In the summary, we summarize what we have learned so far and attempt to put it all together.
Presidential System in Brazil
Michal, Petr ; Buben, Radek (advisor) ; Koubek, Jiří (referee)
(English) Brazil is not gifted by greatest conditions for its existence - president do have strong legislative powers, which allow him to dominate politics, and he is confronted by severely fragmented legislature. This kind of political constellation should cause strong political crises and should be responsible for unstability of political regime. In this paper, we are trying to describe reasons why it is not so. Thanks to the change of international ideological and political context (i.e. end of Cold War) democracy has been internalized by various political actors and army returned back to barracks. Parliament and president were left alone to face their own fate. Even though president dominates legislative process (thanks to his strong powers) and can structure parliament's choices, constitution (de facto) forces him to seek support in parliament and create wider coalitions. On the other hand parliament has strong tools how to offer president alternative proposals and de facto decides if president's policy will be permanent or not. In extreme cases (i.e. political crises) is parliament proactive actor, which controls presidents survival.
Marketing Strategy of the CSSD Party in the Campaign for the Preterm Parliamentary Elections in Year 2009
Michal, Petr ; Dolanský, Pavel (advisor) ; Hejlová, Denisa (referee)
Diploma thesis "Marketing strategy of the ČSSD party in the campaign for the preterm parliamentary elections in year 2009" tries to analyze the campaign of the Czech Socail Democratic Party for the preterm parliamentary elections in year 2009. The thesis begins with a brief introduction into the theory of political communication and political marketing and continues with appointing of the various roles a party can play in the pre-election campaign. The main body of the thesis is dedicated to the description of the electorate and the analysis of the Social Democratic campaign using the description over time method. The thesis ends with a concise analysis of the results of the campaign.
Democratic transition of Mozambique in 1990s
Michal, Petr ; Buben, Radek (advisor) ; Slačálek, Ondřej (referee)
This essey deals with transition to democracy in Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world. The main objective is to show, that well managed transition is not just a question of Southern Europe or South America and can be find also in Africa. The essay deals with postindependence Mozambique, non-democratic regime, transition to democracy and consolidation of democratic system.

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