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Cartels in the field of public procurement
Maturová, Veronika ; Boháček, Martin (advisor) ; Levý, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with cartels in the field of public procurement. The aim of this thesis is to justify the need for prevention and legal regulation of cartels and to assess the effectiveness of the current legislation in the fight against bid rigging. The author will evaluate the impact of selected instruments for the prevention and detection of cartels in the field of public procurement and will assess which one is the most effective. At the end of the thesis recommendations will be proposed to prevent the emergence of cartels in the field of public procurement.
Evaluation of public procurements - law and practice
Švorcová, Nikola ; Štěpánek, Petr (advisor) ; Levý, Jan (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to examine the process of evaluation of public procurements, especially the analysis of evaluation criteria within the chosen period. The theoretical part explains the basic concepts of public procurement. The practical part focuses on evaluation criteria, their frequency, occurrence and possible changes with the adoption of a new law.
Trade disputes between EU and USA in the WTO
Skladchikova, Anna ; Grmelová, Nicole (advisor) ; Levý, Jan (referee)
The European Union and the United States of America are the world's largest trading partners, not only among themselves but also with other states. Due to the increasing volume of their mutual trade, the number of disputes that arise between these business partners is growing, and that is why the question of regulating bilateral trade relations between the EU and the US is becoming more and more sensitive. This paper provides an overview of trade disputes between the European Union and the United States of America and a mechanism for their solution at the World Trade Organization to assess the possibility of adopting preventive measures that could prevent the future emergence of trade conflicts or facilitate settlement of disputed controversial situations.
Comparison of legislations of the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom concerning age of criminal responsibility
Tůmová, Kristina ; Moravec, Tomáš (advisor) ; Levý, Jan (referee)
The topic of the Master thesis "Comparison of legislations of the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom concerning age of criminal responsibility" aims to compare the specifics of the approach of both countries in dealing with juvenile delinquents. In the Czech Republic, current debate revolves around lowering the age of criminal responsibility to 13 or even 14 years of age. In connection with this discussion, the argument examines the increase of criminality of this age group and also the brutality with which young delinquents commit these crimes. Apart from desribing legislations of the countries named above, this thesis also focuses on influences that affect young people and their criminal behaviour, including the specifics of this age group. Legislation concerning age of criminal responsibility from other European countries has also been included in this thesis. An Emphasis on the statistics of criminality in the Czech Republic as well as in England and Wales is given in the practical portion. These statistics represent any increases or decreses in juvenile criminality. The conslusion of the thesis compares both legistations and their "best practices".
Bankruptcy offenses
Dudová, Martina ; Moravec, Tomáš (advisor) ; Levý, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the problem of filing an obviously unjustified or even fraudulent insolvency petition, which can subsequently cause a real bankruptcy of the target debtor, damage his creditors and other bankruptcy offenses. The reason for filing such petition can be a desire to take over the financial means or property of target person or to disqualify him in market competition. The objective of this thesis is to evaluate the adjustments of sanctioning the filing of obviously unjustified insolvency petition from both criminal and insolvency law standpoints with respect to the subsidiarity of the legal repression.
Comparation of Danish and Czech anti-corruption legislation
Nováková, Šárka ; Grmelová, Nicole (advisor) ; Levý, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis compares anti-corruption legislation in the Czech republic and in Denmark. It analyses if the higher level of transparency in Denmark is caused by better legislation, or if the reason for such a significant difference is effected by something else.
Application of the Lean Startup method and MMSP methodology to the web software development
Levý, Jan ; Buchalcevová, Alena (advisor) ; Ženíšek, Jan (referee)
Diploma thesis Application of the Lean Startup method and MMSP methodology to the web software development deals with creating a new model called Lean Startup for software development. The new model enables new software startups to gain advantage of the Lean Startup approach, yet in the same time proceed in accordance to a specific software development methodology, namely the MMSP methodology. The theoretical part characterizes the Lean Startup method and its principal ideas, as well as it propounds a new graphic model organizing these respective ideas. The thesis next describes further contributions to the Lean Startup movement, such as the Lean Canvas technique. It also examines previous utilization of these concepts in the context of newly growing businesses. Follows an analysis of the contemporary research papers covering the Lean Startup topic, as well as an overview ot the utilization of the said method within new software development startups. In conclusion of the theoretical part, a short summary of current software development methodologies is being made, as is a brief characteristics of the MMSP methodology. The practical part describes the establishment of an integrated model called Lean Startup for software development. The model is founded mainly on the software development management according to the MMSP methodology, which is accomodated to the basic Lean Startup concept, implying creation of a Minimal viable product and its subsequent incremental improvements based mainly on the evaluation of the new features via measured customer feedback. In order to complete the creation of the model in question, some expansions and changes of the MMSP methodology had to be made. These changes mainly concern the methodology development lifecycle, its roles, tasks and work products. The key ideas of the change were most importantly the implementation of customer feedback acquisition management, as well as the user experience management. The effects of this implementation include creation of new roles Innovative accounting coordinator and UX designer, corresponding tasks Innovation accounting management and User experience management as well as the introduction of the work products related to these tasks.
Articles of apartment owners association
Levý, Jan ; Oehm, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Horáček, Tomáš (referee)
THESIS SUMMARY: ARTICLES OF APARTMENT OWNERS ASSOCIATION The thesis deals with the regulation of apartment owners associations in the Czech Republic, in particular, with the articles of association of such legal entity. The paper is divided into three parts. The first part focuses on the Czech statutory regulation (especially The Act on Ownership of Apartments No. 72/1994 of Collection of Laws, and The Government Order No. 371/2004 Coll.) of the apartment owners association in general. There has been provided a short survey of the historical evolution of the ownership of apartments in the world as well as in the Czech Republic and a short depiction of the approaches on apartment ownership models - Anglo-Saxon-French and German Models. Greater attention in the first part is given then to the legal entity of apartment owners association. It examines the foundation and dismissal of the association, its legal capacity (and limits given by law), the membership in such association, and its bodies - assembly, statutory body, and other optional bodies. The second part is devoted to the articles. It is always necessary to examine the articles in light of the current legislation, which greatly affects the content of the articles. In the beginning of the second part, short characteristics of the articles is given,...
Rights to use the land
Levý, Jan ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee)
Rights to use the land Abstract The essential purpose of my thesis is to describe and analyze main rights to use the land and to point out questionable parts of the Czech legislation regarding this subject. The reason for my research consists of the importance of these rights which results from the possibility of non-owner subjects to use the land instead of the owner. In the thesis I have paid attention especially to lease of land as to the most frequent and most important right to use. I have chosen the comparative method aimed at juxaposition of law in force, prior legislation, judicial decisions and accessible legal monographs and articles. The thesis is divided into six chapters, each of them dealing with particular rights to use the land or special legal regulation concerning these rights, which tells the difference from the general regulation. Chapter One explains the fundamental concept of rights to use the land and their subject-matter such as a land, plot and its component and appurtenance. Chapter Two focuses on the lease of the land governed by general provisions of the Civil Code. This part of the thesis is processed in detail and consists of thirteen subchapters dealing particularly with the definition of the lease and sublease, its creation and termination, its content and issue of the rent....
The Conclusion of a Contract under the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods in Comparison with Czech National Legislation
Krčálová, Kristýna ; Boháček, Martin (advisor) ; Levý, Jan (referee)
This Master's thesis focuses on the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), better known as the Vienna Convention. The main purpose of this thesis is to evaluate conditions for application of this international treaty and to assess the contracting process under the CISG including the similarities and differences with the Czech national legislation. Finally, it seeks an answer to the question, which of these rules (international or national) are more advantageous for a Czech contractual party with respect to concluding a contract. The thesis is divided into five parts. The first one represents an introduction to the CISG, its origin and the Czech Republic's attitude to it. The second part identifies the conditions for application of the CISG and therefore defines a subject and an object of an international contract of sale under the CISG. Both third and fourth parts gradually introduce two phases of the contracting process (offer and acceptance) including the relevant case-law. The last chapter strives to complete the contracting process with an analysis of the exact moment, when a contract is concluded, as well as with an analysis of a potential battle of the forms and its impact on a contract conclusion.

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