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Taxation of income of natural persons resulting from emloyment
Lísková, Jana ; Boháč, Radim (advisor) ; Karfíková, Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with object income tax from dependent activities and perquisites. In the general part of the thesis is described the tax of income of individuals and its conctruction elemnts such as tax subject, tax base or tax rate. Income tax is included in the system of taxes in the Czech Republic. Outcomes are the changes effective from 1th January 2013. A big change occurred when so called solidarity tax rate was introduced. It is also defined employment and functional benefits there. Major part is the fifth part, which is devoted to the subject of taxation of income from ependent activities and perquisitess. This section describes in detail the subject of tax. This section is divided into two smaller parts. One of them consists of income that are not subject to tax. The second consists of income that are subject to tax, but the tax may be fully or partially exempt and therefore have a duty paid. In conclusion, the evaluation of existing legislation with reference to its complexity. Subject to tax on personal income from employment and remuneration is regulated by numerous laws and is difficult to orient. One way to solve the current confusion is the introduction of expenditure employment rate instead of the various kinds of exceptions and exemptions.
Design of low-temperature asphalt mixtures
Líšková, Jana ; Zajíček, Jan (referee) ; Varaus, Michal (advisor)
In this diplomatic work, the issue of low-temperature asphalts and binders for asphalt mixtures is solved. Diploma work is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part of diploma work, the purpose was to process a overview of technologies that allow the reduction of working temperature in the production and laying of asphalt mixtures. The purpose of the practical part was to comparison the functional parameters of two types of asphalt mixtures made in two variants, with the common asphalt binder and adding licomont into asphalt. Attention was given to stiffness, wheel drive tests and low temperature parameters.
The foster care (preparation, conditions, process) and the issue of contacts with biological parents
The diploma thesis deals with foster care and contacts with biological parents. The first chapter aims to the importance of family, family ties disorder and the CAN syndrome. The second chapter is focused on the substitute family care and its forms. The third chapter describes the foster care, what are the demands on the personality of the caring person, what the preparation looks like, which are the conditions and course of the foster care. The fourth chapter is focused on the child identity, contacts with biological parents and describes the process of assisted contacts.
Analytical study of reduction of ammonium perrhenate using selected reduction agents
Lišková, Jana ; Jelínek, Ivan (advisor) ; Dian, Juraj (referee)
This thesis is focused on analysis of reduction of ammonium perrhenate using less frequent reducing agents. Ascorbic acid and acetylhydrazine were chosen as less common reducing agents. Reductions were observed leveraging capillary zone electrophoresis and UV/Vis spectroscopy. Measurements were carried out both in acidic and in basic environments. Reduction of peak area of ammonium perrhenate was observed using capillary zone electrophoresis after addition of reducing agent. Rate of absorption of ammonium perrhenate was monitored with UV/Vis spectroscopy. Furthermore, the possibility of shifting the equilibrium of the reaction to the benefit of the reduction products was monitored by the addition of the complexing agent. Py- rogallol (benzene-1,2,3-triol) was used as the ligand and acetylhydrazine was selected as the reducing agent. The reduction was monitored by capillary zone electrophoresis. The identity of the resulting complex was confirmed with ESI/MS. Keywords rhenium, rhenium complexes, ascorbic acid, acetylhydrazine, capillary zone electrophore- sis, UV/Vis spectroscopy, mass spectrometry
Domestic violence and work with people endangered by domestic violence in Asylum home MaTa
The presented study aims to determine if the work methodology in Asylum home MaTa is set correctly, specially in work with victims of domestic violence. In the theoretical part I mention terms connected with domestic violence and abuse, the cycle of domestic violence, the phases in the cycle of violence and the impact on the victims. I concisely introduce the social service Asylum home MaTa and outline the work methodology. In practical part I finding out through interviews which methodology of work with victims of domestic violence is used in other social services. Then I used these data to say if the work methodology on Asylum home MaTa is set correctly.
The dialogue among students as a method of a peer assessment within inquiry tasks regarding human biology in biology lessons
VOMÁČKOVÁ, J. (2017). The dialogue among students as a method of a peer assessment within inquiry tasks regarding human biology in biology lessons. MSc. Thesis. Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice. 50 pg. The aim of this thesis was to design the inquiry-based task that was focused on the human physiology and that enabled to use the formative assessment, more concretely the peer dialogue. Given task is focused on the blood groups issues and pupils tried to suggest their own advancement how to perform the simplified blood test with the aid of the given working aids. At the same time pupils evaluated work of their peers after the dialogue in group. They gave them the written feedback. On the grounds of this feedback the second group could correct their working procedure before they started to realize the experiment. During the research, there were worked with the audio recording, which were acquired during the peer dialogue, with the written feedback, and with the pupils' protocols. The inquiry based task including the formative assessment was implemented to the three lessons in two chosen schools in the South Bohemian Region. There was found out that the experience with inquiry based education has significant impact on the ability of pupils to provide the feedback for their peers. Pupils, who encountered the inquiry process for the first time, had got problems with particular steps and it lead to the uncertainty during the formulation of feedback for the peers. Nevertheless, mainly thanks to the peer dialogue and thanks to the providing of feedback, most of the pupils were able to become involved to the experiment and also were able to understand given problem. Dialogue between pupils proved to be the proper method of formative assessment because pupils completely openly debated about the classmates' protocols and at the same time they proved to learned more from their mistakes and also from the mistakes of their classmates and subsequently they were able to correct their protocols.
Bus Repair Station in Uherské Hradiště
Líšková, Jana ; Sýkora, Karel (referee) ; Pilgr, Milan (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis is focused on the design of steel load-carrying structure of a single-storey building in Uherské Hradiště. The purpose of the building is Bus Repair Station. Dimension´s plan of structure are 32 x 64 m and the height of the building is 11.5 m. The main load-carrying structure is made by a shaped truss girder with 5% by distance 12,680 m. The design model was created by Dlubal RFEM 5.06. The design was made with regard to the required reliability and economy according to valid standards.

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