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On type II universal spacetimes
Hervik, S. ; Málek, Tomáš ; Pravda, Vojtěch ; Pravdová, Alena
We briefly summarize our recent results on type II universal metrics of the Lorentzian signature. These metrics simultaneously solve all vacuum field equations of theories of gravity with the Lagrangian being a polynomial curvature invariant constructed from the metric, the Riemann tensor and its covariant derivatives of arbitrary order. It turns out that the results critically depend on the dimensionality of the spacetime. While we discuss examples of type II universal metrics for all composite number dimensions, we have no examples for prime number dimensions. Furthermore, we have proven the non-existence of type II universal spacetimes in five dimensions.
Determination of the amount of the amorphous phase using x-ray diffraction
Málek, Tomáš ; Daniš, Stanislav (advisor) ; Kužel, Radomír (referee)
Using quantitative analysis based on x-ray diffraction entails complication in the amorphous phase contribution to signal background which may affect results. Often it is impossible to ignore this contribution and thus is appropriately to use some method for separation of the amorphous phase contribution from signal eventually also determine amount of amorphous phase in the sample. Although x-ray diffraction is used for crystalline samples is almost inevitable keep sample clear from amorphous phase which is in all polycrystalline sample in some amount. In this thesis we will effort to determine method or combination of methods which is possible to use for determination of the amount of the amorphous phase that we can use for cleaning results of quantitative analysis from the amorphous phase contribution.
General Relativity in Higher Dimensions
Málek, Tomáš ; Pravda, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Raeymaekers, Joris (referee) ; Podolský, Jiří (referee)
vii Title: General relativity in higher dimensions Author: Tomáš Málek Institute: Institute of Theoretical Physics Supervisor: Mgr. Vojtěch Pravda, PhD., Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Abstract: In the first part of this thesis, Kerr-Schild metrics and extended Kerr- Schild metrics are analyzed in the context of higher dimensional general relativ- ity. Employing the higher dimensional generalizations of the Newman-Penrose formalism and the algebraic classification of spacetimes based on the existence and multiplicity of Weyl aligned null directions, we establish various geometri- cal properties of the Kerr-Schild congruences, determine compatible Weyl types and in the expanding case discuss the presence of curvature singularities. We also present known exact solutions admitting these Kerr-Schild forms and con- struct some new ones using the Brinkmann warp product. In the second part, the influence of quantum corrections consisting of quadratic curvature invariants on the Einstein-Hilbert action is considered and exact vacuum solutions of these quadratic gravities are studied in arbitrary dimension. We investigate classes of Einstein spacetimes and spacetimes with a null radiation term in the Ricci tensor satisfying the vacuum field equations of quadratic gravity...
Spirituality and treatment of addictions
Málek, Tomáš ; Junková, Vendula (referee) ; Loneková, Katarína (referee)
Thesis is focused on the relationship between spirituality and treatment of addictions. Short outline is made about main problems involved in treatment centers providing care for addicted people. Problems are seen in paradigma of biological-psychological and social dimensions of human being. Thesis considers Logotherapy (V. Frankl), Focusing (E. Gendlin), Process work (A. Mindell) a Psychedelic therapy (S. Grof) and their attitude toward spiritual dimension of man and specific approach in this dimension and treatment of addictions. Research find out implementation of spiritual dimension into work and facilities providing care for addicted people. Finding says spirituality is integrated only in small number of facilities. All researched facilities are open toward spiritual topics. Key words: Spirituality - Therapy - Addictions - Logotherapy - Focusing - Process-oriented work - Psychedelic Therapy - Holotropic Breathing - Therapeutic community - day care - Aftercare
Psychotherapy and spirituality. Integration of spiritual dimension into psychotherapy
Málek, Tomáš ; Loneková, Katarína (referee) ; Junková, Vendula (advisor)
The focus of presented work is on contemporary tendency to integrate spiritual dimension of human being into psychotherapeutic treatment. Differences among basic constructs of religion, spirituality and psychotherapy are mentioned. Variety of approaches towards the integration of spirituality into main psychotherapeutic schools is described. First we discussed the relationship between religion and psychotherapy and then we analyzed ethical issues and practical matters of spiritual applications in therapy. The empirical study was designed as psychotherapeutic treatment of six sessions using different techniques. Different groups of experiences (of connection and flow), knowledge and acts (creative, information-oriented and spiritual tradition-oriented) were identified as connected to spirituality. They represent possible clues and activating keys of human spirituality during psychotherapy. Hypothesis of easier expressing of spirituality through non verbal artistic method rather than by verbalization wasn't proved statistically significant.
System of Internal Buses for Chips with FPGA Technology
Málek, Tomáš ; Kořenek, Jan (referee) ; Martínek, Tomáš (advisor)
This thesis deals with design and implementation of interconnection bus system for chips with FPGA technology. The system ensures both communication between internal components on a chip and their communication with other computer elements which are mapped to the host system memory. The buses are high-speed, full duplex and packet-oriented and their architecture is based on tree topology. The data width is configurable, individually for every bus part. Due to this feature, it is possible to build uniform hierarchical system of internal buses with different speed that interconnects differently fast components. Proposed interconnection system was implemented in VHDL language and it is utilized in the Liberouter project which is the part of CESNET research intention Programable Hardware.

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