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Automata Systems
Petřík, Patrik ; Lukáš, Roman (referee) ; Meduna, Alexandr (advisor)
This work deals with automata systems. We define parallel automata systems and parallel communicating automata systems communicating by transitions, whose components are finite state automata. We investigate their properties compared with grammar systems or grammars.
Web Application of Water Polo
Ludvík, Martin ; Techet, Jiří (referee) ; Lukáš, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis contains description of a design and implementation of an information system for water polo club. Information system stores informations about matches, players, articles, photos, teams, etc. It stores informations about results of this matches too and also it is able to generate some statistics from this records. Access to this application is hierarchic in compliance with rights of an individual user autentificated by password. It is some kind of simple content management system. System also contains one specific method of artificial intelligence, which links free referees to the matches that should be played. Application is created for effective and synoptical management of informations presented above.
Demonstration Program of Simulation of Precedence Parsing
Pichler, Libor ; Křivka, Zbyněk (referee) ; Lukáš, Roman (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis deals with development and creation application serving to teaching precedence parsing. The main brief of work has been created demonstrational program, which consist user interface and well-arranged and understandable form explains problems of the above theme. User interface used multiplatform library, whereby is guaranteed portability between different operating systems. Designs make provision for case using application pro teaching foreign students. In result application demonstrate all key's moment precedence parsing.
Information System for Multicinemas Management
Šušlík, Martin ; Lukáš, Roman (referee) ; Techet, Jiří (advisor)
The content of this bachelor work is analyse, suggestion and implementation of Information System for Multicinemas Management. The system includes application for on-line reservation of tickets. The inseparable part of the system is management of POS-terminal dedicated for sale of tickets. As the implementation environment were chosen technologies PHP, MySQL, SMARTY and XHTML.
Preparation of Homeworks in the Course Algorithms
Felix, Martin ; Goldefus, Filip (referee) ; Lukáš, Roman (advisor)
This Bachelor's thesis is about AVL trees, which belongs to the binary search trees. Thesis contains three parts, objective of the first one is to learn student how insert nodes into AVL trees in recursive way, objective of the second part is to learn student how delete nodes from AVL trees in non-recursive way and objective of the last one is to complete student's knowledge about AVL trees . Student's results are mached with results of model solution and this evaluation establishes student's points.
Web Application of Shopping Park
Kitaš, Petr ; Techet, Jiří (referee) ; Lukáš, Roman (advisor)
Fisrt of all we will make up requirements on system. In the next chapters we will pay attention to concept and implementation of database, than we will describe structure, implementation and design of GUI (graphical user interface) for each part of application. At the end of this section we will describe usin of Lagrange interpolation polynom for price prediction used in product view. At least there is list of standards which were used in this application.
Web Application for Statistical Analysis of Web Pages
Hochmal, Petr ; Lukáš, Roman (referee) ; Techet, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is focused on web page changes monitoring. The main objective of the work was to create a web application that will monitor user defined content of a web page and save it with the posibility of statistical analysis of the saved values. The thesis describes web applications and technologies that were used in this application in general. It also deals with analysis, design and implementation of the web application.
Web Application of E-Shop
Kmoščák, Ondřej ; Techet, Jiří (referee) ; Lukáš, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis dealts with the issue of web e-commerce with sporting goods. There was a claim to implement the advanced web application of e-commerce with the emphasis on the safety factor, agreeable design, tenuity and intuitiveness of work with the e-commerce. What´s more, there is discussed the simple predictive method, anticipated trend in price of the product. The information system was implemented by means of PHP, MySQL and JavaScript for the platform Apache.
Creation of New Prediction Units in Data Mining System on NetBeans Platform
Havlíček, David ; Bartík, Vladimír (referee) ; Lukáš, Roman (advisor)
The issue of this master's thesis is a creation of new prediction unit for existing system of knowledge discovery in database. The first part of project deal with general problems of knowledge discovery in database and predictive analysis. The second part of the project deal with system developed on FIT, for which is module implemented, used technologies, concept and implementation of mining module for this system. The solution is implemented in Java language and is a built on the NetBeans platform.  
Application for Detection of Plagiarism
Kačic, Matej ; Přikryl, Zdeněk (referee) ; Lukáš, Roman (advisor)
Main goal of this thesis is to create application, which can detect plagiarism in program code of projects without skeleton. It describes constructions of C/C++ language and their usage for detection of plagiarism. Projetcs are analysed by preprocesor, lexical analyse and phase of making structure of compare. After that they are compared one to each another by statistical test and Body test depends on Longest common subsequence.

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