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Rational synthesis of zeolitic materials and their characterization by advanced electron microscopy methods
Li, Ang ; Mazur, Michal (advisor) ; Chmielarz, Lucjan (referee) ; Zima, Vítězslav (referee)
Supported metal nanoparticles are a prominent class of catalysts due to their high activity in redox reactions and wide applications in numerous industrial processes. They often suffer from deactivation by sintering. One of the recognized and effective strategies to prevent sintering is to confine them into a zeolite matrix thus improving the stability of metal nanoparticles. The aim of my Ph. D. thesis was the rational design and synthesis of zeolite-supported metal nanoparticles (metal@zeolite materials). I have put my main focus on the interactions of nanoparticles with the zeolite supports. The essential experimental tool utilized in this work was advanced electron microscopy. I used this method for the investigation of the structure, location, and stability of supported metal species. Synthesized novel metal@zeolite materials were used as model systems for detailed investigation of metal-zeolite interactions. Prepared materials were investigated as heterogeneous catalysts in the hydrogenation of benzonitrile and dry reforming of methane. My thesis covered the following aspects: i) Rh nanoparticles were incorporated into hierarchical zeolitic materials (Rh@IPCs) via swelling of layered zeolite precursor IPC-1P. The final morphology and porosity of prepared materials were tuned by differing the...

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1 Li, Anna
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